john deere 3320

  1. R

    2005 JD 3320 Yanmar 3TNV88-M Engine

    Recently purchased a clean, low hour, underpowered 2005 JD 3320 with a Yanmar 3TNV88-M engine. Wanting to increase fueling a little for more power as most engines have more potential of course when they leave the factory. May someone have some input to offer before I dive into this project as a...
  2. D

    60 inch deck Deere 3320

    I'm going to a larger deck on my 3320 and want to sell the 60 deck. Auto connect. Will drive a ways to meet for a serious buyer. Located in Charlottesville VA should also fit the newer 3R tractors.
  3. B

    Water in JD 3320

    We've recently had a good amount of much needed rain. Unfortunately, the fuel filler cap on my 3320 wasn't tight and a quantity of water entered the fuel tank. It was only detected upon the engine ceasing to run shortly after starting it. The engine is Yanmar's 3TNV88 with 200 hrs on the...
  4. T

    ZETOR 3320

    Stuck Tractor and pulled the Hydraulic LINE broke going to pump from Hydraulic Tank,,,,,repaired the line low pressure and filled the tank with Hydraulic oil and now will not build up any pressure for front end Lowder,,,NO Hydraulic OIL IS MOVING
  5. D

    JD 3320

    Looking for new/used in good shape, hood 330-219-5348
  6. J

    Deere 3320 HVAC Blue Knob Function

    I have scowered the internet for an answer to this and haven't found one. These tractors, including my 3320 I just got have a seperate blue and red HVAC control knob. Red controls water valve, blue controls what? It doesn't say anywhere. I have looked in user and also technical manual for the...
  7. K

    John Deere 3320 heater blower location

    Anyone know where the heater blower is in a John Deere 3320 with cab? Seems mine is blocked (mouse nest?) and blew the cab fuse this winter when I turned up the fan with the heater on.
  8. G

    Zetor 3320 brakes seized

    After using my 3320 for a few small tasks today, during which braking was normal, I attached a bush hog, which uses a single hydraulic to change the deck height. Sometime at or after attaching the bush hog, the brakes becamse seized. After mowing for a while, I realized the tractor would not...
  9. O

    Wheel bolts on 3320

    Hi, all. I'm looking for wisdom and guidance here, since I've got a problem: the wheel bolts are repeatedly loosening on both front wheels of my JD 3320 and once on one of the rear wheels. The tractor is used with a flail mower, moving soil and gravel, harrowing and box scraping. I've had the...
  10. J

    3320 Canopy

    Just finished installing a Tuff Top canopy on my 3320. Turned out really well. I painted it JD green to better match the tractor. Pretty quality construction. Like the idea of being able to take it off and on. I still have to glue the sound pad in place. Makes a huge difference brushhogging .
  11. B

    3320 Stops running

    Zetor 3320. 1991 year Runs for about 20 mins then just quits. Release the bleed nipple and crank and she starts, runs 10-15 mins and quits again. I’ve replace the pump, both fuel filters and all rubber fuel lines. I’m not a diesel mechanic. Any ideas??
  12. G

    replacing brake master cylinder on Zetor 3320

    I am planning to replace a brake master cylinder on my Zetor 3320 and have two questions: I've tried a google search and am coming up with parts that look different depending on the vendor. Could someone help me find a resource to determine exactly the master cylinder I'll need? Second, I'm new...
  13. G

    Zetor 3320 brake problem

    I am new to working on tractors and am dealing with a brake problem on my recently obtained Zetor 3320. Brief background: my clutch stopped working, which lead me to park the tractor. I discovered that the brakes and clutch use the same reservoir, which was completely empty, and after refilling...
  14. M

    Mid mount mower for older Deere 3320

    Are there mid mount mowers available for older compacts either Deere or ideally third party ? Or is it strictly about finding a specific old mower (which is very rarely separated).
  15. M

    3320 Technical manual pdf

    I am buying a 2006 3320. I wondered if anyone might have a pdf tech manual or advice on where get cheaply. Thanks!
  16. M

    3320 throttle ….is it working ?

    Hello. I have an ailing 2320 and had a look at a used, high hours, but seemingly very well maintained 3320. My quick test in his driveway was fine, but throttle very different and wonder if it’s normal. My 2320 has a very direct throttle. A few mm of movement and Precisely equivalent...
  17. M

    Used 3320 with 3600 hours … is that near the end ?

    I’m considering moving up from my 2006 2320 to a 3320. I happened to see one with 3600 hours just down the road. Any advice on how many hours is getting to be end of life ?
  18. J

    JD 3320 and 6' tiller

    I recently purhased a 2005 John Deere 3320; it's in great shape and has 1020 hours. I want to use it to till up food plots and was looking at tillers. The farmer down the street has a 6' tiller he said I can borrow, no charge. Any advice on whether the 3320 will handle a tiller that size...
  19. B

    Deere 72" 7iron Commercial deck interchange 3320 vs 4720

    I have a 2008 Deere 3320 with a 7iron deck S/N M00072D340386, and my deck gearbox froze up today. Also the deck itself is still serviceable but getting in rough condition. I found someone selling a brand new 2008 7iron deck S/N M00072C340298 that was originally off a Deere 4720. The hanging...
  20. S

    JD 3320 Lights on but starter does not start

    Dash comes on and lights up, error panel says "neutof" but starter does not start All lights in dash on, headlights come on bright Battery is JD battery new in December - I have not tested the battery Cleaned battery posts and the connection on tractor from battery to tractor for both - and +...
  21. K

    Remove and Replace 3320 JD Hydrostatic Pump (LVA 15190)

    Need all the help I can get. The hydrostatic pump in my 3320 is worn out or defective. I have 600 hours on the tractor. The charge pump on the engine is fine at 270 psi but tested the pressure coming out of the hydro drive pump (in between the back of the engine an the transmission itself is...
  22. D

    3320 John Deere hood

    Been looking high and low for a hood for my tractor model 3320 and other miscellaneous parts
  23. B

    3320 faster in reverse

    My 3320 ehydro has been loosing MPH. The manual says in range "A" at 2600 RPM I should run at 3.8 MPH. I have tested range "A" and "B", both fail the test unless I run in reverse. The best I got in range "A" was 2.6 MPH. It is due for a fluid change but it is not over due or low and the air...
  24. M

    John Deere 3320 fuse Box

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the fuse Box in a 2012 john deere 3320? I have already moved one fuse location and installed new metri pack terminals due to the corrosion. originally i was having a no start condition and just thought was a battery issue but turns out to be...
  25. ODIS8634

    Oil & Fuel  JD 3320 Trans Filter Housing

    Have the 3320 and I'm changing out the transmission/hydraulic fluid and want to change that filter on the transmission. Have completed the search function here and have seen that the "cap" twists off and that some have said no luck with the strap wrench (which I have used --the rubber one with...
  26. T

    JD 3320 suddenly will not move. Throws an error code 14. Solonoid coil insufficient. Bought a new coil but can’t find where the solonoid is located!

    John Deere 3320 suddenly won’t move throws error code 14, insufficient solonoid current. We can not find the solonoid, anybody know? Help!
  27. K

    John Deere 3320 w, 300CX loader - hydraulic requirements for grapple

    HI I have JD 3320 with 300CX loader, and would like to add a grapple for the front. Titan attachments indicated I need 3rd SCV hydraulics, I don't have this, nor for the rear. Is it possible to install the rear SCV and run hoses to the front for operation of the grapple? Any experience with...
  28. KennK

    Snowblower  JD 3320 MMM Rear Hydraulics to Rotate Rear Snowblower Chute

    I have a John Deere 3320 purchased in 2006 with a mid mount mower (now removed) and the two rear hydraulic connectors that I assume drive the mower lift/lower. I'm thinking about buying a Woodmaxx snowblower, and I'm wondering if I can disconnect & cap the rear hydraulic hoses that I think...
  29. B

    3320 air ride seat suspension

    I just picked up a Deere 3320 with air ride seat. It's broken, didn't realize that when I was at the dealership. Question: 1) Is it repairable? It looks like maybe no. 2) can anyone supply a part number? Compressor came on briefly but very slow. THen it stopped. seat is at bottom of travel...
  30. S

    3320 pto issues

    Have a 2005 jd 3320. Pto stopped working over winter. All electric works down to solenoid so I am getting 12 volts there. Service manual says 8.5 ohms for coil, I am getting 11. Draws about an amp at 12 volts, does get hot enough to barely able to touch after an hour of being energized. Tried 15...
  31. S

    Buying Advice  Used 3320 with new loader

    I have the opportunity to pick up a JD 3320 with about 900 hours, but no loader (ask price is $11.5k). There happens to be a 300x for sale locally that is brand new (2011 unused), but has been sitting outside, for $1700 ask. So curious, any concerns with buying a used loader that has been...
  32. B

    3320 front axle pressure

    my 3320 has around 1300 hours. I noticed that after using it in 4WD for a while there is considerable pressure in the front axle. I know this because after use one day, I decided to check the front axle fluid - by unscrewing the yellow dip stick plug on the top of the front axle - and as I...
  33. F

    3320 PTO switch

    Hi, I have a 3320 and the PTO switch is starting to go bad. I bought a new switch but cannot figure how to get dash off to be able to reach in behind switch to release clips that hold it in. I have removed the 2 bolts up under the fuel cap lid and the top is loose but the bottom just above...
  34. P

    Where to advertise my John Deere 3320 ?

    I have a John Deere 3320 for sale. The add on fastline is here 25 John Deere 332 Tractor (1246253) Raymond Reeves Saint Cloud Florida | Fastline I'm located in saint Cloud Florida. What other publications and/or sites would anyone suggest to advertise this on excluding Craig's list which...
  35. R

    2009 John Deere 3320 for sale. Only 309 hrs.

    Very good clean excellent condition. Always garaged. Never left outside. Runs great. Easy starting, even in cold weather. No leaks. eHydro hydrostatic transmission. Rear SVC hydraulic lines. 33hp Diesel engine. Only 309 hours. Not even broke in yet. Comes with 300CX quick detach loader and 61...
  36. G

    John Deere 3320

    Hello, I'm 73 and bought a JD3320 with loader and brush hog. Mostly to keep large lawn area trimmed and snow plowed. I'm from Michigan.
  37. E

    For Sale John Deere 3320 diesel

    2007 John Deere 3320 tractor, diesel for sale. Always garaged. Curtiss Cab, heated, loader and bucket, snow pusher, snow plow, blast, 64 inch rear snow blower, tires recently replaced and filled, itmatch, 3 point hitch. Good condition with 1,000 on it. $21,900. No tire kickers, please. Pictures...
  38. M

    JD 3320 flasher problem

    2013 JD 3320 HST 4 way flashers work correctly. Turn signals do not. Press left signal button and both left and right lights light up but do not flash, press the right signal button and both left and right lights flash. My 3320 has a single toggle switch left of the steering wheel. I checked...
  39. M

    JD 3320 HST Flasher/Turn signal problem

    2013 JD 3320 HST 4 way flashers work correctly. Turn signals do not. Press left signal button and both left and right lights light up but do not flash, press the right signal button and both left and right lights flash. My 3320 has a single toggle switch left of the steering wheel. I checked...
  40. K

    TM2138 Tech Manual for 3120,3320,3520,and 3720 Compact Utility Tractors without cab

    John Deere Service and Repair Manual TM2138 on CD which is searchable and printable. Just purchased last week and I accidentally ordered the manual for models with no cab and I needed the TM2365 which is the manual for 3120 thru 3720 cab tractors. I paid $285 and John Deere will not exchange or...
  41. P

    JD 3320 Seat Suspension question for someone who owns a 3320

    The seat suspension on my 14 year old 3320 seems to have had a nut come loose. The 2 pictures in the attached PDF file show the front and rear view under the seat in the middle of the seat suspension. You can see a threaded pin with a rubber grommet and the nut missing on the open end. The pin...
  42. F

    2008 3320 problems

    Good Morning, My son just picked up a 3008 3320 with 230 hours on it. it has a 300cx loader with a 72 inch belly mower and a 375 back hoe. He had to travel quite a ways to get it but considering the hours we thought it was worth it. He asked the salesman if it had been serviced and he replied...
  43. T

    2011 - 3320 Cab 3 Cables behind the cab

    Trying to slowly add missing options to my 3320 tractor. This far Ive been working on filling blanks in the operators area with their respective features. However there are 3 open plugs in the outside rear of the tractor right below the glass of the cab. Two are right in the center, and the...
  44. T

    2011 - 3320 Cab Greasing

    Hey everyone! Tractor newbie here. Where exactly am I supposed to grease on the actual tractor? I see the two zerks in the PTO area, but I havent seen any elsewhere. Am I missing something, or are there areas Im supposed to grease that dont have zerks? Thanks!
  45. B

    Rotary Cutter  Question for JD 3320 owners r'e rotary cutters

    Hello and thanks in advance for any advice you may have to offer. I know this question has been asked in various forms many times, but I was hoping to hear some first hand experience on the subject. I have seen from multiple sources that 5 PTO horsepower per foot of rotary cutter is...
  46. J

    John deere 3320 cavitation fluid related?

    Hey all I am looking for some opinions here. I have a 2012 3320 which is getting close to 500 hours and I love this tractor. The only issue is I have the so called cavitation and jumpy 300cx loader and 3-point. Which sounds somewhat common in this line and my dealer, lots of research, hours of...
  47. Texasmark

    3320 Glow plugs and activation

    New to this tractor. Help appreciated. Is the activation part of the key, like maybe once key is inserted, pushing farther and holding would activate the plugs? Thanks, Mark
  48. B

    JD3320 fuel pump or fuel injection pump

    does the JD 3320 have a fuel pump or a fuel injection pump or both? I search on a fuel pump for a 3320 results in a approx $30 fuel pump and a search on a fuel injection pump results in a $650 pump??
  49. G

    3320 pto output shaft housing leak

    Good morning, I have a John Deere 3320 Tractor. I have a leak of transmission hydroponic fluid where the front pto output shaft housing meets the transmission housing. I have been looking, and looking and can not find the gasket that goes there. I can always use gasket maker, but wanted to get...
  50. G

    3320 hood

    Hello, I am looking for a used hood for sale for my 3320 tractor. I have been looking and all I can find is at the dealer and it coat $1300.00. Any body have any idea where to look. Thanks for your time. Scott
  51. G

    John Deere 3320 Rear Axle Seal

    Hello, I have a 3320 Compact Tractor and the rear axle seal is leaking. I ordered the parts and are on the way to me. I am looking for someone who has done this before. If I take the four bolts out at the end, will the axle just come out? Is there a snap ring that hold it in, and I need to...
  52. O

    3320 Hydraulic pressure seems low

    I have a 3320 with about 200hrs on it and I am noticing that I no longer have they hydro speed or FEL power I used to have. For example when I start moving in 'B' range it will take off with a decent acceleration and speed but then slows down. RPM doesn't change it (once you hit an RPM that...
  53. P

    3320 and some fun

    Well I sold the trailer boom lift and upgraded to a 4wd 40 self driving one This made for some tree trimming work. It always amazed what this deere can do ( what is not shown is the trek into the woods with 3 of these loads for dumping in the stump dump, woods trails and all)
  54. Killer_B

    3320 1,000 hour review

    My 3320 recently passed 1,000 hours (and 10 years) of service. This was my first John Deere product and the experience has been good. I really am a big fan of this tractor, and by extension JD as a whole. I did not come to this opinion overnight. Perhaps some background is in order. Day one...
  55. B

    Error code 12 on 3320

    My 3320 HST has an err 12 code. No forward or reverse. The speed sensor was unplugged but had been for a long time. I think what took me out was the throttle sensor plug got knocked off. When I found that I plugged it back in but still no go. My thoughts are that the Drive Controller got...
  56. OrangeJbird

    3320 FWA Pinion shaft splines stripped.

    WHY did they make such a wimpy setup for the FWA drive on the 3*20 series! Anyone know a fix besides replacing the pinion shaft?
  57. T

    front seal on axle below elbow on John deere 3320 repair

    Good afternoon has any one replaced the seal that is below the elbow on the front axle. And was it a big job. Thanks for any info you may have. Greg
  58. B

    Loader  Grapple size for my JD 3320

    I'm new to this site. I have owned my John Deere 3320 since 2013 and recently have considered buying a grapple. I have a 300x loader which I understand weighs about 900# including a 61 " bucket. I investigated the John Deere 72" grapple along with a 3rd function control. My dealer says about...
  59. foggy1111

    3320 FWA problems

    While operating my tractor, I noticed it grinding when put into FWA. Now I got no engagement of the front axel. Didn't take time to do more troubleshooting.....but fear I did something wrong. I got about 600 hours on my tractor. Not sure what I may have done? Read about someone...
  60. J

    3320 Hydraulics driving me crazy!

    Hello all new here looks like a great forum to be a part of here! I really hope someone can help me out! I have a 2012 deere 3320 with just short of 400 hours on it, love the tractor but its always has had what seems like an issue with the hydraulics. the loader, 3point, and rear remote sound...
  61. J

    3320 Hydraulics driving me crazy!

    Hello all new here looks like a great forum to be a part of here! I hope i'm in the correct section for this and really hope someone can help me out! I have a 2012 3320 with just short of 400 hours on it, love the tractor but its always has had what seems like an issue with the hydraulics. the...
  62. 4

    Dirt Moving  3320 J.D. question.

    Hi, I have a 3320 John Deere cab tractor, I am moving dirt with a 6' Danuser Hyd. scraper. I am filling my bucket, and scraper and traveling about 300 yards with rolling terrain. I have been disengaging the the front wheel assist when traveling is this a good idea? Also I'm running at 2500...
  63. B

    John Deere 4300/3320/R series????

    I owned a John Deere 4300 that I bought new in 1999 and sold it 14 years later in 2013. I purchased some property recently and need a comparable tractor. It looks like the 3320 may have replaced the 4300 followed by the R series tractors. I have not followed new JD models recently and would be...
  64. L

    Tire Selection  Trade R4's for R1's? JD 3320

    I recently acquired a 2009 John Deere 3320 with R4 tires. I'd like to switch to an R1 tire, but from what I understand it is expensive to buy new as you must change the rims also due to different sizes, keep the 4WD in proper timing, etc. I've seen where some guys have swapped tires with...
  65. D

    Comparison  3320 year comparisons

    Hey guys. I'm in the market for my first tractor, and a used John Deere 3320 is what I'm considering. The most important implement will be a front grapple and here is where I have questions.. on 2011 a newer 3320's I see that they have the joystick with the button on them to control the 3rd...
  66. P

    Fun w the 3320

    Lost a cedar. Deere made short work of hauling the debris.
  67. H

    Opinions on JD 3032e vs. JD 3320

    Time for a new tractor. Trying to narrow my choices down lately and have found both a 3032e and a 3320 that are both in great shape. Specifics: 3032e is a 2016 model with 60" rotary cutter, 60" box blade, FEL, 300 hours - $16k asking. Seller seems firm. 3320 is a 2011 model with 60" rotary...
  68. C

    JD 3320 Rockshaft control valve issue

    I have read through a lot of old postings about this issue but I can't find an answer for my situation. My 3320 (1650hrs) has a noticeable extra load on the motor when the 3-point arms reach the full up position, I can move the lever down slightly and the excessive load goes away. I have...
  69. L

    Compact 3320 PTO issues

    Hello All, I own a 2005 JD 3320 compact tractor, it was stolen a month go but It has now been recovered ( well most of it ) seems that the thieving scum bags only wanted certain parts and then dumped it. It was all working fine before but now I have lots of issues. 1/ Error code 08 comes up but...
  70. RollTideRam

    3320 Hydraulic problems

    I have a 3320 hydro with a little over 600 hours on it. I have started having problems with my hydraulics on it and am not sure where to start to look for the cause. I changed the fluid and filter on it last year with a little over 500 hours on it just to see if that would help with steering...
  71. H

    john deere 3320 hydro will not go in reverse error 14

    Can any one help with a reverse issue on a 3320 hydro error 14? I have read a few forums with a few others with the same issue but know mentioned of what the repair was. Currently I have checked voltage at the foot pedals both forward and reverse are the same 1 volt to 4 volts at full travel. I...
  72. 4

    John Deere 3320 Hyd. problem.

    I think that there is air in my hydraulic system. Can an owner bleed this out himself at home? Thanks, Terry
  73. 41gpaws

    John Deere 3320 won't start

    My friend used my john Deere 3320 and told me a code 61 or 65 was flashing and tractor now won't start all the time. My battery shows 12.4 when I tested it. It sometimes starts and when I turn it off it just clicks but does start. If hook up the battery to a charger for a few hours it will...
  74. C

    Need a pic of where the PB hydraulic return line is off of 3120 or 3320

    I need some help from an owner of a 3120 or 3320 to take a pic for me of their PB Hydraulic Return line that is show as number 34 in the schematic below. It goes from the PB SCV to the Hydraulic tank. This would really help me to see if the same port is on my 3203 hydraulic...
  75. 4

    3320 hydraulic outlets.

    I have a JD 3320 cab tractor with mid hydraulic outlets. I need a set in the rear. Is there a kit, Or an easy way to do it?
  76. 4

    Mowing  pull type brush cutter on JD 3320

    I have a 2015 3320 john deere utility tractor with hydro trans and 32hp. Today I was running my 5' new idea pull type mower thru tall fescue at 2200 rpm in mid range, going pretty slow, on hilly terrain, Then I noticed my pto was not turning, I shut off the pto and shut down the tractor. After a...
  77. O

    3320 weak FEL

    I don't have the same power I used to have in my FEL. Fluid level is fine, checked the main filter as well as the small inline, all look fine. I have some power but it wont lift like it used to. Hydrostat and PTO all work good
  78. 4

    Box blade for john deere 3320

    I have a 3320 JD I think it's 32hp. Will it pull a 7' box blade?
  79. P

    Looking for a backhoe to fit a 3320 07 John deere

    Leaning toward a 485 but would consider anything that would work. Appreciate input Thank you, Doug
  80. 4

    Ballast  ballast box on 3320 JD

    I have a 550# ballast box on my 3320. My pastures are pretty rough and the ballast box swings side to side on the three point. Is it hard on the three point to have the box on all the time?
  81. 4

    newbe - 2013 3320 cab tractor, 300x loader.

    Hi, I'm Terry. I am thinking of buying a used 5' box blade. The guy is asking $200.00 it is in very good cond. My question: Is this a good box Blade for my 3320? And is it a good price? Thank you.
  82. M

    3320 Rockshaft adjustment

    Couple of problems with my rockshaft arms on a 3320 - one is that the original functionality of setting the rockshaft height with the rockshaft control lever is totally gone - it used to be that setting lever to 1 set the height to whatever, setting the lever to 2 would be higher than 1...
  83. P

    How do I hook this attached to my JD3320 ?

    I am looking at this lawn roller , how do I connect this to my JD 3320 ? It's not a CAT 1 3PT hitch attachment . What do I have to get to connect this correctly ? Ohio Steel Lawn Roller — Steel, 60in.W x 24in.Dia., Model# 60T | Aerators Lawn Rollers| Northern Tool + Equipment
  84. P

    JD 3320 replacing the rear PTO seal

    My3320 rear PTO is leaking fluid. Has anyone changed out the seal themselves ? I am wondering how hard this is to do ?
  85. cobracnvt

    Rear worklight removal and error 63 on 2005 john deere 3320

    I tried disconnecting the old incandescent rear work light on my 3320 tractor and got a 63 error on the dashboard. I don't want this old work light anymore as I have added new LED work lights on new circuits and switches. Does anyone know how to get rid of this error? I believe the error is...
  86. L

    JD 3320 Heater - Resistors

    Could anyone tell me where I could buy .75+.75-216/22 Resistors, or do I need to purchase the entire motor for my heater?
  87. C

    JD3320 - Post shutdown noises - sounds like fluid draining.....normal?

    Hello, Don't post much, but thought I'd ask a question about a noise I noticed last night. It's entirely possible this always happens and this is the first time I've heard it....but not sure. Anyway, after brush hogging for an hour or so I let the tractor cool down for a few minutes while I...
  88. P

    JD 3320 the great LED Light Bar adventure begins !

    Has anyone added a rocker switch to the switch panel located on the top of the right fender (as you are facing forward) on a JD 3320 ? I want to install a new rocker switch to control a new LED light bar but getting access to the panel looks like I have to remove the right rear tire. something...
  89. D

    JD 3320 Error Code 07

    Hey all, My 2010 3320 E-hydro with Cab has recently developed a speed loss in forward gear. On the road the other day and in Hi gear and throttled up to 2k rpm it would get up to about 5 mph. simultaneous to the low speed I got an error code 07. Checked the owner's manual and it is vague that...
  90. cobracnvt

    Oil & Fuel  Changing Hydraulic Fluid on John Deere 3320 and heater install

    Changing Hydraulic Fluid on John Deere 3320 and hydraulic fluid heater install I just changed the hydraulic fluid and installed a hydraulic fluid heater on my John Deere 3320. I thought I would post a few pictures for reference as I was looking for this info before I started and couldn't...
  91. B

    3320 stops with no error code

    I have a JD 3320 eHydro (purchased new 10 years ago with about 900 hours on it now) - lately when operating (driving along) - tractor will stop and error indicator will flash once - but no error code. I raise my foot off the pedal and press it again and off we go - until the next occurrence...
  92. S

    Newbie with a "new" (2009) JD3320: 3pt won't quite hold

    Hello to all - first tractor and first time on a forum. Purchased a 2009 JD 3320 in beautiful shape (200 hr and cared for) and have been enjoying it beyond words .... Except: for 3 pt hight adjust, I am going crazy. I can get full lift, full drop, and have the drop adjust set for a 2 sec fall...
  93. T

    Price Check on JD 3320

    I am contemplating buying a JD 3320 and I have to let the dealer know early tomorrow morning as I have been stalling long enough. Tractor details: 2012 JD 3320 and 300cx loader Factory Cab Heat & A/C 150 hrs. Excellent condition air ride seat Wheel spacers No Mid PTO $26,800 What do you...
  94. N

    My John Deere 3320 Ehydro is hanging up in fwd or reverse and then I cannot move.

    At first the reverse pedal needed lifting up manually. This went away. about 6 months later, I now get an error code and cannot go forward or reverse. If I turn tractor off for awhile, when I turn it on all is well. Yesterday it now fills like their is a large load (like forward and reverse is...
  95. C

    3320 - Reinstalling Forward/Reverse Pedals

    I had to remove the forward/reverse pedals to fix a broken linkage (long story). Now I can't seem to get them back in. The problem is that there is a spring that goes on each pedal arm and a bolt/pin that goes through the two pedal arms and the frame that hold them in place. Those springs...
  96. D

    Buying Advice  JD 3320 and the like

    I'm about at the end of my research and believe i have found my tractor after four months. Its a 2008 3320 with all the bells and whistles with 310 hours for $17k (quick hitch and 72" box blade). Im trying to make myself commit as there is a heck of a deal on a brand new Kubota L3901 at a...
  97. M

    Mowing  3320

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice from some 3 series owners with MMM on their tractors. I'm looking at getting a 3320 for multiple tasks that my 5083 is way to big for. I am also looking to mow my very open lawn approx 2 ac with it. I'm looking at both 60 & 72" 7 iron mm mowers. I see...
  98. P

    john deere 3320 removing an in line hydraulic filter

    Ever have one of those problems you try and ignore ? I have a 3320 it was 5 years old when I purchased it and now 5 years later I still cannot get the in line hydraulic filter off for cleaning. I cannot get this filter unscrewed. Now granted I haven't tried heating it up , any suggestions for...
  99. M

    back up lights for my 3320

    I know it's been answered a thousand times but I can't find a good thread about this. I want to add backup lights to my '14 JD 3320 and I'm wondering if one of the pigtails in the rear is for that Does anyone have too pics of this kind of install?
  100. C

    2006 Deere 3320 loud knock at startup

    Maybe 3 times over the last 6 years that I have owned this tractor, when I started it up the motor has been excessively loud. Dieseling like it was going to explode, then smoothing out maybe 30 to 40 seconds later. Seems to only do it when it is below 45 in my heated shop, and only once in a...
  101. G

    JD 3320 with 54" front mount snow blower

    I am looking ahead to next snow season and am trying to find a used JD 2520/2720 or JD 3320 with front mount snow blower. I have about a mile of 54" wide sidewalks to clear. I know I can find a used 2520/2720 with a 54" wide snow blower but will it be hard to find a 3320 with a 54" wide blower...
  102. B

    Mowing  JD 3320 PTO trouble

    My dad has a 3320 with the cab and a belly mower he has been having a lot of problems with. For the third time he has had to take it apart because a pin falls out and he moves the deck and it bends almost everything underneath. Well he got it put back together this time and all looks to be as it...
  103. M

    JD 3320 is finally in my possession - what to do?

    Hey All, Got a great deal on a Beautiful JD 3320 2006 300SX loader Gearmore HD 9" auger and 60" scraper with Carson 10k HD car hauler trailer. Long story short then to my questions. Guy I know bought it in Feb. 2007 So. Cal. put 27hrs on it then had it serviced by large JD dealer - oil...
  104. E

    Service fuel injectors on 3320?

    Was browsing the owners manual for my 2008 3320 and noticed that the fuel injectors should be serviced every 2 years, what the heck does that mean? Have never done it and the engine is running fine at 500 hours.
  105. O

    3320 throttle lock(cruise) electrical issue after mice ate wires

    I had mice get into the switch area and eat all the wires. I got the new switch and harness from JD. I still cannot get the switch to work. I have 12v to the switch so I do not think its a fuse issue. I could not find a fuse for the throttle lock anyway. Any thoughts?
  106. J

    Looking at a used 3320 tomorrow... any advice?

    Single owner machine, 800 +/- hours, supposed to be in great shape. Anything specific to watch out for?
  107. M

    Oil & Fuel  Is it complicated to drain fuel tank on 3320?

    Hey all, Looks like I will going to pick up my new (to me) 2006 JD 3320 300sx loader lightly used 27.5 hrs (that is correct 27.5 hrs) and from what I gathered from responses here on another thread is that the fuel will need to be drained - most likely a fuel filter too. The tractor had been...
  108. W

    Advice needed: Mostly new 3320, new 3038E, or something else?

    Hi, First time poster on this board. Previous searches have yielded a lot of helpful information as I try to nail down the right tractor, so thanks already for the great insights. I am looking to purchase my first tractor. We just purchased 10 acres of vacant land that we are turning into a...
  109. M

    Looking to buy 2006 3320 - been sitting for 4 years - what concerns?

    Hey all, Looking to buy 2006 John Deere 3320 4x4. My concern is it has been sitting in storage for the last 4 years no use. I'm told it has only 40 hrs on it (scout dad i know that moved out of state - I trust him) What would be concerns with these conditions and what costs might I have to get...
  110. J

    3320 LoadMatch Malfunctioning

    Hi all, I just installed the auto cruise kit / load match on my 3320 and after programming per the kit's instructions, everything works fine except for the load match switch. When I turn the LM on the LCD screen indicates correctly but the tractor will not move beyond a crawl. As soon as I...
  111. WH401

    Trading 3320 (OS) for 3320 (Cab). Thoughts?

    Hey all, I've been contemplating getting a cab tractor for a while now. A local dealer has a nice 3320 Cab, 2005 MY, with 300CX loader and 223 hrs on the meter. Price is 24,495. I talked with the dealer, looked the tractor over. Seems it mostly did loader work, judging by the wear on the inside...
  112. S

    3320 PTO Problem

    I have a Wallenstein PTO chipper that I should be able to run without being on the tractor's driver's seat. However, when I put the transmission in "N," apply the parking brake and attempt to engage the PTO without being on the driver's seat the tractor shuts off. I figure it has to be the...
  113. jbbankshot

    JD 3320 SCV Joystick Parts

    I am trying to find parts for the joystick toggle switch. The issue I have it my grapple will open and not close. I did a bunch of trouble shooting and determine the the down/close button on my switch is not working. I don't think there is a separate fuse for open vs close. I took the joystick...
  114. J

    Quieting the 3320

    Hello All, I have owned a 3320 and 3520 and noticed that the 3320 exhaust (in my case anyway) is slightly louder than the 3520. I would attribute the difference in exhaust noise is due to the use of a turbo on the 3520 acting as somewhat of a muffling device. The 3320 is just annoying enough...
  115. OrangeJbird

    3320 OS headlight bulb?

    57M7166 part number shown on parts finder shows a H4 style bulb. Mine don't look anything lika an H4. Mine have an angled plug. What do I get to replace it? I may have to post a photo.
  116. B

    3320 grinding noise when in 4wd and no power on front wheels

    I felt a slight jerk from my 3320s transmission. I stopped and checked everything, saw no problems and continued on. I was in 4wd and tried to go over a 4" log later on but the front tires would not move and there was a popping sound like gears not engaging. When selecting 2WD the jerk was gone...
  117. OrangeJbird

    60" broom to 4000 hitch on 3320?

    I have a 3320 with a 4000 series hitch (not A-frame style) for my SB59" Snowblower. Anyway to get this broom to attach to it?
  118. jbbankshot

    JD 3320 and 60" Everything Attachment Grapple

    I just hooked up my new grapple and it looks solid, but I have no down force to grab anything! Some background, I installed the BW16138 3rd function kit. I already had the rear connection for my snow thrower. The kit has 1/4" hydraulic connections to the grapple, the grapple had 1/2"...
  119. gls1320

    2014 John Deere 3320

    This is the 2014 John Deere 3320......last of the 20 series prior to the 3033R's that are now out. I bought this a couple weeks ago with 3 hours on the meter. I had originally set my sights on a 2014 JD 3520, but when I finally decided to make the purchase, that tractor had been sold, so I got...
  120. S

    3320 vs. White Oak

    Needed to take down a large White Oak to make room for our camper and open up the woods a little. Tree measured 34-37" in diameter and will end up making a lot of firewood and few pieces of woodworking projects. This was as far as it would lift the log, and needed 4-wheel drive as the back...
  121. K

    59" snowblower mounting confusion on a 3320

    Found a 59" snow blower 2 years old, was said to be mounted on a JD3120. Pic's sent to me look nothing like the A frame newer style mounts. Owner says it was dealer installed no retrofitting. I sold my JD955 with snow blower and this one looks to be the same mount type. Question would be does...
  122. H

    3320 w/ H165 Loader Lowers When Curling

    Hi all, I recently took delivery of a new 3320 with the H165 loader, with a set of forks. When I go to curl back, feathering the control valve, the load drops. If I shift the valve further, the load will then start to lift. Weight on the pallet was approx 600 lbs, Engine rpm was 1900. I've been...
  123. P

    Anyone installed a 3rd function valve on a JD 3320 ?

    I was looking at a 3rd function valve from Everything Attachments for my 3320 , has anyone installed one of these for their FEL ? Was it very difficult ?
  124. Septemberwheat

    485 Backhoe for my JD3320

    Ok, I've been wanting a backhoe for over a year, and I need to fish or cut bait. I need some help. I have about 200 small stumps to pull, creek clean up, and some trenching around the farm, as well as the need to dig a root cellar. Tell me the back hoe 485 would be a good investment and...
  125. 600xc4me

    Adding second rear remote and one to the front on jd 3320

    I have a 2014 3320 that I bought with one factory rear remote. I got the dealer to run lines to the front as well when i bought it, for my grapple and what not. But now I installed a hydraulic top link in my 3pt hitch, and I don't want to always have swap hoses around in the back there...
  126. S

    Loader  H165 loader won't detach from JD 3320

    Hi, folks. I just purchased a JD3320 w/an H165 loader and a JD 360 flail mower. I want to mow without the loader, but can't get the loader to detach. I have read the loader manual 100 times, and watched all the videos, but the loader won't come off. What happens is the masts won't raise high...
  127. 600xc4me

    Third button beside the toggle on 3320 joystick, what's it for?

    My 3320 came with rear remotes, so it has the toggle switch on the joystick. I'm wondering, what's the third button for beside the toggle? There's nothing behind the rubber, but can a guy get a button for there to select between different aux hydraulics? I wouldn't mind putting another block in...
  128. P

    How to measure the Hydraulic pressure on a JD 3320

    Before I start winging this I thought I might ask. Has anyone measure the hydraulic pressure on a JD 3320 ? If you did how did you do it ?
  129. MikeyB

    3320 Axle Seal

    I have a 3320 with the front axle leakage problem. On JD parts I believe that I have found the seal that is the culprit but wanted to check and see if anyone has done the fix themselves. On the JD parts diagram it looks like I would only need to replace #22 Axle Output seal. It looks like...
  130. R

    Need help with battery for John Deere 3320

    My employer owns a John Deere 3320 and the battery has gone dead. The local dealership is wanting $150 for a replacement that comes with a 6 month warranty. That can't be right but I'm having difficulty finding what model/where to purchase it. I have a hard time believing that they engineered...
  131. G

    JD 3320 e-hydro. will not move forward or reverse. Tranny oil was low

    JD 3320 e-hydro. will not move forward or reverse. Rear Tranny oil was low ,so I topped it off and still no go?from what I have read I might have an airlock in the system now?So how do I bleed the system to remove air?any thoughts?hope to hear from you soon.
  132. G


    Iam asking if anyone knows what problem Iam having here ,starts up fine,but will not move? forward or reverse?,error 15 came on but bypassed that with pin under seat for safety and even disconnected battery to reboot ecm,pto kills engine when engaged,checked rear dip stick oil was very low,now...
  133. 600xc4me

    Is a 3320/3520 to big for my needs?

    I'm looking to buy as tractor in the next while, and I can't decide how big to go. I'm after something in the 33hp range. Looking at the 2032 I feel it's to small a chassis so that one is out I think. Then I look at the 3320 sitting beside it and go, man. Is that to big already? So drive over...
  134. MikeyB

    3320 Throttle

    Took my 3320 out today and the throttle will not hold a consistent rpm. It is not an engine problem but a hand throttle problem. I will set an rpm using the dash mounted hand throttle and it will drop to a lower rpm. If I set it at a higher setting it will drift down and settle on a lower...
  135. C

    Jd 3320 want too buy

    I am new to the compact tractor I have used them before and want to buy one I was looking at all brands want to spend about 20k theses tractors gave gotten expensive but so has everything was looking at john deere 3320 or 3520 something like that size I have found a 2006 e hydro 300x loader and...
  136. boyt

    John deere 3320

    Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with there john deere 3320 cause I'm looking at one
  137. J

    3320 3 point hitch

    My 3 point hitch just started, or I just noticed it, dropping about an inch then raising back up on its own. It only does it with an attachment on. You can rear the pump building pressure or hissing then it drops and raises back up. I remember other members having this issue on other 3000twenty...
  138. MikeyB

    3320 Leaking Wheel Hub

    I have a 3320 with a leaking front wheel hub. I moved snow in very cold CO temps a put it in the shed. Next day, a nice puddle of low vis fluid on the shop floor. I wiped it up and checked again today with no more leakage (axle still has plenty of fluid). I have noticed pressure and or...
  139. R

    3320 Rear Hydraulics Problem

    We purchased a used 3320 with low hours a few months ago and all has been well. We had about 25" of snow to clean up after two storms that rolled through back to back last week. During cleanup I noticed the front blade would stop working, so I would turn on the rear-hydraulic switch again and it...
  140. foggy1111

    3320 Oil Leak

    This is a pic of oil leak from the front of my 3320 tractor. I assume it's a wheel seal??.or, have I got more problems? Just went to my tractor shed today after not being there for a few weeks. The last time I used the tractor, I plowed a little snow in 4WD with my loader mounted plow...
  141. P

    3320 and the 448 hard at work

    Well I started on the 400 ft rock wall I need to build. I got this old rock sled to help with the big stuff. Sadly the rocks are too much for the allis so out came the Deere A handy way to back the sled into position I had thought of getting a thumb for the hoe. I'm glad I never did. This...
  142. 6

    3320 wheel arrangement question

    Bought a used 3320 a while back and am a bit mystified about the wheel arrangement. The valve stems are all to the inside (which is inconvenient), and the centering hole in the wheels have a slight flare that look to me like they should be pointed out rather than the present orientation where...
  143. D

    JD 3320 Won't Maintain Throttle

    Twice now when I have woken up to plow the driveway my JD 3320 won't hold it's throttle...I will increase the engine speed to 2000rpm or more and it will just slowly drop back to 1200-1500 rpm. This has happened two out of the last 3 times I operated the tractor and the only commonality between...
  144. 93Mustang

    Sickle Bar  JD 350 Sickle Mower on a JD 3320?

    Can I safely handle a JD 350 with 7' blade on my 3320? I would use it to mow some difficult to reach areas around my driveway etc. Found a used one on CL that I am considering. Any experience would be helpful. Thank You!
  145. P

    JD 3320 what is this switch for ?

    I own a JD 3320 I've looked at this switch for 3 years and have no idea what function it has and more importantly under what conditions I would want to use it ? Any help would be appreciated.
  146. S

    John Deere 3320 warnig showing ER 08

    I have a 2007 JD 3320 and have a warning saying ER08? Help? Could it be caused by a old air or fuel filter?
  147. S

    Loader  John Deere 3320 warnig showing ER 08

    I have a JD 3320 - 2007 Great luck with tractor but recently its warning display is showing ER08? Any suggestions what it could be? Could it mean new fuel or air filter is needed? Manual says take to dealer?
  148. PCABE5

    3320 Cab owners

    Would you give me the data label off your a/c compressor. Looking for manufacturer and model number.
  149. N

    JD 3320 will not move after calibrating throttle sensor

    I recently purchased a JD3320. It was showing a few error codes when I bought it but operated fine, so I talked the guy down a little and brought the tractor home. Upon getting it home, I started tracking down the codes. For code 08 the users manual said to check the throttle sensor, and upon...
  150. J

    3320 range shifter warning

    I was pretty busy mixing concrete with a gas powered mixer, backing away from mixer with a loader full of concrete, I turned about quickly to check the path behind me. When I turned back to facing forward, my forward/reverse foot controls had gone limp, inoperative. I was on a slight grade that...
  151. S

    Switched 3320 R3s to wide position.

    Looks to be about 3-4 inches/side. Forgot to take 'before' pics of the fronts. I should be able to see the loader arms better with the fronts wider when switching out bucket to blade to forks.... The fronts and rear look to be the same overall width now - the pic makes the front tire look...
  152. P

    JD 3320 Error Code 06

    Folks, This just started flashing on the display. So far it doesn't seem to affect the tractor other than the speedometer and cruise control are not working correctly. I've read the owners manual so I understand what Error 06 relates too. My question is has anyone else had this happen and how...
  153. S

    Obvious front wheel seal leak on 3320 4WD

    2008 JD 3320, 4WD, 595 hrs. w/loader. I have noticed fluid visibly leaking from the left front wheel outer hub, as it runs down the outside of the wheel, made more visible by the collection of dust and dirt that clings to the damp surface. It is very slight, taking many days to be noticeable...
  154. C

    3320 Steering Ram Leak

    It seems that after using the tractor for awhile, after I park it in the shed there appears to be maybe 1 or 2 drops of hydraulic fluid that drops off the seal on the steering ram. I wiped it all off and then let it idle for awhile, turned the wheel back and forth several time and while the...
  155. S

    Ouch! 19 hours on 3320 that was "ordered"?

    I was informed 3 weeks ago when I signed the purchase order that Deere would provide a build date within a week of when the order was submitted. Took delivery today, 19.1 hours on the meter, most of the black plastic in the operator's station has some fading, not sure if I can find a build date...
  156. C

    Front Wheel Seal Replacement 3320

    I had the dreaded wheel seal leaking issue last weekend, after reading up on the fix here on the forum, I tackled it myself. Success, in fact, much easier than I anticipated. I utilized my 20 ton Harbor Freight shop press and once I figured out what to use support the hub, it all worked out...
  157. A

    JD 3320 Rear Remote (3rd SCV) - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I'm at a bit of a loss here. I have a 2010 JD 3320 (eHydro w/Cab) with a 300CX loader that I'm trying to add a rear remote to for chute control of my PTO snowblower. I ordered the LVB24845 3RD SCV kit but it looks like it won't work with my machine. The installation instructions...
  158. tervete

    3320 block heater location

    Hey. I have a JD 3320. I would like to install a block heater, where would it go?
  159. T

    Price Check  Need help appraising some 3320 tractors

    Hi, edit: I have to make a choice by Thursday this week, so any help would be greatly appreciated. There are a couple 3320 tractors I'm looking at. If any of you guys can help me appraise their value (doesn't have to be exact, but ballpark would be great), I would appreciate it a lot...
  160. A

    John Deere 3320 hot transmission

    Hey everyone, I have a concern about my new 3320. It has the power reverser transmission, so it did not come with a factory hydraulic oil cooler. There is one available through john deere at a cost of $276 or so. I thought about having it added when I was adding options, but the salesman...
  161. Shawk

    Deere 3120 3320 3520 3720 PTO Switch replace?

    Haven't look it over but the yellow PTO switch on the dash doesn't stay up well when pulled on. I'm assuming this is a simple fix/replace. Any thing I should know regarding these little switches? Thanks!
  162. S

    Had a 4115, have a 1026R, looking at 2032R or 3320

    I've looked closely at the 2032R and I just don't like the fit. 1026R is comfortable, steering/pedals/levers all seem to be in the right place. 2032R without tilt wheel, seems to be not much more for the money. 3320 seems to be slightly bigger than I want or need, but storage isn't a concern...
  163. M

    Comparison  Please help 2320 or a 3320?

    I have been looking at a 2011 John Deere 2320 Tractor w/200CX Loader (75hrs) for $12500 for a while now and yesterday was about to pull the trigger. Looking on craigslist yesterday I found a 2007 John Deere 3320 Tractor w/300CX Loader (700 hrs) and the seller has agreed to the same price of...
  164. scodemike

    JD 3320 Front Wheel??

    I decided today after 5 years of use to put my front tires on my 3320 Cab on the wider stance like the rears. The fronts have never been off the tractor since I bought it new. I discovered in removing the bolts with my impact that two were coming out hard. After removal I find the threads...
  165. tervete

    3320 error 08

    my first tractor, got it last Friday. A used 2009 JD 3320, it has error 08 showing up. How do I fix this?
  166. P

    Jd3320 left side front wheel is moving side to side

    Hi guys, noticed the other day as I was brushhogging that my left front wheel/tire was moving around as I was driving it...once I got it back up to my home and took a look, this is what I noticed.... 1. When I grab the steering tie rod with my hand it moves back and forth...I dont remember it...
  167. A

    Price Check  John Deere 3320 price?

    Hey everyone, I just joined this site about a week ago. I am in the process of trading in a 1026R on a 3320. I was wanting any opinions on the price. Here is how it is: 2012 3320 with power reverser ( left over model) 72" mid mount mower R4 tires loaded with rimguard Air ride seat Two forward...
  168. T

    3320 ehydro surge

    have a 3320 that surges when it gets hot just mowing. anyone had this problem? engine stays at the same rpm. acts like a sensor or something, don't think it is a trans. prob.
  169. sparker133

    Popping noise coming from 3320

    I have a 2008 john deere 3320 ehydro. It has 340hrs on it and I just changed all the fluids about 20hrs ago. When I go forward or reverse no mater what speed I hear and feel a pop coming from the front end. It is not overly loud or hard. It does not matter if it is 4wd or not. The tractor...
  170. G

    3320 stability

    Hey guys, first time poster on the forum, my 3320 arrived this week and was wondering about widening the tires. How do I get the widest stance for stability
  171. Shawk

    John Deere front 366 blade for 3120 3320 3520 3720 (want to buy)

    Anyone have one of these? Thanks!
  172. F

    question about checking Fel hydraulic pressure on 3320

    when I attach gauge to each FEL port pressure goes up to 2500 psi. when I let go over the joystick, all the pressure bleeds out. is it supposed to do that or maintain pressure? the electric scv in the rear holds pressure steady at 2500 psi if I let go of the switch
  173. B

    Mowing  3320 john deere how do i change pto speeds?

    I have a used 3320 an don't know how to change PTO speeds....dash shows. 540 2000 2000!!
  174. T

    Comparison  John Deere 3320 and Implement size selection

    I recently posted in another area about searching for the right compact tractor for me. After going around to the local (and not so local in some cases) dealers to check out all the different models I've decided that the John Deere 3000 20 series is my favorite lineup and I'd really like to own...
  175. F

    JD 3320 Steering valve leak?

    Has anyone repaired the steering valve on their tractor? or replaced it with a non JD part? My valve is leaking out the top where the shaft comes out of the valve? It's leaking pouring out pretty quickly? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions??? It's not a good time to be without a tractor...
  176. T

    Comparison  John Deere 3320 or Mahindra 4010

    My father and I are looking for a new compact utility tractor. Primary uses will be maintaining/building roads and trails on his 40 acres, brush hogging, misc. loader work. We will also use it to haul dead trees out of the woods for firewood and all the other things you use a tractor for while...
  177. Shawk

    Deere 3120 (3320, 3520, 3720) Snapped trailer hitch tow bar bolt houseing - fix/weld?

    Hey guys... I just picked up a used '07 3120. Overall it seems like a good unit other than the fact that the received bar bracket mount is broke. The gal I bought it from put her husband in the nursing home and she knew nothing about the tractor which is why she unloaded. Anyway, everything else...
  178. G

    Speedometer don't work on a 3320 john deere tractor

    How do I repair the speedometer on my 3320 tractor. It just goes up 4or 5 tenths. Gail Rodda
  179. J

    3320 aux light????

    I have s 2012 3320 and I want to add some lights and I am looking for the wires to do this. My 2520 had them zip tied under the rear of the seat. I have looked and can't find them on this machine. Any help would be appreciated
  180. A

    ? About pallet forks for 3320

    Hi all, I'm wondering what ppl's recommend for a set of forks for the 3320. I do have the CX loader. Oddly I haven't really seen this on the threads; I posted this in the JD forum in hopes of feedback from JD owners specifically. Thanx!! -AA
  181. JMER817

    3320 vs 3520 vs 4105

    Waiting to close on 25 acres and will soon be looking to purchase a tractor. Trying to decide between the models above. I sold a 4310 that I had a few years ago. It did everything I needed with only a few times wishing that I had a little extra HP. Now the 3320 is the replacement for the 4310...
  182. mcgill72143

    New 3320 cab...Do I have a problem ?

    I was out bush hogging today and noticed when I had the 3 point raised all the way up it would slowly drop an inch and then pick right back up into position. It is doing this about every couple of minutes. Is this normal or should I call the dealer...? Thanks guys..
  183. P

    Jd 3320 and caroni tm1900 73" flail review

    Plenty of power, no bogging in wet 3-4 ft hay/grass. I was concerned from a pto hp vs width of cutter but no issues. I also added the caroni shift kit. The kit is great but don't expect directions on how to mount, where to drill the 8 or so holes. Only hiccup thus far is a broken hydraulic...
  184. S

    John deere 3320 pto

    My 3320 PTO won't engage. any suggestions on troubleshooting. it is an electric clutch type
  185. E

    2008 3720 Cab vs 2011 3320 ???

    Greetings, I am new to tractors. We are just finishing up a new house on 18 acres of treed forest in NW Montana. I have been thinking about the need/want for a compact tractor for 6 months or so. I would use the tractor initially for landscaping (FEL, boxblade, maybe even a BH). Long term I...
  186. mcgill72143

    3320 cab belly mower lift question...?

    can anyone tell me if the loader hoses and the hydro lift for the belly mower are hooked up at the same time or will I loose my curl function connection for the mower lift cylinder to operate with the loader and mower on at the same time...?.......I had the mechanical lift on my 2320 and the...
  187. mcgill72143

    My New 3320 Cab (pics)

    Well guys..... It made it to the dealers lot and I should take delivery next week.... He's still waiting this week for the 72" auto connect belly mower to come in and the rear work lights and rear wiper....:thumbsup:
  188. W

    Need repair manual for JD 3320 having trouble with error code 6

    I am looking for a repair manual for a JD 3320 tractor for sale or trade. A while ago a member sent me a manual but before I could back it up my computer crashed and all was destroyed. Thanks for listening and the wonderful help this group given me .
  189. mcgill72143

    ITS HERE!!!!.....3320 cab

    I went by the dealers lot today and seen it setting there all shiny.....I called my dealer and he said it came in with the wrong R4 tires because John Deere said they are behind on making the R4's that I wanted and it would be a month wait to get the correct I can either settle for...
  190. mcgill72143

    question on 3320 cab

    can anyone tell me what width the rear will be if I have the dealer change to the wide stance on the rear...?.....and will changing this make a big difference or should I just look into spacers or weights.....?.....thanks guys...... :thumbsup:
  191. J

    3320 3pt hitch question

    I feel like a dummy for asking this but when I hook my York rake to my 3pt hitch and lower it Down it barely touches the ground. I have played with the top link and can't seem to get it. It worked fine on my 2520 that I just traded in
  192. D

    3320 e-hydro loose torsion dampener spring

    machine has very low hours but getting slight knocking noise from the tensioner. notice the spring is loose. I also know that on clutches sometimes this is normal. Anyone have experience with this. heres my video of it IMG1393 - YouTube
  193. snohobigdad

    Adding mid PTO to 3320

    Ok, so now it is time for me to tweak this thread. I am going to buy a 3320 probably used as the new prices are really tough to swallow. And here is my request; I would like every piece of information that everyone / anyone has in HOW to add a mid-PTO. I know that the JD configurator...
  194. DHUR


    can someone who has a 3320 wth cab thell me me how many wheel weight I can put on each side 2 or 3. thanks for your help. I am going to buy a used 2008 with 328 hours on it and the dealer said he would put on what I wanted. I am trading In my 4005 whitch has 3 on each side . I have copd and I...
  195. snohobigdad

    Will a JD 3320 do the job?

    Hi everyone, my name is Jim. I have 5 acres which I maintain 3 plus. I am marrying a lovely lady with a 50 acre horse farm. I have a JD 2305 and she has a NH 1725. Between the two "yards" I am spending 6-7 hours just to mow them. With the addition of the horse farm and needing to green chop...
  196. El Wood

    JD 3320 Wheel Weights - Help

    I just recently picked up some wheel weights for my JD 3320. Initially my dealer said I could only do 2 50 lbs weights per side but then he said 3 is okay. I ended up getting 3 per side. I asked him about a starter weight but he said there is no need for one. Does anyone have JD weights on...
  197. mcgill72143

    3320 Cab height with R4's

    I know this question has probably been asked before but I cant seem to find it in the search so I thought I would just ask......How tall is the 3320 Cab with R4's ...? trying to make sure it will fit in my garage......I already ordered it but thought I'd ask just to be sure I don't need...
  198. mcgill72143

    3320 Cab with 300x loader question

    Hi Guys....Im about to trade in my 2320 for a new 3320 cab and tired of mowing in the heat and dust ...It seems like the older I get the more the dust and grass make my sinus's go crazy...... heres my question.....the dealer is giving me $14,000 for my 2010 JD2320 with 74 hours...
  199. BlackRaptor

    3320 50 hour complete fluid change. Bunch of questions.

    Hey guys, Well I've hit 50 hours now and its time to completely change all the fluids. I was wondering how close the fluid numbers are in the book to what they really hold. I know my 2520 used more than the book said. E-Hydro 6.8Gal Front Axle 1.3Gal Engine 5.1QT These numbers...
  200. P

    JD 3320 Speedometer / Cruise Control problem

    I use my cruise control to hold constant speeds as slow as .5 miles per hour. This used to work without any problem at all. Lately I've noticed my digital speedometer seems to be going up and down eratically. This seems to negatively affect the cruise control as it no longer holds a constant...