Cutting ATV trails into cross slopes

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I did about a 50 ft section of hillside by using my walk-behind tiller for a couple of pass on what would by the uphill wheeltrack. Them moved the loose dirt to the low side. This made a slight terrace that reduced the risk for the tractor.

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Tufline has angle, tilt and offset adjustments, I got mine for $250. Great rear blade, but I've cut side slope with a box blade with good results, tilt it as far as you can to one side to cut the uphill side. BUT your backhoe is the best for the job!!!!

Can you drive across the side slope with the tractor? or too steep? If you can, a plow helps.
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Yes, see that's what I wasn't sure about. The ability to actually cut into the hillside. These slopes are ones that the atvs can't run on. One in particular is 2 old forest trails that end about 50 yards apart, with a steep cross slope that can't be navigated between them. A dozer won't be an option. Too wide, and too expensive. If I can't do it myself, its simply not getting done. Once they are in they don't need maintenance. They are only for atvs.

I know I won't be able to do it with a non tilt blade. I understand geometry. I'm more concerned about if a tilt blade will do the job, or if its wishful thinking and we would be better off doing it with the backhoe.. If it won't do the job, then its a feature we don't need, as we don't need it for anything else.

Thanks all for the responses. I appreciate it!
I don't think a back blade is gonna do it, unless you're dealing with soil that's already loose. Could probably be done with a mini excavator. They can be rented inexpensively for a day.
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Without knowing his soil type and a thousand other details, o_O its hard to say much. Having been trained in trail construction, I will say you don't pull material out of some hillside, then use it for your trail. It doesn't work that way.
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If a rear dirt blade hangs on a firmly embedded rock trying to cut into too much of a slope on a tractor, there's a risk of a flip or turnover.
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Depending on soil type, it will be tough. You can certainly maintain with a blade. My best advice would be to rent an x, rough in the trails and get the drainage good, then finish and maintain with you tractor and blade.


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If there is enough room to safely get your tractor perpendicular to the trail head, you can use your loader to level out an area on the sloped trail. Once leveled get on the trail and start digging with your loader. Dig the high side and dump on the low side. It may take awhile but it will get done.
A tooth bar on the loader is very helpful.
I have done a few trails this way and they turned out great.

For the areas with lesser slope, the box blade comes in handy when tilted to the high side.
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How rocky is the soil? Around here with all the rocks trail building can be very difficult. A Mini-excavator can be hugely more productive than a large tractor for trail building.
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Everyone that I know that makes new trails in mountains or hilly areas uses a mini excavator.
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Before you do anything you should contact United Rentals as they have mini excavators
like the old DROTT excavators that had the ability to dig level trenches on slopes.
I am not sure if you could successfully use a mini excavator with a tilting bucket if you
have rock ledges on the hill side.