A-C/Simplicity 311GT

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Sep 9, 2021
M-F 1440
I picked up an if not dead definitely dying Allis 811GT (Simplicity '79-'81) and have done a little reading about the Simplicity A-C deals. This one has been re=powered as an 18HP (as later evolution of same tractor did) but judging by the wear on almost anything moving has a LOT of hours on it. Expect I can make most parts I will need (outside of engine) or buy locally over the counter. I searched and found "PartsTree" listing many components, but a $3-$7 for each and every hardware nut, bolt and washer I somehow doubt I will be buying anything from them.

Is there anyone in Canada who wrecks old lawn/garden tractors? Fallback would be USA. Any other good sources of new parts?
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I've got a little Simplicity garden tractor/tiller that somebody gave me that I really don't need. I did get it running. In my case, the carburetor is made out of pot metal, and had filled itself with white powder. I cleaned that out and it fired up OK.