Are these springs correct?

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Jan 13, 2011
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I have a 7K equipment trailer I bought 6 or 7 years ago and it was well used at the time. This winter I finally have time to replace the deck and paint over the rust. When I took it apart I saw something I never noticed before. The spring hanger configuration looks odd to me. Should the spring hanger shackles on the back axle (left side in the picture) be flipped to look like the front shackles?

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I suspect the one on the right use to match the left. Ditch or some such has flexed them enough to swing it over to the top.
Not sure if it really matters that much one way or the other. Others in forum prolly have more info soon :)
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Your trailer was probably delivered like this (if new). They load and un-load by crane or forklift and things get flipped around. I had to fix mine on a new trailer. Kind of a pain, but not a huge deal It will make your deck a bit higher like it is. Can't be good for things and probably hard on the suspension.
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Left one is flipped
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I had a trailer that kept doing this. I finally had to put bump stops on the frame to keep the springs hangers from flipping. Bump stops are quick and easy and work, but when I have to redo the deck, I am welding in tabs for small shocks that will limit the spring movement.
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Thanks. Since I have it mostly apart it should be easy enough to flip the shackle. If it doesn't stay I'll move on to the next step.
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Jack up the right axle and pop the left back with a tire iron in between the shackles.
The shackles are supposed to pull up on the equalizer, not push up.