4025 Curl Cylinder Problem

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Feb 27, 2020
West Central Alabama
Mahandria 4025
HELP I was pushing brush and somehow the bucket release lever got puled on one side. It looks like I may have bent the cylinder rod or something. The left cylinder lacks about 2 in retracting all the way in. Works fine other than that. Can't get the bucket back on no way possible. Need some help identifying cyl and a good place to order without going to a dealer. 4025 with loader number 232
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I take it one side of your SSQA came undone and both sides are not in sync anymore....like this?

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That looks kind of simple and yes something out of kilter. Will try that maybe tomorrow. Thanks
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Yea, I am guessing you twisted the timing rod/tube and nothing at all wrong with the actual cylinders

Got any pics?
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Yep That’s my problem Bar showed no bend at all but a bare little turns into a lot at the top of the plate I sure am proud I don’t need a new cyl. Thanks and thanks again! I had tried to force the bucket on with a come along No way
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Was not simple. Had to use heat and a come a long, tractor hyd and board would not move is per video. Fixed now. You don't know how much nyou helped me. THANKS