1. fred saas

    fluid on tire

    fluid leak down front right tire on 4 X 4 NH Ford 445C? Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get started? Thanks, Fred PS I'll post a photo tomorrow.
  2. Gordon Gould

    What is a Nylon Radial tire ??

    I purchased on-line a pair of front tires for my old 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 4-wheeler. There wasn't much selection for the size I needed. They came in today. They were marked as 23X8R-12 6 ply nylon tubeless radials. The nylon surprised me. What is the significance of them being nylon ? My...
  3. G

    Buying Advice  Best 25x8.5x14 turf tire for tractor

    I have this size on the front of my NH Boomer 33 and they are 4 ply. If I lift anything with the bucket it pretty much kills them. I seen they offer a 6 ply tire in this size but I would like something with 8 or maybe 10 ply. Is it possible to go up in size a little ? I prefer not to put an...
  4. rScotty

    Tire covers for Tractors?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows about covers to shade the sun from tractor tires. We have them for the RV - they came with it new. Be nice to have something for the tractor as well.
  5. TractorGunn

    Tire Ballasts, Weights &c...

    I have no clue about any of these, but realize that adding weight to the back of a tractor adds to its safety from flipping via using the loader, and in other situations. My tractor dealer wants to add methanol to the tires at a price per gallon. He said it won't cause corrosion to the steel...
  6. OaklandTech

    WHITE FB37 - Rear tire rims (6-loop) to inner alignment issues

    I purchased new rims and tires for my FB37 (13.6-28), the rims are (6-loop), and the isuue I am having is alignment of the inner rim to the loops. I have new 5/8-11 bolts (Grade 8) but I am approx 1/4' off from being able to insert the bolts. I am thinking of putting the inner rim (0.375"...
  7. R

    Old 11.2-24 tires, worth retubing after patching main hole in tire?

    One of the rear tires on my old Kubota developed a leak on me today (it's only 50 years old, POS :)), tried airing up but it only lasted 45 minutes... The tires are old Bridgestone with all the weather checks but good tread of course (no lug separation or anything though). I think it's got a...
  8. Rockbadchild

    front tire size ??

    on my 2706e I had the all purpose tire still AG looking but it said the all purpose on it … I ordered the AG of that size both tires are the same size … they are bigger is this a concerne for the front rear diff ratio ?
  9. ETD66SS

    Mounting truck tire on 11R22.5 rim tubless

    Having a heck of a time mounting this tire. Bought a Haltec TC-63 bead seater to aid the mounting, but it squirts out where the ring is bonded together every time and the the air escapes before the bead seats. See Video Any ideas? I'm tempted to use a ratchet strap and block of rubber in that...
  10. T

    Bolens G15 rear tire 29x12.5x15

    HI, need to replace the rear tires. I found a 29x10x15, kinda hybrid turf/ag tire. Could I use these tires? Thanks
  11. chilly81

    How long will this cracking poly/foam filled tire survive?

    How long you think it will be before I am forced to replace these turf tires + wheels on an old JD750? Badly cracked, but poly/rubber filled. They won't wear out in my lifetime - it will see very low hours, so would love to avoid the $$$$$$$. What would you think would happen that will...
  12. Deere Dude

    Front tire problems

    I have a JD3720 tractor and am not sure what to do. Then problem tire is an R-4 8ply 27X8.50-15 NHS bought in 2010 and 1300 hours on it. No fluid in the tire. I rolled the front tire half off, removed it from tractor, wire brushed the rusty beads, took it to a tire dealer and had it...
  13. D

    Tire liquid for weight

    I understand windshield fluid is good for tire weight but would think the main ingredient is water. What about rim rust using this? If rust is not a danger would it not be cheaper to use water and antifreeze? Or is there danger of rust with it? Since found out it will take to much antifreeze and...
  14. All In A Days Work

    I over inflated a tire that is filled with Rim Guard in it.

    I had not checked the tire pressure in my tires for couple years, it's not used all that much. I noticed they were bulging some the other day and decided to check the pressure, neither rear tire would indicate air pressure. I checked the gauge on front tire it works. I started airing up the...
  15. M

    Titan Tire Question

    Looking at a Kubota L4802 with the Titan Trac Loader II tires (Kubota exclusive) on it and wondering what people know about them. I’ve always used R4 industrial tires for their puncture resistance because I’m out in the woods mostly and worry about little stumps, etc. The R4s have always worked...
  16. Suburban Plowboy

    Lazy Way to Fix Cart Tire Hole too Big for Plug?

    This isn't about a tractor, exactly, but I have a tractor, so I feel I should be allowed to cheat. I have a gas EZGO with a big hole in a tire. It was patched with a plug long before I got the cart, and it held air for years, but then it started leaking. I redid the patch, and it's not working...
  17. Brown Dog

    Anybody out there with a set of 26x12-16 low hour take off tire & wheel assemblies ?

    I thought someone may have spent the $$ for a set of the latest greatest fad TWEELS 🤠 Mike text or call six78 98six 322six
  18. Dickerson888

    Tiller tire

    I need to find a tire for my tiller. It’s 4 x 4.5 -6 lug tire. Anyone know of a site that might sell this.
  19. T

    Need 7-16 r 1 tire the right size.

    I ordered 2 different Tires on eBay both were too narrow and too tall. I have bought front tires for my 1720 ford before and they were the right size. Now I have a Kubota l3430 that uses the same size tire. They are stating to get some cracks I would like to have a spare on hand. Any idea...
  20. C

    2 questions

    Two questions: I have a commercial-grade JD Zero Turn mower that I use to mow my rural property. It was purchased in 2012 and has 870hrs on the clock. It is serviced regularly and is in excellent shape. The dealer says that it is time to replace it because JD is discounting the 2023 models, and...
  21. coufray

    Rear Tire Repair

    loader has a slice in one of his rear ag tires. it is not too deep, can't see any of the cords, but does go through one of the cross lugs. It is not leaking and the tires are not loaded. Is there anything i can use to seal the slice to keep sharp rocks/dirt out. I probably looks worse than it is...
  22. BaznastyDave

    Easy Tractor Valve Stem Repair & The Issue With Rim Guard Tire Ballast Colby Valve XL

    Watch me struggle with the valve stem cores blowing out. Rim Guard tire ballast is beet juice which can be corrosive to the glue that holds the metal core inside a rubber valve stem. If your tractor has rubber stems and is filled with Rim Guard I suggest you change your stems to metal. Colby...
  23. L

    4035 Tire Pressure?

    Anyone know what the correct tire pressure is supposed to be for a Mahindra 4035? I will be honest that I haven't been checking the pressure too often . . . and I can't find it listed either on the tractor or in the Owner's Manual. I can see the 'do not exceed' pressures on the tires . . . I...
  24. Rapp@BlueRidge

    What happened here to my tire?

    My Kubota M5140 has been sitting for about a week and this afternoon I notice the tire just popped off the rim. It was fine this morning and this afternoon off the rim. Not just flat - completely off the rim. No holes observed yet. Vandalism highly unlikely, weather had been mild (in the...
  25. M

    How to repair tire?

    I have a 2006 Kioti CK30 and I put a 1/2 inch slit between the lugs on my front tire. I imagine this could be patched on the inside, or maybe plugged in some fashion? What would be best? With luck 2 pictures are attached. Who would be best to do it? If a plug I could get a kit, else is this...