Buying RK Tractor for those who don't live near Rural King

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Sorry, I should clarify. I recently learned that the cab for a 35-40 hp CUT won't fit in a 7' garage door, so sadly the cab is out. I just mentioned it to emphasize how much cheaper RK is.

For pure comparison, I'm seeing pricing of 33.5k for a 37 hp kubota with hst and backhoe, 27.5k for the same spec from RK, 27k for the same spec from TYM. 31.1k for the Deere 3038e with a Deere Backhoe. All prices pre-negotiation/haggling. Kubota and JD have 0%, 0 money down, no similar offer on the competitors. However, Kubota also requires buying their insurance for another $1500. Unclear on JD insurance requirements.

So, basically, I'd be spending 6-7k more for a machine with less features, but better service and a more distinctive name and paint color.

EDIT: Still waiting for pricing from Mahindra, Massey and Kioti. Interesting, the JD E series is a lot cheaper than Kubota.

Alright, well I made a decision. Went with the L3301 with the backhoe. Turns out the Kubota L3301 is the same as the L3901 with an ECU detune. So, if I want more power I'll just get a new ECU sometime. Kioti was amazingly expensive and I never did hear back from anyone at RK about RK Tractors in NY. Deere 3038e seems really small and underweighted compared to the other vendors.

Thank you all for all your help!
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I went ahead and ordered a Rural King RK37HC around October, 2021. I got delivery mid November and have 15.1 hrs. on it by Christmas. I bought it partly because of specs, good YouTube reviews, and of course $ Price. I could get a cab version for the price of only a little more or the same as an open station on others. And part of it was the Harvest card giving me 5% back - charged almost all of it but had to make multiple trips to the store because of a $5K limit. (They just changed the rebate terms of the card.) But a major reason was because when I drover it around the dealership if 'felt good'.

I was told it would take 5-6 weeks for it to get shipped so figured during that time I would use the Harvest card to pay for it and take advantage of the 5% money back on RK purchases. Turned out the store would not take the credit card over the phone, even though they had seen the card in the store for the first payment. I had to drive over an hour each way to make payments (they made it a layaway). The tractor arrived at the store in about 3 weeks (what shortage?) and sat on the lot while I had to wait for the credit card to process each payment, even though I deposited the full amount in the account. PIA. At lest the drive is nice. I just heard they changed the credit card terms so you can't get the 5% anymore. Also, the store does not have a transport option but they pointed me to a guy. A bit expensive, but renting a truck and trailer was not much cheaper. If you don't have a truck capable of towing 7500 lbs. you need to add the cost of transport to the price of the tractor. Don't forget the tax.

So far everything seems to work. I thought it was a bit weak a few times but revving the engine seems to help a lot. I'm finding little operating tricks - emptying the bucket is slow and gentle but push harder and it does a quick dump. I like the slow gentle motion but if I want to shake it then just move it to the dump position gently, return the stick to center (key), then move the stick again suddenly and it bumps and shakes. The second most annoying thing is the level of noise in the cab when brush hogging... the radio is useless unless you tie it in with sound canceling headphones and there is a really nasty whine from the hydraulic drive. Those noise canceling head phones are a must. The most annoying is the narrow stance that make going across a 15 degree slope a clenching experience. The cab adds ~300 lbs. well above the center of gravity. Mowing up and down the hill requires low gear and revving up. 6" Bora spacers are here but the bolts are wrong so I'm waiting to talk with them next week. I am developing a list of negative nitpick things, even though overall I still really like it, and I love having a powerful loader/bucket.

I am using the loader bucket quite a bit, not only for moving mulch but to move things and break tree branches that might damage the cab. Not neat but works well with a Piranha bar. The loader requires adjustment (raising) when transitioning from a 15 degree hill to a flat area or it might dig in. I am always adjusting it for terrain transitions around the house. On the agenda after 6" wheel spacers are pallet forks and a finish mower.
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I have 4 RKs in my area. None of them have impressed me. Every time I'm in one, there's no one working in service. I applied for a mechanic position 2 years ago when they claimed to be desperate for mechanics, never heard from them. I've heard they pay poorly, moral is low and the can't keep managers long.
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When I was shopping for a tractor/loader I looked at RK hard. Great prices, but service was iffy.
Then I ran across a web site about all the problems they were having with their tractors.
That did it for me. Rk is 1 1/2hr away from me. i never could talk to a guy in service. so, nope.
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I drove 9hrs each way to pick up an rk24. RK was great to work with, made it clear they would work with me, sending parts if possible, but anything major may require me to bring the tractor to them.

I will look into making the trip again to get the quicktach conversion, 3rd function and grapple. Depends on the price.
Wow! I drove like 20 min. That is a seriously long drive.
I will monitor the RK experiences and also after speaking with them. I have only looked and sat on tractors in the lot which is plenty.
If there is someone responsible to speak with I’ll keep them on the list vs Kioti/Bobcat.