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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Looking at adding a 3 pt log splitter to my implement collection. I'd prefer it to convert from vertical to horizontal so I can have the versatility of leaving the big stuff on the ground. Any favorite brands/models suggestions?
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I bought one like that at Tractor Supply several years ago. I think it was about $500 and it's worked to split about 10 cord per year since then without missing a beat.
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The one thing to watch for is the hydraulic flow your tractor produces compared to the specs for the splitter. Tractor mounted units tend to run slower than those with their own engine. Mine will split anything I want but is slower. Fortunately I am slower these days so I don’t find it a problem although some have complained about the speed.

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Is 10 GPM adequate? -Keith
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Looks like we have 8.6GPM on the main pump. A littl elight, but if I don't like it I do have a PTO pump I could use.
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I have a Speeco splitter. Works fine at apx. 1500 rpm w/the 6.4 gl. a minute of my tractor plus the wife unit has decided she wants to do all the splitting (hope it lasts), so I guess it works even better than fine:cool: and fuel consumption is minimal. Your cycle time would be a little faster and/or you could run at lower rpm w/your flow rate. My particular splitter was very well built except for a crummy paint job, no log cradles and a pretty cheezy stand, all of which have now been fixed. Speeco tells me the new splitters now have the heavier stand and better paint:rolleyes: I was already familiar w/stand alone splitters and already had the remotes on the tractor so I decided to give it a try... Kinda leaning in favor of the TPH splitter, however for my uses, six of one and half dozen of the other really.