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yea, the deck is offset to one side i guess to allow you to cut close to objects.
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friday cant come soon enough......
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used4me said:

Pricing does vary place to place.

Mutton's ( advertises here ) lists the 3320 Power reverser & loader @$17500

or the 3320 ehydro with loader for $18200.

Bit of a hike though.

Later and happy New Year to all


We must have the worst region or greedy dealers or something -- best price I've gotten is $19,550 (cash) for a 3320, Powrreverser, FEL, grill guard, R4s. I could practically buy from Muttons and ship it to myself cheaper. Sheesh!
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dont know where you are..but prices are similar to yours..add the 850 for the hydro and we are bout the same
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As their are very few J.D. dealers left in the MA.,RI., CT. area :( finding decent prices is only going to get harder. How far is it worth traveling to save say $500. on a $30,000 purchase.:confused: Plastikosmd hope you get your tractor on time. I waited 2 weeks for my 3520 the anticipation was a killer.:D
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i will, he as 2 in stock...went and saw the baby today...also added the 48" fork attachment..that was bout 800 bucks, and he threw in a block heater..that is installed..he had it in the shop, just finished with the hd bucket edge and putting on the ballast box...o and a can of green paint was thrown in for any scratches..over all i am happy. 2 more days...(tho no pto/rear scv..those are several weeks away..so will just bring it back to him for future installation..no need for mowin right now)
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Necro post!

It is now 2024.

I couldn’t be happier with my 27k 3320 (cx300/mid pto/forks/448 hoe etc)

In todays $ that is 40,400$
I’m not sure what comparable models would price out at today

I just changed my 2nd battery in it. So a bit over 8yrs per battery.

The only money spent on it other than fuel.
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I bought my model year 2005 3520 used with 400 hours on it about 10 years ago for 15k. Only has around 1100 hours on it now. Been a great machine, still has the original tires on it, and the battery has been replaced a couple times now. No complaints at all with it.

I think I could sell it in today's market and at least get my 15k back. :)

Enjoy your 3320.(y)
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I think that model line was awesome vs what was available at the time