/ AAA #31  
Back in the 1970s I worked at my stepfather's gas station and garage. We were the local AAA provider. We were paid $3 for a service call and $7 for a basic wrecker call. Made our money off of extra services, new batteries, new tires, repairs, etc. I kept getting calls to go to DFW Airport to jump off a VW for an AA flight attendant. It would be dead when she came in from her flights. Said it was her security system to prevent it from being stolen. It cost us a $3 parking fee to enter the airport. We were finally able to convince AAA it was abuse of service.
I was always under the impression that you were only allowed a certain (fairly low) number of calls under their program exactly for this reason.
Maybe that policy got implemented later because of abuse.
   / AAA #32  
Just renewed my AAA subscription for the 21st year. We've used it a few times over the years for things like lockouts and dead batteries with no problems at all.

We keep it mostly for peace of mind since my wife frequently travels alone.

I also ride an electric bicycle and AAA will respond to a breakdown if necessary.
   / AAA #33  
I be
I was always under the impression that you were only allowed a certain (fairly low) number of calls under their program exactly for this reason.
Maybe that policy got implemented later because of abuse.
I believe it was 5 service calls or tows under 20 miles with AAA plus forgot the number with basic, and RV. Folks still would manage to take advantage of it city I worked in towed cars with out parking permits, one company them in we towed them out. Seemed to me anyway a neighborhood would get together and buy AAA memberships as long as person who's name it was under was present we towed them out didn't matter if it was there car or not.
   / AAA #34  
I had two instances with Good Sam's roadside policy. One was at an interstate roadside rest area when I discovered a shredded trailer tire. They told me that they don't cover trailers. Second was also at a roadside rest area with my elderly parents. Trailer was connected to the truck while we fixed lunch and just relaxed. Ended up running down the truck battery. Good Sam never sent someone out for a jump.
   / AAA #35  
Not being a staunch advocate for AAA but they have been around quite a while they have a dispatch system that works with local towing companies. When not swamped during a weather event we had 1/2 hour or less service call times in a metro area and suburbs. When I left my towing company AAA was implementing services specifically for jump starts, lock outs only, to lessen call times on wrecker services. For the different levels of coverage and prices AAA offers it's hard for other companies to compete and offer satisfactory service imo.
   / AAA #36  
I have had an equivalent of AAA roadside assistance for a number of years now very useful when you need it, and you can save much more time and money by having it then not at least in my personal experience... let's say they didn't make money with me... I travel 370 miles one way for work so if something happens and it has, it is very useful and it pay for itself instantly if you ever use it.

The dirt road policy is true as well in my case, But I usually find ways around it... I had to pay separately for the dirt road towing portions once and some towing compagnie will flat out refuse so I have to find one that dose and is affiliated with ''AAA''.
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Also quick pet peeve of mine one of many lol if your broken down on a freeway and call a friend or family member to pick you up please don't have them park directly in front of your disabled vehicle. I must have made hundreds of loops on interchanges so the person "helping" disabled driver could move please please park behind disabled vehicle. Most tow truck drivers are pretty talented operating but can't perform magic and make cars float 😂. Good day all.
   / AAA #38  
Got stranded on the side of the interstate and hour from my destination this past Christmas for the first time in 30 years of driving. Below freezing temps, storm bearing down a couple days before Christmas. Paid for a tow, didn't realize it was going to cost $400, (note to self, ask for cost before you send them out). Was kind of wishing I had AAA or some other roadside assistance in this case.
   / AAA #39  
FWIW: US Riders will tow truck and trailer. We had them when we were hauling horses frequently.

All the best, Peter
   / AAA #40  
It took three people and 10 minutes on hold to find out that the AAA unpaved roads clause IS true! It sounded like it is up to the tow truck driver to make the call if it is a "hazard", which means you won't know until the guy shows up if he'll refuse the tow. Wow, given the surprising number of unpaved public roads here in SE MI the value of AAA membership just went way down. The guy also said if the car is surrounded with snow it must be removed before being towed. I wonder if they will pull someone back out of a snowbank the way they went in or if the entire car has to be dug out first?