Ck3510HSE Fuel Filter?

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Dec 15, 2019
Kioti CK3510SE
Tractor is a 2020 CK3510HSE (hydrostatic, SE, open cab)

Seems to be a lot of reference for the F6800-16411 fuel filter, including my own manual.

My tractor has a clear bowl and water sensor on the bottom. Looks like EH35-0011A based on what I was able to get from a cellphone pic (side with numbers is towards engine).

Why is this so damn hard to find?
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Because there isn't a ton of info out there about the Kioti's yet...

Not sure if it will be much help, as there may not be one nearby or they may suck..
I had an issue finding a freeze plug sleeve for the block heater I installed in my 3510. I ended up stopping at the local Bobcat dealer and used their part.
All they needed to know was the model number of the tractor. Bobcat equivalent is a CT2035 or CT2535(cabbed) for the CK3510.
I did find Bobcat provides better instructions with their parts.

Hope that helps.

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If you are looking for the whole Filter Kit, look for the 'Stage 5' versions. As far as I can tell, they have 2 different Air Filters depending on when it was built (serial range):

This is an OEM filter kit which includes the air filter TC26-1869A, engine oil filter E6201-32443, fuel filter EH35-0011A, hydraulic filter T2185-38031, HST filter T5855-46531. The distinguishing difference is that the air filter cover is held on with one plastic clip. The fuel filter has a clear bowl on the bottom


Not sure what Air Filter you have.