1. G

    L3450 Transmission problem

    I have a 91ish L3450 tractor, Recently using my backhoe, with the engine idled up, I could hear something sounding a little marbley. I idled it down and moved the tractor and it stalled. First time it ever did that. Drove it to my garage and it was bucking a little bit while driving. I pulled...
  2. duffer

    2538 (& 2638?) creeping problem

    I know there has been previous posts on this topic, but I thought this deserved a new one. Tractor was creeping really bad today, much more so than normal. Decided to crawl under it and see if I could lube the linkage, adjust it, whatever. What I discovered was that the rear hydrostat linkage...
  3. T

    rpm problem

    I purchased a rk37 used with 300 hours rpm will not go higher then 2100 it bougs down under load I clened all fuel lines and replaced with new filters does anyone else have this problem
  4. B

    Drill press problem

    The arbor on my drill press fell out, when I went to put it back in I realized the slot in the spindle that is supposed to hold the tang on the arbor was rounded out, so the arbor just spins even when it's all the way inserted into the spindle. Here's a picture of the parts from the manual: The...
  5. J

    MF 240 stuck gear problem

    I've seen the threads detailing the fix for the classic stuck gear problem for MF240 tractors. We run a fleet of 8 of them for our harvest season 3 months of the year and for us it is the silent grenade waiting to go off in each machine, we forget about it for weeks or months then at seemingly...
  6. O

    YM186D starting/voltage problem

    My 186D has for some years had this thing where when I turn the key sometimes I'll just hear the solenoid click but the starter doesn't engage, but if I try the key again 1-3 times it would always eventually engage the starter and the engine would start. Kind of an annoyance but it would...
  7. T

    1985 Massey Ferguson 255 lift problem

    I have having an issue with my MF 255. After sitting for a while I seem to have issues with the lift. When I first start the tractor it just won't lift, even after it warms up. I can get off tractor and try and move the lift with my hands up and down and it seems to work. I then connect my...
  8. C

    Air Filter Problem

    I have Tool Cat 5610 and I am unable to get air filter out to change. It has broken and full of dirt. How is the best way to get to the housing to remove the whole thing
  9. H

    4 in 1 Problem Minor?

    So I have been poking around here for years but just joined. Just went through all 241 pages of this particular forum (Quite a rabbit hole :)) and haven't seen anything similar. I have a TC45D with Woods 1012 Loader and a Construction Attachments 4 in1 bucket. I I opened the bucket and then can...
  10. chilly81

    SCV rebuild flying blind - are these standard seals? Also - dual restrictors a problem?

    I'm trying to fix a slow JD 67 loader on a JD 750 tractor with a SCV off a ford or new holland ("diesel kiki" branded). I can't find any parts or service info for it, and am new to hydraulics, but generally mechanically competent. So just a couple questions QUESTION: Are the external spool...
  11. L

    Turfcat T422D Hydraulic Deck Motor Problem

    Guys, Can you help. I am in the UK and have had a turfcat for many years and I recently broke the shaft on the deck hydraulic motor I have managed to get a new one but it will not run if it has any load on at all everything points to a blocked outlet pipe as when I turn it off it runs...
  12. H

    Kubota B2710 Problem for Semi-Newbie- Lift Not Working

    Hi. Semi-Newbie Here. Have read through the forums without being able to find an answer to my particular issue. (But have found a lot of other great stuff I didn't know!) Issue I have is that the back mower implement will not raise. It did last season. Brought it out of storage. Changed the...
  13. T

    Forward/Reverse Problem

    My Mahindra 3016 is having problems with shifting forward/reverse. It feels like it wants to stick in gear. I've tried adjusting the clutch and it's seemed to help some what, but it still hangs up and gets tough to change shifter. I have 310 hrs on it. Any help with information on a solution...
  14. VH5150

    BX 5450 Snow Thrower Reduction Gearbox Problem

    Is there a way to get the chain back on the reduction gear and drive gear without having to disassemble the entire thing? The gear's set screws, despite using Locktite, wiggle out and the gear comes loose then off comes the chain. It's very frustrating because it doesn't appear to be an easy...
  15. S

    L2900 GST Shifting Problem

    Hi. I have several Kubotas - none particularly modern - but all working fine until just recently. Then the ~ 1990's vintage L2900 I have had for 10 yrs had a circlip come loose inside that made it so that the PTO could not be disengaged. It is a known problem on this model. Kubota has an...
  16. T

    PTO problem Cub 5252

    I have spent a lot of time searching for the problem and I am convinced it is in the wiring harness. I have wiggled the wires under the steering wheel and gotten the pro to stay on for awhile then do it again when it stops. I finally wired a toggle switch straight to the clutch and fixed the...
  17. Rward

    TO35 Lift Problem

    I have a 1961 TO35 Massey SNM214597. My lift raises slow. It lifts the mower fine, just slow doing it. I drained the fluid which wasn’t very dirty. The magnets also weren’t very dirty. It did not have the filter. I refilled with the correct 80-90 mineral oil fluid. Still does the same thing. Can...
  18. H

    Starting problem gc1723e

    Had to replace alternator on my 2020 massey ferguson gc1723e now dash is dead an it won't start. Replaced slow blow fuses an checked the rest
  19. S

    Basic small engine problem - What fixed it?

    If you guys want to play, we'll see who answers the basic small engine question first. Walk behind wouldn't start first time this spring. It had been under a tarp on a lift table since last run.. Pulled cord and got only one tiny pop Put chainsaw mix of gas and oil into carb, got nothing...
  20. C

    Hello my name is CLTOMIC JD 870 starting problem

    I have an old version of the cranking system that I have been using to check the starting system. But my tractor is a 1995, and has a B in the serial number instead of an A, so I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge of where I might get a new version of the cranking diagram? Some of the wires on...
  21. F

    Jinma with BH 7600 backhoe Problem leaking fluid on Backhoe controls

    So this may be something someone might be able to point me to the right folks on finding parts on the BH 7600 Korean backhoe. I am leaking fluid from one of the Hydraulic level control plungers. Need to find a repair kit for a new upper o-ring and upper white flat plastic washer. I am pretty...
  22. H

    4025 Curl Cylinder Problem

    HELP I was pushing brush and somehow the bucket release lever got puled on one side. It looks like I may have bent the cylinder rod or something. The left cylinder lacks about 2 in retracting all the way in. Works fine other than that. Can't get the bucket back on no way possible. Need some help...
  23. N

    New Holland T4.75 power star hydraulic problem

    The loader jerks really Bad when the oil is hot . I have replaced the pump, loader control valve, relief valve, change filter and oil ,replaced all suction hoses on suction side of pump ,changed the quick couplings and switched the hoses on the lift and replaced the cylinder packing . Installed...
  24. 2Old2Worry

    2014 Jinma 254 Electrical Problem.

    Dear Forum, My Jinma has basically no electrical power. The battery tests at 12.64 volts. The same voltage reading to the 30 amp main fuse. I had trouble with dash lights before so I replaced the ignition switch (being careful to replace one terminal at a time onto the new switch). Didn't...
  25. L

    DK5310SE Starting Problem

    I have a 2020 DK5310SE. Several months ago, it developed an issue where at any random time, I could get on the tractor, turn the key, all the lights would come on, but the starter wouldn't do a thing. I could try and try, moving the shifter in and out of gears, moving the brake pedal up and down...
  26. W

    GR2120 Steering Problem

    Was mowing along a few evenings ago, things were going well, made a pass and turned left and the steering only went about 75% as far to the left as usual, it actually steered about like my BX or a little worse. I tried it to the right and the same thing happened. I could feel the glide steer...
  27. P

    Iseki sf310 mower

    Hi all, had a sf310 sitting in shed for a couple of years, needed a new a new deck. Finally one came up at a good price. installed it, took it out, after 30 seconds, lost forward reverse in it. was wondering if issue could be air in the hydraulic lines? Or if anyone else has an idea. Hope it’s...