1. S

    Grease Questions for Kubota with Loader

    I have several things to ask about. 1. My Kubota L3710 has an L681 loader. The forward/reverse pedal is causing the tractor to fail to start. I am told it needs greasing. Is there a zerk down there somewhere? I haven't been able to find it. 2. I'm supposed to grease the loader control lever...
  2. C

    Grease fittings size

    What size are the Grease fittings on a del morino funny top 132 flail mower?
  3. C

    White lithium grease on cylinder rods

    I have a TLB and sometimes it goes many months without use. I used to wipe some grease on the cylinder rods if I knew it would be in storage for a while. Today I didn’t have any tube grease that I usually use so I sprayed on some white lithium grease. It occurred to me after the fact that it...
  4. WranglerX

    Bucket Pivot Won't Take Grease

    Sort of baffled here, have a lower pivot pin on FEL that wont take grease, have had pivot pin out, and zerk is good, channel through pin is good (clear), exit port in chanel/pin is good (clear) but won't take grease.... Seems that the eye on loader frame is hard pressed against the pin and...
  5. sawtooth

    Grasshopper 900D Grease zerk locations

    Anyone know where and how to get to the front zero on the clutch power shaft? I found the one at the rear of the mower on a pillar block bearing but can’t see the front one. I did find the one under my feet on the universal half shaft though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. F

    400lbs of Lucas red n tacky?

    I can get one of these on sale from a supplier for $980. It’s a heck of a deal but what do I do once I have it? I mainly grease machinery and have only used cartridges. I almost always grease on job sites, machines are not home often enough to grease from big tub in garage. I’m not the...
  7. B

    Can I grease too much?

    I have read a lot about greasing the bucket on my tractor… I have been told you can’t grease it too much when using the bucket pretty much exclusively with my current project - what are others thoughts?
  8. O

    which grease for slow & fast bearings & bushings

    Small TLB here with a few implements that have bearings such as a pto snowblower, pto chipper. I've just used the same grease all around until now - but it's been nagging me and I doubt my lithium/moly grease correct for the "fast" or "spinning" interfaces. For the loader, BH, grapple, etc -...
  9. I

    How to grease "upper brake pivot tube" on John Deere 4000 series

    I have a John Deere 4200. The manual says I'm supposed to grease the "upper brake pivot tubes" every 50 hours, but I'm not sure how to do that (sorry, newbie question). The manual does not give any instructions, nor do I see a grease fitting or any obvious way to grease what I think the...
  10. F

    Lube-Shuttle: Pistol Grip Grease Gun, 12inch Nylon Flex-Hose, Lube Shuttle safeLOCK, and a case of AirTec Li400 and call it a day?

    I'm just going to throw this out there before I get deep down the rabbit hole of figuring out what grease, grease gun and zerk attachments I need. Subject pretty much says it all. Is that a winning combination? Sure, it is probably more expensive than if I nickle and dime everything but from...
  11. M

    High temp grease in gearbox?

    Hi everyone. recently purchased a Titan implements flail mower. Dealer says to put high temp grease in the gearbox instead of the n46 hydraulic and gear oil as the manual says. Anyone have any experience to share by doing this? He states that this is how they service all of their gearboxes.
  12. 6

    Craftsman/Husqvarna/Murray front wheel bushing - What are the zerks for❓

    Hiya, I have a Craftsman GT6000, which is just like many riding mowers with the 3/4” front spindles. — My question is: What are the front rim zerks for, as the rims merely use bushings not bearings❓ — Both the outer and inner races are closed with the huge flat washers, and it appears to me that...