1. D

    MF 1526 owners: Do they have a "PTO on" indicator light?

    I was looking at a new MF 1526 at a dealer today and there was no "PTO on" indicator light on the dash when the PTO was running. The dealer seemed to think it was not equipped with one which I find hard to believe. What say ye?
  2. F

    MF 31 Sickle mower rock guard needed

    I am able to get regular rock guards for my MF 31 mower, but I need the one for the left end of the bar. It is narrower than the others and my MF dealer could not find it in their parts database... not even a part number. Can anyone out there help out?
  3. J

    New to me MF 1528... Info, parts, thoughts...

    Hey all, just came home with a 2008 MF1528. Tractor seems to be in pretty good condition, just been left outside in the sun too long and has a few hydraulic line leaks. So I think I did alright, as it has 1800 hours, and only gave 5k for it. I have owned JD 4300 before this, so having a MF is...
  4. M

    Error Codes on MF 4707

    Hi, I took delivery of a brand new MF 4707 two days ago. Yesterday, it started showing code “E 31 97” or “E 97 31” (water in the fuel). I called the dealer and they said it is okay to operate. The engine was derated but still enough to do some work. The code went away for a short period while...
  5. L

    MF 133

    Hi all. I have purchased a MF 133 french model with dry sealed disk brakes. I am having difficulty identifying the parts for the axles etc. Would anybody have a parts book or be able to help me with this.. Thanks
  6. 650gSatoh

    2002 era MF 1445

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some info on this machine, or close models in the same line/years :ie parts availability and general quality/problems. I am actually going to look at a Challenger MT295 who is the yellow brother to this tractor. I haven't been able to find a great deal of information...
  7. ZAC15MIC

    MF 4610 no crank no start

    I have a 4610 that will not start using the key. I can jump the seloniod fine and it starts right up. The key does have to be wiggled a little when in the start position to get the dash lights to come on and stay on. Also, the brake lever located at the bottom right of the steering column is...
  8. D

    MF Year Identification Help Needed

    Massey Ferguson Mod# MF1428VH SER# N-R1207 Hey all, just bought this MF 1428 compact tractor and I can't nail down the year of manufacture. only says it's between 2002 - 2005, but doesn't break it down by serial number. Other sites just don't list this model, so I'm hitting...
  9. Z

    MF 1010 4WD Hydro rear wheels / rims

    Hello, I picked up a 4WD Hydro 1010 last year and it had been sitting / sinking into the ground for a few years. Between the filled tires leaking and the rims being underground they have now rusted to the point of failure. I've been searching for replacement rims and I'm striking out. I know...
  10. T

    ISO MF 1165 ( 1999 to 2004 ) Dash and Steering Housing - Mine rotted in sun :(

    Looking for dash and other plastic housings for a MF1165 compact tractor, if you have anything please message of respond here. Thanks !
  11. M

    Trailer recommendation for MF GC1725MB

    Hi guys, I want to buy a trailer to haul my TLB around. My first haul is going to be about 125 miles. I can't bust the budget here but I want something that will do the job. My needs may be one or two hauls per year. My Massey with loader and backhoe is about 2700 lbs. I'd appreciate...
  12. F

    Brakes binding on MF 35

    Hi, I have an issue with the brakes on my 1965 Massey Ferguson 35. The brakes work very well and are able to lock the wheels with medium pedal pressure, but after releasing them, they often continue to drag moderately. A short run in reverse releases them. Bouncing my foot on the pedals...
  13. T

    MF 1433V wont move

    I bought a MF 1433V from a horse boarding location. They said the tractor was pushing a load of manure down hill and quit moving. They said there were no noises, it just quit moving. I figured it would be an easy fix.......... nope. Let me start by saying that I have checked every lever in...
  14. O

    MF 4255 powershuttle 24x24

    Hi all, Looking for a clutch calibration procedure for my 2001 MF4255. Clutch is very jumpy and snappy when releasing the pedal. Can select gears no problem without grinding it’s just whilst taking off. One would need to keep their mouth closed incase their false teeth fall out🤣. Was hoping...
  15. P

    MF 50D industrial

    Hi, just started my industrial after a month or so, engine starts, increased the throttle / revs, everything OK, then after a few moments the revs decreases to nothing. I am thinking a fuel problem (lift pump / fuel filter / partial blockage, any ideas? thank you
  16. J

    MF 240 stuck gear problem

    I've seen the threads detailing the fix for the classic stuck gear problem for MF240 tractors. We run a fleet of 8 of them for our harvest season 3 months of the year and for us it is the silent grenade waiting to go off in each machine, we forget about it for weeks or months then at seemingly...
  17. C

    MF 200B working unit

    Have for sale a nice little dozer for 4k Located in southwest Ohio below Dayton Text me at 93777six717fourr
  18. Canuckz

    MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab

    Going to post this thread here and in the Massey Ferguson section to see if anyone had compared these MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab in their search for a new compact tractor? I went and sat/test drove the MF 2850M and I really liked it. I have read and heard good things about...
  19. Canuckz

    MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab

    Going to post this thread here and in the Yanmar section to see if anyone had compared these MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab in their search for a new compact tractor? I went and sat/test drove the MF 2850M and I really liked it. I have read and heard good things about the...
  20. T

    New to me - MF 1156

    Hi All - I just picked up an 1100 hour MF1156 that was run at a golf course for many years and then set out back when new machines arrived, it starts runs and drives but needs a waterpump, fan and radiator. We drove it up on a trailer seems to have plenty of power, shifts and the transmission...
  21. C

    MF 1440 no hydraulics

    I was bush hogging. Went to raise my bucket and had no hydraulics. Neither bucket or 3 point lift operate. No warning no signs of leak. New to me tractor. Need help.
  22. T

    MF 230 steering is not working

    I have a 230 that has a small cyclinder on each side to steer with. I recently changed fluid, filled with hyd 46 fluid. Now no steering at all. Do I need to bleed> If so, where> I cracked a hose at small steer cylinders and it squirts a little fluid here and there, not a stream. What am i doing...
  23. W

    MF 1705 used equipment

    Hello everyone, I have a MF 1705 and I am looking for a used disc to pull behind my tractor. I live in central Illinois, and I wondered if maybe a few of you might know where I can look for one of these? I have checked Craigs list and the dealers around me but no luck. I hate to buy a new one...
  24. D

    After Market Front End Loader 1978 MF 230

    Greetings, I am looking to get a Front-end loader kit for 1978 MF 230 2WD Diesel Tractor. I live in Washington State.
  25. R

    Mf 1260 3 point

    I have a mf 1260 from auction . Was never used as a tractor. Nothing on the 3pt was ever hooked up or used. The lift arms are all the way up. Fo I need to put something on the 3pt to get them to lower????. What are the 2 3pt levers rt of driver seat for? One or left and right lift arm? I'm...
  26. NAVYMC

    MF 1742 Cranks but wont start

    OK gents, I have to do this, been reading through the posts and do not have the time to read a bazillion threads. SO, Going to my lower pasture Sunday, hit a ground hog hole, triggered the seat switch, engine stopped. USUALLY, it fires right back up with a momentary overheat warning but then...
  27. D

    Used MF 1526 for 3 acres

    I've been looking at Kubotas for a while now and was impressed with the B7800 and the B26XX series line. I just chanced upon a MF 1526 with around 1000 hrs for around $6000. Compared to the orange tractors would the MF be sufficient for my needs? I'm mainly interested in loader and PTO...
  28. B

    CB85 Backhoe boom arm split

    Just wanted to post an issue I had with my CB85 backhoe from Massey Ferguson, and get some thoughts on where to go with it. And maybe help someone else who might find themselves with a cracked hoe. This backhoe has something like 100 hours on it. Bought it new with my tractor (MF 2850E) in July...
  29. A

    2600H Series (2605H) Front End Loader/Hydraulic Issues

    I'm a first time poster and first time tractor owner. I have searched up and down on the internet and this forum and couldn't find others with my same symptoms, and none of the proposed solutions for similar issues have worked for me. My maintenance experience up until now has been servicing...
  30. westbay6

    How To: Massey Ferguson 165 Universal Fuel Sending Unit

    Our Massey Ferguson 165 tractor's fuel gauge has never worked. The fuel gauge was bad but I was able to order a new one (p/n: 1074336M9) for $20 here (can't include link because I'm a new-ish member, but just search eBay or where ever). Unfortunately the fuel sending unit on this tractor had...