1. C

    13.6-16 Titan Turf tires and 16x12 wheels

    I have a set of New Holland TC33 rear tires and wheels for sale. Good tread on the tires and wheels is good shape. I switched to more aggressive tread for loader work. Delafield, WI $400 for the set
  2. Peace

    What tires are on your truck?

    2 tires failed under 25k miles. 1 with crack in sidewall. 1 with steel belt broken. The brand is Corsa and I liked the tires, but they didn’t make it to the 40,000 mile warranty.
  3. N

    Turf Tire Pressure

    I have a new Kubota MX5400 that is used strictly for mowing an airstrip with a Woods RD990X finishing mower. There is no loader on the front and no fluid in the tires as I wanted to keep it as light as possible since it is only used for mowing on dry, level turf. It has turf tires, 305?R343's...
  4. Dmacleo

    rear rims GC2400 where to buy?

    looking to setup "hot" swappable winter tires for GC2400. massey rim 3609405M1 is part number and runs around 120$ each. wondering if anyone knows where to buy used/refurbed ones. not finding much on google but looking for these items is new to me.
  5. Torvy

    East Texas Piney Woods Tire advice

    Howdy y'all. We finally closed on a property in North East Texas. It is mostly trees sitting on sandy loam soil. The plan is to build a small place and 'retire' to manage the property. No lawn planned or desired. We are looking to buy a compact tractor in the 25-45 HP range. Leaning toward...
  6. C

    YM186D Wheel flip and hub adjustment

    I have a YM186D and have been working with member California on flipping the rear wheels so the dish is outboard (wider wheel stance) and he suggested I submit a new thread in case it might help other members. I am just trying this out...not an expert. I believe that I need to remove the hubs...