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I am looking for a bit more reach. Last we bought a new 16 row planter with center fill hoppers. They hold about 50, 50lb bags of seed or 2500 lbs. Last year we used bags of seed lifted up to the planter and removed the bags by hand to fill the hopper. Do this about 10-12 times with pallets of seed and it gets to be a chore. This year we want to use 2500 lb boxes of seed. The box needs to centered over the planter to dump. The skid steer with box on pallet forks, does not have the reach to dump over the center. I only need lift height of about 7-8' but 4-5' reach.

The other issue with most skid steers, is we often work alone. This requires getting out of the cab with the lift in the air. Never liked walking under anything lifted. (If the skid had failed the load would have landed on the planter but there are times when I have no choice.)

The increased height is always a plus to use with manlift to work on buildings, trim trees, work on irrigation pivots etc. I have an 8' tall manlift I use with forks now on the Toolcat and skid steer and it gives me good height but I could have more with the additional 16-18' lifts of a compact telehandler.

My dealer says the bobcat compact telehandler v417, is designed to push/dig. He says it will out dig my large frame skid steer. He said I can dig a basement if I wanted to. Some telehandler booms are designed with chains or cables in the boom combined with hydraulic cylinder to get the higher lifts. Usually seen with 3 stage booms. This model is designed only with a cylinder and 2 stage boom. I found a used one with 450 hours but BC has $4500 rebates at this time on new units.

It seems compact telehandlers have been much more common in Europe but have caught on in the US the past several years. Supposedly they are the fastest growing segment in the telehandler industry the past several years. The cost of the compacts are much less than the big boys. Weight of compacts are usually 9-11,000 lbs vs over 20,000 lbs for the big boys. Easier to haul the small ones.

I love the power of the bigger skid steers and the visibility up front is great. Can a compact telehandler replace my skid? Could I place a wireless backup camera on the boom with monitor in the cab to see the front better?

The V417 is a fantastic machine! :thumbsup: I have used my V417 in hard clay, shale and sandrock. With the teeth on the 6' bucket, it just breaks the rock. I tried a Bobcat T300 skid steer with my bucket, it just spun the tracks in the sandrock, and struggled to fill the bucket in the clay and shale.

P3200001.JPG P1070005.JPG P1070007.JPG P3180020.JPG P4180005.JPG P4180014.JPG

See more pictures in this thread:
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I love the power of the bigger skid steers and the visibility up front is great. Can a compact telehandler replace my skid? Could I place a wireless backup camera on the boom with monitor in the cab to see the front better?

I have thought about adding a wireless camera to my monitor, but don't need it that often for the stuff I do.

P9090001 (Large).JPG P9020005.JPG P9090012 (Large).JPG P9090013 (Large).JPG P9090014 (Large).JPG

It switches to the rear camera when I pull the reverse lever.

P9090010 (Large).JPG P9090011 (Large).JPG
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Moving brush with the 6' Monster Grapple, on the V417.

P4080004.JPG P4080008.JPG

It is a big bite, the opening is 51 inches.

P4080010.JPG P4080012.JPG P4080017.JPG

Another big bite.

P3070028.JPG P3070030.JPG P3070032.JPG
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Moving more brush with the V417.

The pile.
P4140004.JPG P4140005.JPG

Getting ahold of it.
P4140007.JPG P4140008.JPG P4140009.JPG

Picked it up, headed for the brush pile.
P4140013.JPG P4140015.JPG

At the pile, 15' up.
P4140018.JPG P4140021.JPG

Dropped it. Big pile
P4140024.JPG P4140025.JPG
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Re: Compact telehandler V417

View from the seat of a 4' high cedar stump.
P6230057.JPG P6230059.JPG

Pushed it over with the grapple.
P6230061.JPG P6230069.JPG

Picked it up, it has live growth on the back side. I thought that was a little cedar growing back there.
P6230076.JPG P6230078.JPG

Put it on the pile.
P6230084.JPG P6230085.JPG
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My newest tool, the long arm tree puller.
P6140013.JPG P6140015.JPG P6140022.JPG

View from the seat.
P6140023.JPG P6140025.JPG P6140034.JPG P6140035.JPG

So much quicker and easier than pulling them with a chain! :D :thumbsup:
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Removing a dead tree with the V417, click the link for pictures.

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14, 5x6 round bales were delivered, used the V417 to put them in line.
PA090008.JPG PA090011.JPG PA090014.JPG

Wondered how much the biggest one weighed?
PA090024.JPG PA090019.JPG
Now I know :D
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That is an incredibly impressive machine. I bid on a JCB 527 last year, just because it was such a good deal....prior to that, I had paid little attention to telehandlers. It's hard to imagine putting your money towards a skid steer when you look closely at these. Thanks for sharing and keep it coming!!!
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Compact tele handlers are incredibly productive and almost all brands use a two stage boom with hydraulic cylinders to handle the use of skid steer attachments.