Diesel garden tractor pulling

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Jan 24, 2009
NW Ohio
Does anybody else here do this?


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Well, you got my attention, how about some more details, don't leave leave us hanging like this. What engine you running, RPMs, HP, etc, just round figures, without giving away all your secrets of course. Looks like fun and expensive.:cool::cool::cool:
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Not Me :eek: , But I gota admit thats one fine looking little rig . Thanks for showing . :D . Bob
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Not as high tech..WOW..by the look you have it figure out...nice job. :)

Bunch of us once or twice year drop the mower deck and maybe put on fresh drive belt have little fun.
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We have been working for 3 years to get a diesel class started. Been pulling for 2 years with a diesel, about 12 with various gas engines. There are a number of tractors running and being built now. In Columbus, Ohio in January there will be a big indoor pull where a lot of them from across the country will pull.

We use a Cub 582 frame and built a D1105 Kubota 24hp 3 cyl engine making around 100hp now. We have a machine shop and build these and parts for these. Actually the economy has helped us because we are getting pullers who have pulled the big ones and look at these and say it's cheap because for the price of two turbos they can have one of these little tractors. Some guys we do work for run one of these and a big super stocker.

Iceman Motorsports, New Riegel, OH 419-937-2778


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Off the cuff how much one would have to invest..picture your showing.

Notice on ebay more and more garden tractor pulling goodies.
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It would depend on the rules where you intend to pull, we go by a set of rules that were wrote for a few clubs in this region that pull across several states, to try and somewhat limit cost, such as must use factory manifolds, no billet heads or grafted on inline injection pumps, other places have different limitations.

It also depends if you want to win or not. You would probably need $15,000 or so to be competitive unless you pull with a group that allows no internal modifications. We have tractors pulling with far less invested. If we had to build a tractor as pictured for somebody I am guessing in the $20,000 range, it just varies so much depending on the rules. Some people have different tastes as to level of fit and finish as you see going to any truck or tractor pull, we do a lot of stuff for the low end people also.
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I've wanted to do that for a LONG Time, but figured it would be no fun to pull only against myself... :D
If there were a sanctioning body and pulls in my area, I'd be in the garage working on one before this post was uploaded.
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The garden tractor pulling has a fair following around here, but I've yet to see anyone running diesels.

Your tractors are beautiful.
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Thanks, the diesel class has generated more interest and crowds than anything I have seen in a long time. When we pull all you see are video cameras lining the track.

More shots of our Kubota engine and also an Oliver we made parts for.


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