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Our local butcher often has whole boneless rib eyes on sale. You have to buy the whole thing. But it's usually $5-6 a pound. They weigh 14 pound average, but we usually get one that's bigger than that. We always end up with about 20-22 steaks for under $100. So less than $5 per steak. We've gotten pretty good at cooking them. So we rarely order steak at restaurants. We'll try something we haven't had before instead.

Those are awesome prices. I like their soul food offerings too. I wish we had a place near us like that. I told my wife we need a bigger freezer and we'd take a road trip. Alas, there's no room in our small house for a bigger freezer. I just checked and it's 3 hours from our place.
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I just talked to a friend of mine in Watseka IL. I thought Lowery's sounded familiar. He and his wife make a trip up there once or twice per year and stock up on meat.