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never too late!
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Here's some pics of mine. Its a 24x30 including a 10x24 Patio. That leaves me with 24x20. Wish I went 30x30 on this one.


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Here are some pictures from Day 1 of construction. The CHA crew showed up at 8AM and worked steady through 6PM, making great progress. We had a bit of a break around 11AM for a county footing inspection, and then it was full steam ahead putting up the barn (so most of the progress seen in the pictures happened between 12PM and 6PM, which amazed me).

IMG_4340.jpg IMG_4341.jpg IMG_4347.jpg

IMG_4348.jpg IMG_4350.jpg IMG_4352.jpg

IMG_4357.jpg IMG_4369.jpg

The CHA crew is great. The work fast and don't waste a minute. If you blink, you will miss seeing some progress. They also have quite a few tricks, and made a lot of checks and tweaks to continually square up and line up the structure as it was framed. Real interesting to watch.

Later in the day, the boss showed up to supervise:

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GOOD GOLLY!!!! What are they using for a header. That thing is massive!!!!

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GOOD GOLLY!!!! What are they using for a header. That thing is massive!!!!


It's a doubled 2x12, one notched into the posts and the other nailed on to the first. Then big spikes through both into the posts. It certainly looks bigger than needed. I bet they could have got away with 2x10 for the light snow loads here.

One good thing is that I haven't seen a single aspect of the framing work that was questionable. Everything is as good or better than I would do, and in most cases they're doing it in a much more clever and productive way. These guys do 150-200 barns a year and it shows.
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Some pictures from Day 2, where roofing was completed, and siding/trim started (about 70% done).

IMG_4371.jpg IMG_4375.jpg IMG_4381.jpg
IMG_4383.jpg IMG_4386.jpg IMG_4387.jpg

The CHA guys worked from 7AM to 6PM, and were cranking. They are very good with the detail work that goes into siding and trim, and are doing a great job. I like seeing the attention to detail as well as the unique style/touches they are putting into the trim. It's going to be a great looking barn.
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I like the picture where one is working on the roof and the other is working on the siding. Nothing says good work ethic like everybody doing something and nobody standing around watching the one guy who is doing all the work!!!!! Right now I'm building a two level deck for a client out at the lake. Across a small inlet there is a crew of five building a boat dock for my clients neighbors. There are five of them out there and so far it's a pretty even race on who is getting more done. Me working by myself or the five of them who probably put in a total of 3 to four hours a day of actual work. LOL

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The CHA crew finished up around noon today. They did a nice job trimming out the track for the sliding doors on the front gable. (I was busy smoking some pork and didn't have time to take pics, but will get some over the weekend).

Concrete floor work will probably happen the week after next. I need to bring in more fill to level the floor. Will probably add another row of skirt board in back to make up some of the 9" gap, and then pour the floor concrete against forms to make up whatever gaps are left under the skirts, and backfill against that on the outside.

I am going to build the sliding doors and entry door myself, hopefully this weekend. Should be fun.

After that, I need to work on stain/paint. Thinking either a weathered gray or barn red semi-transparent stain at the moment.
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S219, If you don't mind do you have a break down of the costs. I am thinking about a pole barn and was wondering what it might cost.