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got it, thanks!

well latest price
3320 hydro
300cx with hd bucket
mid pto
extra hydro lines down loader arms
21300 out the door...we are getting there
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The price is getting better. I guess the mid PTO is a good thing for front snow blowers or belly mowers. Do you plan on using either of these?

I'd shop a few more dealers just to check on price. You will love this tractor if you get one.
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i do plan on using a mower, and maybe a blower. he also is willing to hold a 5 foot deck for me for 1300 bucks...i prob am goin with this guy as he is in my home state..and that will make future issues i have easier to work with. all in all it seems like a good deal...o and ballast box included also..and extra rear scv as this is needed for future mower use i guess
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5' deck seems narrow.....
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In mid-Illinois I bought the 3320 with e-hydro, cx loader, heavy duty bucket, grill guard, I-match, cruise control, rear work light and R4 tires for $18,900.
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wow that is cheap..i will not be able to touch that..i imagine that is before tax..but still..im lookin at around 21 somethin out the door..very nice
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Pricing does vary place to place.

Mutton's ( advertises here ) lists the 3320 Power reverser & loader @$17500

or the 3320 ehydro with loader for $18200.

Bit of a hike though.

Later and happy New Year to all

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it really seems the northeast has 1k higher or so prices...cant touch one for that around here. no big deal tho...settled on one and it should be ready in couple of weeks...will post pics when i get the beast. trying to decide if i'm should go with a block heater or coolant heater, there are some cold starting days here, figured i mind as well have the dealer put in now instead of later...just gotta figure out which.

so final deal was
300cx with HD bucket
mid pto
rear SCV
60" deck (tho i havent settled on that yet)
22k out the door
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I'm no expert on this, but seems to me a 60" deck on a 3320 would not extend far enough beyond the tires to allow cutting close to anything