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Jul 1, 2014
PineBush, NY
John Deere 6410
Having an issue with my 6410. The problem began with the reverser not working correctly, it would only go into reverse and when I put it to forward it also would beep and go in reverse. I shut it down and now nothing happens when I turn the key to start it. It appears that it thinks it's not in neutral and won't allow it to start? I've jumped the starter, and it will start and run fine, plenty of power in the battery and all the hydraulics work correctly once running... just won't move. When I switch the reverser to move forward or reverse it just beeps. Checked the solenoids under the tranny all have similar Ohm readings, swapped out the neutral pressure switch as well. Any ideas??
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Since you're into checking and testing, how about the shuttle switch? Have you tested that?
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Haven't thought of that... Whats the best way to do that??
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I'm not sure about that. I'm no Deere expert. In fact I try to stay away from anything that's both Deere and computer related. Wiring diagrams can be scarce, since Mother Deere gradually eliminated public access to them. Yours is old enough it may have escaped that, but who knows?

I doubt it's a simple three wire switch as it has tentacles in other circuits as well as just forward/neutral/ reverse. I guess you could search for test procedures and see what comes up. No doubt someone has done it, and probably made a video on the subject.
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The mystery continues...
Had a Deere service Tech come out and look at the machine. We narrowed it down to a problem with the reversing valve. I pulled the bottom plate off and found that a spring had broken and got stuck in the valve causing it to be stuck open. This prevented it from starting because it thought it was in reverse. I took the spring out replaced it with a new one and make sure everything was operating properly and smoothly. Assembled everything, replaced all the solenoids and I still have the same problem. Anyone know if I would need to to do something with the computer to fix the problem? I've already cleared codes...
And could this broken spring issue have caused something to happen with the RCU? A short or something?
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So I'm thinking this is now more of an electrical/sensor/relay issue than a mechanical one, although I did have a mechanical issue with the broken spring.
If I put a jumper into the Neutral start switch harness the tractor will start right up. Once its running, if I put it in gear and try to move the reverser level to either forward or reverse it will move for about a foot and kick me back into neutral and start beeping. I have repeated this several times and it will not stay engaged in either forward or reverse. At this point all 3 solenoids have been replaced with new, the Neutral start switch, and pressure switch has also all been replaced.
These are the RCU codes I'm getting:
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I suspect the reverser lever assembly is bad. TInside the lever assembly are 4 switches. Forward switch, Reverse switch. Neutral switch and a not-neutral switch. codes are indicating problems with the neutral switch and not neutral switch in lever. Since you had to jump neutral switch in valve body, either that switch is bad also or valve is sticking that engages switch.
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I had a 5093E doing the same thing around 600hrs.

A new power reverser lever switch fixed it.

Brass contacts inside were worn slam out.
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Thanks, I'll look into the lever itself. Another user posted something about a bad ground wire; so, I plan on chasing some wires back as well. I can hear the relays clicking when I move the reverser lever forward or backwards, would that be happening if the lever itself isn't working correctly? I bought a couple new relays to swap out with the current ones to see if it makes a difference, even though I checked the relays with a meter, and they were functioning, it's worth a shot.
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I got the neutral light flashing & the beeper sounding every time mine wouldn’t take gear.
Sometimes it was reverse & sometimes forward & sometimes neither.
I ASSumed my lever was OK since it’d beep & flash the lights but it was the PowerReverser Elc switch assembly bad