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Well the saga continues. Took it out this weekend to do some work. It ran great but noticed I had a coolant leak. Turns out that this part is cracked. Does anyone know what part # this is? Is it specific to this engine or would I be able to go to any tractor dealer and get one?
What is that? Fill it with coolant and take it to the dealer LOL! I see the second picture is the head where the water pump goes. what's the first one of? where is the crack? I would think if it's cracked, take it back to the guy that did your head. he probably can do that too.
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It’s the piece that attaches to the water pump and goes into the block. It’s Aluminum And cracked all the way through on both sides
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The part doesn't look that complicated it could be fabricated in a machine shop if you can't find one elsewhere
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I ended up buying a brand new water pump. Installed it yesterday, filled up all the fluids and she started right up. Sounded Great as it was idling and then the radiator starts spewing. There is a crack up by the base of the cap. Does anyone know of an aftermarket or generic radiator that will fit?
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Does it have plastic endcaps on it, or is it metal? You'd think a capable radiator shop could fix it if it is all metal?
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Man! that sucks. You almost got it going though. How much was that water pump? would you be willing to ship me yours? I would pay cost of course. I have been looking into figuring out a rebuild kit for mine when the time comes. spec out the bearings, sleeves and seals along with impeller. would be nice to have a spare to tear down.
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Hey huckster, Has your luck changed on that tractor yet? you ever find a radiator? if you did, let us know where you got it. thanks
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I expected the head to crack on my Branson because it sit not running in a field. I have the good luck to have a brother who is diesel man He got it started and I drove it around 2 years before head cracked, brother told me to order heads, thermostat, radiator, gaskets, new belts , water pump and fan. He said do it now because if I didn’t these would fail. I ordered and he replaced them. Next hydraulic pump went out, that was nightmare brother helped me take old one off, I put new one on and it blew bolts out, at over 600 I couldn’t afford to buy another, I tapped and died put in steel coils, not helicoils, I put it back on and it has
not had issue, then I couldn’t get hydraulics to work, brother said air inline, I decided to change hydraulic oil and filters, that is when I discovered strainer behind big hydraulic filter, cleaned and changed hydraulic oil for 3rd time, but hydraulics worked. I took loader rods to machine shop had them rebuilt. It was all worthwhile, I now have planar fracture and can’t operate it for awhile, so no gardening this year. I understand what you’re going through, happy tractor time to you!
Oh had to replace back tire by the time it was mounted it was right at $400, had already replaced front tires, and I haven’t had chance to replace seat, but bought new seat.
The little 2910i Branson is worth it.
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I know some folks are happy with their Kujke engines/tractors, but this thread and post 88 makes me never want to even consider owning one
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Many happy owners of Kukje engines. Myself included. There are hundred of thousands of these engines out there in ag industries through out the world.