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    Tire liquid for weight

    I understand windshield fluid is good for tire weight but would think the main ingredient is water. What about rim rust using this? If rust is not a danger would it not be cheaper to use water and antifreeze? Or is there danger of rust with it? Since found out it will take to much antifreeze and...
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    Help with approx. ballast weight needed

    I have a 5055E with a loader (520M) that has a lifting capacity of over 3k pounds. I would like to lift at least a ton with my forks. My tires are not filled. How much ballast weight do I need on the rear (I have weights I can add on to my BB) in order to lift a ton with my forks? Thanks.
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    Why so much tongue weight on 22' car hauler trailers?

    I'm in the market for a 22' car hauler for my Kubota. What I've been noticing is that most of the trailer length is in front of the axles, putting a lot of weight on the hitch. What am I missing here? My last 22' trailer had the same problem and I recently sold it. I was constantly being...
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    T474 Weight

    I am hopefully moving a few states south this fall. I have a 16' double axle car hauler rated for 7k lbs. I'm guessing my T474 weighs 3600lbs + 1100 for the backhoe + 1k for the loaded tires. That puts me at about 5700lbs. I'll guess my trailer weighs 1500lbs. Maybe I can transport my bucket...