1. TXBeeMan

    Kioti 4010 HST grinding from rear wheels

    Howdy everyone. I have a Kioti CK4010 HST that after sitting for about a month has a grinding noise coming from rear wheel area. I checked 4x4, PTO and rear dif lock and have them off. Weird it worked great when i mowed last time and parked it. Now statted it and grinding. Any ideas on what it...
  2. J

    NX 5510 HST linked pedal quit working

    NX 5510 HST, I was using the linked pedal option all the time and liked it. It no longer works. Can anyone help me with how to fix it?
  3. W

    Kubota TLB L4701 HST

    I am selling my 2015 Kubota L4701 with 270 hours of use. The tractor has a FEL and sub frame backhoe. Everything is in excellent condition, but I am moving South and will need a 75 to 125 HP tractor. The tractor has served me well and will continue to work for decades. The tractor includes two...
  4. TractorGunn

    New here, question on LS MT242H and a Brush Hog

    As stated, I am new here, and have never owned a tractor before, but have run skidsteers and other construction equipment most of my life. I'm stoked about getting this tractor for our property. I just bought the new LS mentioned above which is coming in about a week or so. We also want to get...
  5. G

    4300 HST forward control rod broke right at ball joint in tunnel

    As the subject says the forward control rod broke right where it threads into the ball joint. I can just touch the bolt but I don't see any way to replace the rod without splitting the tractor as stated in the manual. Does anyone know of a way to replace the rod without splitting the tractor...
  6. T

    Need advice, 2538 HST won’t start when hot

    I’ve got a 2538 HST cab with 460 hours. Yesterday after running several hours I turned it off and went back about 30 minutes later started cranking , turned over fine but wouldn’t start. The battery was a 3 year battery that had been in there 6 years, so went and bought a new battery just in...
  7. J

    Mahindra 1533 HST starting failure

    Hello TractorByNet community! I have a 2016 Mahindra 1533 HST. I'm having trouble starting it. Beginning a year ago (roughly) I was unable to start it at all. After trailering it to the dealer they: Showed me where the manual pressure pump is and how to use it Replaced much of the fuel...
  8. S

    Loss of hydraulics and HST drive

    My GC2310 suddenly lost all hydraulics and drive. No FEL, no backhoe, PS.. I was able to limp it into a serviceable location/position because it was in 4WD. Once I took it out of 4WD I had no forward or reverse and have been unable to put it back into 4WD. I thought these only had one...
  9. M

    Ck2620 hst filter question

    I am doing my 50 hrs service myself. I am having some issues with the hst filter. I have kioti brand filter but it seems to be leaking just a bit. My question is when I removed the old filter, there seems to be a magnetic washer that slides around left on the tractor. I tried to remove it but...
  10. T

    NS4710C HST 50-hour service question

    Getting ready to do my 50-hour service and as I’m collecting up supplies I wanted to double check to make sure I’m on the right track. Here is what I have so far: 15 gals Mobilefluid 424 3 gals Rotella T6 15W-40 1 tube Mobil Delvac xtr Grease 5 gals Lucas 80W-90 gear lube EH35-0011A Kioti Fuel...
  11. RedNeckGeek

    Kubota M62 HST Filter Change w/o Draining Fluid?

    Time to change the HST filter on the M62 and the Owner's Manual sez to drain the fluid first. Big PITA to do so, and I'm wondering, if I work fast, how much fluid will I lose if I don't drain the fluid first? Anybody done it?
  12. Chewwy

    Changing Hydraulic Fluid on L3240 HST

    I am getting ready to do the 400 hour service on my L3240 HST. The service includes changing the hydraulic filter, the transmission filter and the hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid change requires 11.1 gals. There are three plugs that have to be removed to fully drain the fluid. See the...
  13. U

    3015 HST trans hydraulic fluid?

    I have a 2006 3015 HST and was wanting to know what transmission hydraulic fluid I should use in it. Also, I've seen 1 manual say 19 quarts and another say 24 quarts. How much does it take?
  14. BusJewCam

    CX2510 HST 2022 Shuts Off Suddenly

    Hi Folks, Hoping someone may have a next step in solving my problem. My CX2510 HST 2022 turns over and starts fine. After plus or minus 3 minutes of running perfectly, it shuts off as suddenly as if I turned the key. It then will not start for about 30min. Then shuts off after 3min…repeat…I was...
  15. moparguy55

    Massey 1547 hst question on trans fluid and gear range

    Hello 1900hrs on my 08 1547 had all new engine oil filter trans fluid and filters. He out April tdh in it. I see it says meets some massey specs. Started it hot was on a slight incline in high range and when i went to take off it had a delay. Got to checking fluid and it maybe down a little...
  16. 1990F-150

    Hydraulic or HST Filter?

    I'm doing the 50-hour service on my MT240he, and am a little confused about what hydraulic filter I need. The manual states a hydraulic filter, but the website has both a hydraulic filter and an HST filter. Anyone know which filter to get? and what hydraulic fluid should I get to replace the...
  17. Binford

    Ck3520 HST price

    Just sold my JD 1026r for the same price I bought it for 7 years ago, crazy. Now shopping for a larger tractor. Got a quote for a Kubota L3902 with loader for $35k. Was curious what others paid for a KIOTI CK3520 hst
  18. moparguy55

    Massey 1547 hst tires sometimes dont move under heavy load

    Hello i have a new to me 2008 1547 hst cabbed unit 1900hrs on worn industrial tires. Owner changed the hydraulic fluid put in April brand tdh recently before selling. Changed all filters except 1 gave me the new one as was backordered. I got it stuck in the mud (rookie) wet sawd actually. Got...
  19. B

    3650P HST with 3h and broken HST?

    Hi all, I have the opportunity to buy a 2019 3650 HST Cab model. It has only 3h on it, and is described with "needing HST". It seems to me that the transmission would have to have been broken from the factory at those hours. Its 3h away, so I wanted to get some of your expert opinion here to...
  20. N

    Just Purchased a 93' - B7100 HST Fuel Leak Help

    I recently had the chance to purchase a 1993 B7100 HST with a 60" deck and its my first time owning a Kubota. The tractor and mower run great, but I discovered a fuel leak that appears to be coming from the injector pump where it is threaded going to the cylinders. I have attached couple of...
  21. H

    Need help identifying 1/4" bearing ball in Kubota B7300 Gearbox

    Short story: I pulled the hydraulic cylinder case off of the differential gear case. When I turned the hydraulic cylinder case upside down, a small 1/4" bearing ball fell out. Any idea where this might have come from? Long story: Bought my first tractor, a used B7300 with 114 hours, from a...
  22. B

    HELP! ISO Backhoe Attachment for 2016 Mahindra 2555 HST

    I have a great 2016 2555 with 250 hours. I am looking for a backhoe for this machine. OEM at the time of manufacturing was a Model 75. Of course none of those around. Curious if any owners have any luck with aftermarkets on this tractor understanding if it doesn't match the subframe it...
  23. L

    TYM T474 HST Range Shifter Stuck

    A new TYM owner here. A few months ago I bought a one year old T474 HST with 270 hours. The dealer told me he had sold the tractor as new and all maintenance had been done at his shop and the tractor was in great shape. As an aside but not relevant to my current problem, the tractor needed...
  24. WVH1977

    Deciding between HST & Power-Reverser

    So I have been looking at new tractors and getting closer to my decision as far as manufacturer. I currently have a 12 x 12 shuttle shift. I have tested some new tractors this month and I never thought I would say, I am leaning towards HST. They have come a long ways and are smooth and easy to...
  25. A

    Hst peddle issue

    I own a 2638 and Lately when I'm operating the tractor moving forward will creep when I let off of the peddle. I have greased the zerks that I have found, and I have shot wd40 onto the other joints. Still doing it, any ideas as to what to try next ?
  26. N

    574 HST Coolant type???

    So we got another 574, but when this one was delivered we noticed the coolant level was low. Called the dealer and they said, "just throw in any kind of universal coolant". My problem with that is that the coolant in there now is RED and if memory serves me correctly Red and Orange coolants are...
  27. P

    Iseki sf310 mower

    Hi all, had a sf310 sitting in shed for a couple of years, needed a new a new deck. Finally one came up at a good price. installed it, took it out, after 30 seconds, lost forward reverse in it. was wondering if issue could be air in the hydraulic lines? Or if anyone else has an idea. Hope it’s...
  28. T

    1998 Cub Cadet 7265 - HST Hydraulic Questions

    Team, With Summer upon us I'm putting aside time to finally diagnose this device. I put a new engine in it last Fall which seems to run well. The lingering issue is this: The tractor loses power when going uphill. It will bog down and stall the engine if I allow it. If I let off the...
  29. PlasterProspector

    Function of Range and RPM on an HST

    I've dug through the forums here and even read some scholarly articles on the subject but I still don't understand how revs affect the performance of the HST when using hydraulic implements like a loader. I can feel the difference it makes in pulling, cutting and ground engaging implements but...
  30. lgnxytr

    TYM T353 HST Won't Turn Over

    hey there folks, first post so lets try and make this simple as possible. So, i know it is winter and freezing temps so already conditions aren't on my side. well i went to start the tractor a week or so ago and it started up just fine. Ran inside to grab some tools to take with me and i come...
  31. K

    John Deere 4300 Shaking When Engaging HST (forward or reverse)

    First time poster here. Glad to join the community. I have a John Deere 4300 HST that came with a house we purchased earlier this year (February of 2021). It has about 2700 hours on it and I spend approximately 8 hours a week working on it as something "else" happens (little stuff so far...
  32. S

    2555 and blown HST

    Early build 2555 with HST issues. Was working, went to back up, nothing. Next day, fired it up, drove it to the barn, nothing after initial pedal movement. Next day drove it a mile with never letting off the pedal. Second I took it off the pedal- nothing. Seemed like maybe a stuck valve or...
  33. B

    2020 MX5400 for sale - Like New Condition

    2020 Kubota MX5400, 54 HP, 4WD, Hydrostatic Drive, ROPS, 72" bucket, R4 Industrial tires, 80 Hours, Accessories: 3rd function valve, filled rear tires, custom grill guard, steel sunshade/roof (not shown, never installed, Kubota orange), chain hooks on bucket, improved tool box. This tractor is...
  34. Rock Crawler

    Ooops... I did it again. B2650 T/L/B to L3560LE-HSTC T/L/B

    The right side axle bearing failed allowing the pinion to ring gear mesh to change and wipe a couple teeth from the ring/bull gear on the 2018 B2650. So while the dealer has it under warranty getting a newcomplete set of right side parts loaded, I decided to take trade value (always leans...
  35. P

    JD 2210 HST cranks but won’t start.

    I got this Tractor as a barn find only 85 hours. It hasn’t been turned on in years. When I go to turn it on all it does is crank. I emptied all the fuel out of it and replaced it with new. Still does the same thing. All the fluids are full. I pulled off the injector lines and they had fuel but...