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Feb 14, 2008
Hi All -

I just picked up an 1100 hour MF1156 that was run at a golf course for many years and then set out back when new machines arrived, it starts runs and drives but needs a waterpump, fan and radiator. We drove it up on a trailer seems to have plenty of power, shifts and the transmission doesn't seem to slip. It's a bit rough in the looks department but a little paint goes a long way.

Starting a search for a Box Blade ( Gannon ) and a loader, any tips and suggestions would be apprcatited as this is my first MF.


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Great tractor - its an 1165 and built by Iseki. It has an Iseki engine - water pump parts should be available form a local MF dealer. Fan and radiator might be more difficult. Try AGCO parts on line and see what other models might use the same parts.
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Hey thanks it has been a bit, but I hate those threads where people never reply. I found a water pump on eBay, and the fan I took a chance on a Kubota part that looked really similar in photos, and a quarter of the price and I got lucky and it was the same fan. Local radiator shop fixed me up for 125.00...

Have a running, cooling machine.

Now I need a dash as mine is brittle and broken from sitting in the desert sun for years.