30HP vs 26HP 60" bush hog?

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Jan 6, 2017
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I forgot to add, if you want to battle those dense weeds in your field, I would start cutting it more often. Get it cut down before the weeds can first go to seed (next spring), and then just keep cutting it around once a month. Eventually, the grass will choke out the weeds and you'll have a grass field, instead of a weed field.
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Nov 6, 2014
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Have you tried bush hogging with the belly mower still attached but not engaged?
Maybe mow the field 3 times a year rather then two.
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Aug 19, 2022
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Retired engineer pontificating: PTO hp is the most important variable in brush hog work. Generally you need 4-5 pto hp per foot of cut when brush hogging in light to medium conditions, 3/4 inor less woody brush and grass weeds 3 foot or less. We have experience with Kubota tractors dating from 2002,2004,2006,2011,2015 and 2021. The pre tier 4 emissions tractors have been reliable machines that met our needs economically. The newer tier 4 tractors have given a lot more trouble. The injectors in two of the newer have had to be replaced, $3,000 on each. That significantly increases the hourly cost. The least reliable was a 2015 B3350, only managed to put a little over
500 hours on it in 5 yrs. Traded it because it wasn’t available when we needed it, made it a liability instead of an asset.
I recommend you keep the pre-emissions tractors, if they meet your needs, and if you can trust them after necessary repairs. None of us need to spend time and money on machines we can’t trust to meet our needs.
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Dec 19, 2003
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I have a B2910 it has 30HP and 22HP at the PTO, I also have a B2650 that has 26HP and 19.5 HP at the PTO

Would it be fair to say that a 60" bush hog would run equally on both tractors? One tractor has more engine HP so how would that relate to the PTO or would it since there is only 2HP difference between the two.

I'm looking to get rid of the B2910, i have not tried the bush hog on the B2650 as it is my lawn mower and would be a pain to take off the mower deck any time i wanted to bush hog.

I have to run the B2910 with the front end loader on or else the front end is to light. The B2650 would be the same way so that extra weight might affect the smaller 26HP.

The B2910 needs a few repairs so i am trying to decide if i should repair it and just keep both tractors for the convenience factor or trade both in on a newer 33HP B series but then i would have to remove the mower deck any time i wanted to bush hog so that would be a pain.

Both tractors are paid for.

I mow the yard weekly with the front end loader off my yard is 3 acres and what i bush hog is 13 acres twice a year and is mostly flat.

I definitely need a tractor to remove snow, bush hog, road maintenance as my road is a 1 mile long almost. :)

What would you guys do?
The 2650 should do fine. I mow trails with my 2601, and the 5 footer sticking out to the side would be a problem. The 5 footer is better for a field, and the 2650 has the hp for it.

Otherwise, only 18.5 hp is needed. That was the hp I had in a 2 series for 9 years. Was fine for snow, even a "snowmygeddon", bush hogging and wood chipping. Would run a 4 ft bush hog fine.
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Apr 4, 2008
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Sell them outright. You'll get more fore them most likely