1. geig

    Century 2535 with C-Systems 50 loader - what cylinders does it use (need parts kit to repack)

    I have a leaky hydraulic cylinder / ram that needs new seals. Problem is, i have not been able to find any info on this cylinder. Closest i can get is that google seems to think that the C-Systems 50 loader and the Koyker 50 loader are related. any of you wizards here have any insight?
  2. J

    New to me MF 1528... Info, parts, thoughts...

    Hey all, just came home with a 2008 MF1528. Tractor seems to be in pretty good condition, just been left outside in the sun too long and has a few hydraulic line leaks. So I think I did alright, as it has 1800 hours, and only gave 5k for it. I have owned JD 4300 before this, so having a MF is...
  3. N

    F535D parts

    I have the chance to buy an F535D had a very good price. It's low hours and has a nice loader on it. The current owner describes it as having power to the front drive shaft into the front lift wheel but not to the right. I'm guessing a gear or something sheared off. I've done quite a bit of...
  4. newbury

    Is there a McMaster Carr or Radio Shack type online seller for small electronic parts?

    Background: I've two DeWalt DCC020IB 20V MAX* CORDED/CORDLESS AIR INFLATORs. Bought 1 in 2018, used probably 10 to 20 times per year, bought the second last year. Basically my go-to carry around inflator. The 2018 one stopped working on DeWalt's batteries. Still works on 12 volt from the cig...
  5. M

    D2000 Main drive gear issue

    Hey all, I have a d2000, Everything runs great, except, There was a little clicking noise in reverse, but all gears work. Couple weeks ago while mowing loud clicking/grinding starts coming from main gear box, not clutch bearing. I was able to locate the issue. The Reverse Idle Gear has ground...
  6. M

    Gravely 526 parts or repower

    I have a Gravely 526. It has a Kohler K181 engine. I need a crankshaft and a flywheel for it. If I can't find parts for it, does anyone make a repower kit for it. I have seen in years past that gravelymay? made a repower kit for gravelys. Thanks
  7. K

    How Do I Get IN Agco Parts Book For A White Field Boss 2-50?

    I am trying to find parts for a White Field Boss 2-50 tractor in the Agco site and I keep coming to a dead-end. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Sonny580

    Remington rm 5520 starter parts.

    Cant find a starter assy. for one. Anybody know of one or got a junk one? Buddy wants his saw fixed and I cant find the parts to fix his starter. internals exploaded in it and he lost the parts.
  9. S

    ISO Parts Manual for MF1547

    ISO Parts Manual for MF1547. Looking for the actual paper form because I'm over trying to find stuff on partsbook! Does anyone know where I can find one? Thank you!!
  10. B

    MT 300 D parts break down

    Does anyone Have the parts break down for the front axle on the 4x4 specifically with part numbers for the outer gear case?
  11. P

    MT23 Gearbox parts

    Hi looking for gearbox parts for my MT23 need 5 gears in total from both pinion and main drive shaft. If anyone is breaking one of these or can point me in the right direction please contact. Many Thanks Matt
  12. D'oh

    RATO/Power Ease, Service Parts Supply.

    I am not sure if this is the correct Forum but it is Chinese Engine Question. 739cc Rato V Twin, Honda Copy, same as Power Ease PN R740D-8, and many other names like Predator. Many of these Mini Chinese Machines are coming with the 23hp V Twin Engines, some with 420cc RATO 13.5hp Briggs...
  13. EHargroves

    Poulan Pro 365 Chainsaw Parts

    I have a approx. 20 year old Poulan Pro 365 Chainsaw. I need the Ignition/Coil Module, Poulan Part # 530039128. Or if you have a 365 Parts saw you want to sale. Thanks in advance.
  14. O

    Parts for Woods Mowers?

    I recently bought a new-to-me Woods RD 7200. I love the cut! However, where do you go for parts? There web site seems to have a lot of dead links? Regards
  15. Tx Jim

    JD's new parts site??

    Anyone tried using JD's new online parts site? I can only determine how to access very few different model parts catalogs. I know change is difficult the older one gets & I'm OLD! I thought the last change to JD parts was bad but JD really performed a Dandy Change for me when I attempt to look...
  16. S

    Great Bend 220 loader parts.....seal kit

    The cylinder on this loader is beginning to leak. Have been told that the seal kit (original part num 40873) ,is no longer available. Does anyone know of a parts source that I could check with or a substitute seal kit for this model? Maybe a re-builder? Thanks...Mike
  17. C

    New Holland aftermarket parts?

    Any sources? Just priced grommet and sending unit for fuel tank. 34.84 and 193.26!!! 34 dollars and change for a **** bushing??
  18. K

    Jinma parts available??

    Can you find parts for Jinma tractors?? Are they too big of a risk? Thanks
  19. WranglerX

    Owners/Parts Manual(s) for E180

    Looking for owners and or parts manual for JD E180 riding mower....
  20. M

    Online source for Kioti parts ?

    Hi Anyone know of an online Kioti parts dealer? Dealer I bought my Kioti stocks few parts. Other than Kioti oil and fuel filters he has to order parts for me. Besides the time delay, I get charged the shipping and handling to his dealership location, then add on several hours of my time to...
  21. D

    Wonder why parts aren’t available?

    A dumpster diver on FB found a bunch of brand new excavator parts in the dumpster. Whoever dumped didn’t even bother to cash in on scrap value :unsure:
  22. F

    Need to rebuild your engine coupler?

    Just got done rebuilding the engine coupler, found all the parts required. listing the part numbers from Neapco but may be crossed reference, they are 1000 series PTO yokes. I measured and found the dimensions at
  23. C

    Shenniu SN25 steering parts

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to find out information about where I can get steering and king pin parts for a Shenniu SN25 2wd tractor. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  24. C

    Shenniu SN25 parts

    Does anyone know where I can get steering and king pin parts for a Shenniu SN25 2wd tractor?
  25. K

    pto clutch parts

    I am looking for pto clutch springs for a 48" HOWARD rotovator . All the tractor dealers want to sell a complete PTO shaft/clutch assembly. Does anyone know a source for the springs, or am I condemned to buy the complete assembly?
  26. D

    Hinomoto JF1 or Bombardier MPV20 parts

    Is there anyone besides Carmen who has parts for the above unit? Any contacts appreciated. Specifically part number J65525101001 pto input shaft twisted off. Recommended fixes welcome too. Thanks
  27. D

    Foton FT254A clutch and parts

    Buying a 9/2005 Foton FT254A sight unseen except for a few pics. I'm told it needs a clutch. Very limited info online that I have found. I did purchase a parts manual but can't find a service spec manual or online English resources. I see there are 2 clutch options for parts. A single stage or...
  28. J

    Kubota Parts Pricing out of Control

    I know this is old news, but $540 for a tie rod and $80 for a hub oil seal?!? I'm going to have to roll the dice in the aftermarket.
  29. gstrom99

    Parts ASAP

    I see that several tractor parts vendors are merging or forming some sort of alliance into "Parts ASAP". Anyone have the details or know how it might affect us?
  30. maxadventure

    FengShou FS254 extra parts

    I picked up a FS254 I've split to put new clutch parts in. It came with a parts tractor in pieces and a load of many used and NOS parts. When I get this little guy running again I want to sell it and I'll want to get rid of all the pieces-parts. Anyone have a manual to help make sure I get...
  31. C

    Air Cleaner parts

    1958 Ford 661 Workmaster. Looking for the internals to the Air Cleaner. Filters? Gaskets? Screens? Does anyone know where I can find the parts -- whatever is internal to the air cleaner.
  32. magnoliav12

    Satoh ST2001 or Mitsubishi D2000 KE130 Engine parts

    I would like to know if anyone can find main bearings for a KE130 engine. My rebuilder threw all those parts away for some reason and I'm at a loss to find anyone who has those parts. Any help would be appreciated..thanks.
  33. EdGooding

    Moving Sale - Vintage Ford Tractor Parts and Accessories for '48-64 Ford Tractors

    A friend of mine in Indiana is downsizing and relocating. He has the following parts listed in the Cincinnati Craigslist: Ford 1 3/8” PTO pulley. $200. Several 1 1/8” PTO pulleys, with/without buzz saw bracket and/or adapter extension. $50-$75. Ford dual wheel spacers with adapters. Fits...
  34. R

    B7100 power and parts

    Hello. Does anyone here own a B7100? I'm wondering how it does with pushing snow, loader work, rear blade. Is it underpowered? Also, how much trouble is it to find parts? Do you get them directly from a Kubota dealer or is there a reliable online source? I'm in Canada.
  35. M

    D2000 FD 2DR5 and D2000II KE130 Parts and Parts Manuals available

    I'd like to extend an offer to those on here. I parted out a D2000 FD 2DR5 Engine 4wd and a D2000II 2wd KE130 Engine tractors. I sell parts on ebay (Supercycleshop) , but I also purchased the parts manuals for both and converted them to PDF files. Anyone in need of parts let me know, I will...
  36. R

    Mitsubishi D2000 parts catalogue or re-assembly direction

    So, I have a D2000 and the hydraulics suddenly went soft. The pump is good, it will lift some weight but when I turn the tractor off, the 3pt hitch falls unless I have the valve under the seat closed. I have, through t-shooting, determined that's it's probably leaking int he control valve...
  37. tdpalms

    Found Montana Parts Source - Can ship anywhere

    Found a reliable parts supplier in South Dakota, Mel's Farm Repair (605) 569-0591. He is a "dealer" for LS, and said he can still access almost all the OEM parts for the Montana models. Made me feel much better than ordering from that half put together website that has the parts and service manuals.
  38. B

    Where to find replacement 3pt top linkage for my TC55

    Hi all! Does anyone happen to know a part number or any other info that would help me source a replacement top linkage for my TC55DA? I mean the bit that links the top of the three "points". Looks like a double ended threaded rod with a barrel in the middle that draws the ends together...
  39. D

    Long Backhoe parts

    Does anyone know where to buy parts for Long Backhoes 1199B most specifically. Thanks Ernie
  40. Jeek

    Iseki ts 1610GLF clutch housing

    I have a Iseki ts 1610GLF(the 4wd variant) that had a severely cracked clutch housing. It was repaired but today the welds started cracking and I need a new(un-damaged) one. If anyone has one or knows of one it would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance! Info from the parts manual: Ref No...
  41. lonelyop

    Looking for Service Manual for XG3135...and parts

    I can't seem to find a service manual for an XG3135. I can find (and own) the operators manual, but not a service manual. I'm looking for something that has service codes and actual procedures. Figuring **** out on my own in the middle of nowhere with no cell service isn't fun. Dealer doesn't...
  42. W

    McCormick Parts

    I am searching for parts for a McCormick CT-41 (R-41) compact tractor. Front bearing and seal is out and need replacement. I have had no luck and our surrounding area has not heard of this tractor. Please help.
  43. O

    Ford 1700 4WD front axle parts?

    I managed to bust the sump casing assembly (SBA322010100) on the front drive axle, which led to cascading failures within. Found replacements for the casing and bearings, but the drive pinion (SBA322050230) is all chewed up and I can't find one for sale. I should probably replace the driven...
  44. Dmacleo

    Agco Parts site down until at least monday for upgrades

    course I needed to look up part info, site says call dealer. dealers can't look up parts either. HP doing upgrades on site. we'll see how THAT works out...
  45. W

    bolens PTO

    I have a used Bolens 1308 PTO that I would like to sell. New bearings, new belts and new unused rubber coupling. Also includes the lever and cable to operate it. Would like $250. Shipping would be extra. Phone 360-520-3808, call or text.
  46. H

    Big Parts Opportunity

    Friends, and elderly gentleman in our church passed away and the contents of his property are being auctioned on January 26th at his home in Raleigh, NC. He was quite the collector and liked JD equipment. Items at auction include: 1961 JD 1010RU, 40HP 1955 JD Model 70 Diesel 1974 JD 830A 1952...
  47. M

    DK45SE Front Axel Parts

    Looking for a company to order seals and bearings for front axel of my Kioti 45SE
  48. S

    Rear Finish Mower  Comparing 3 Point Finish Mower Options

    I have a Massey Ferguson 2706e and have been using a 5' finish mower behind it that my dad had sitting around for a while. I am looking to get something bigger/ more appropriate size for the machine so am looking at 7'-8'. I already have a 7' twin spindle rotary cutter i use for rougher uses...