Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

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The waiting for exactly what you want kinda sucks, especially when you are having difficulty performing your job because you don’t have the equipment you need. But as I get older, I have learned to wait for exactly what you want. It doesn’t always happen for me, but I try my best
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I think a lot depends on your mechanical expertise or need to know someone who has it to know what you are looking at and determining if it's a good value. My dad was a mechanic so I learned from him and have a pretty good handle on checking out all features of a vehicle before buying. My own thought is you are wasting your money buying new if you have the expertise to check out a good used tractor. I bought an 87 Kubota over 20 years ago and it still runs great. Has needed some TLC but all of them do. Dennis
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Another factor for new has been, and in some cases still is, 0 down and 0% financing. When I bought my tractor a couple years ago, it made more sense because of those two issues.
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I bought used and a cheap brand (mahindra 485) because it was 50hp with loader for $5000 vs $50,000 for a new green or orange.
It sounds like you got a deal.I had it in my head that I needed a compact and bought a 855 JD used and the engine blew up after struggling to find replacement parts I got it fixed but wish I’d gotten something with more horsepower and a loader.Lesson learned
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I buy new because of history.

After 65 years of history, every time I've bought used, I've wound up spending more than new to fix it.
I know others who buy used, run it for years, and sell for more then they paid for it.

Bad luck vs. good luck. Mine is all bad.
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It sounds like a bored block is cheaper. So it isn't manufacturing cost.

So why would Yanmar make so many small 12 to 20 hp multicylinder diesels with wet sleeves? You see them all over the world in everything from dugout canoes to water pumps to generators and tractorss. All those small diesels are easy to lift from the chassis, easy to work on, and all are wet sleeve.
That may be true for newer generation engines but finding parts for the older Yanmar engines is tough
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I buy used compact tractors and attachments and have been doing it for years.Here is what I always do before I buy.There are good buys out there but U must be patient and know what u want and be ready to purchase.I have worked on farm equipment all my life .Now that I am retired I Like to dibble more into doing this. I have waiting list of people who buy the tractors and/or attachments.
1) Limit myself to certain makes and models .
2) 300 mile max from my house.
3) Always inspect/ operate before I buy.
4) Set up my e mail for auction alerts on equipment I am looking for.
5) Many local poorly advertised local auctions or moving sales have good buys
6) As some of the other people commented there are 15-25 year old tractors out there with only 750-1500 hours on them. Great buys and really not even used .

Last Deere tractor I sold was a 2014, 35 hp with a loader and only had 400 hrs. Guy that bought it was literally on his way to the John Deere dealer to purchase a new one the same size .

My own compacts I use every day are 20 and 25 years old and I would not trade them for any other unit.
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Having worked at a dealer as a mechanic for 20 years, i have no problem buying used. My biggest purchase was a MF245 for $800. Ok the engine was badly in need of repair and was in pieces. That said parts for the Perkins are relatively cheap. After getting the engine together found the hydraulic pump needed work. Again fairly cheap. Of course I did not have to pay high labor prices. After everything was done I had a tractor I can depend on at below what used ones were selling for.
I buy used because I can't afford the new price, plus I can fix what is wrong.
My thoughts on buying used is to buy a name brand that parts new used are readily available for, whether thru a dealer or salvage yard.
Although I know that not everyone has time or know how to repair a broken tractor or implement.
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All i ever did/do is buy used.I still use everyone one of them i ever bought but one.(6 of them) I fix my own so a breakdown is not a problem. I also have more tractors than i need so there's always a spare available.the oldest is a 69 cockshutt 1800 , the newest a 93 belarus 925. HP range from 74 to 275.
All my tractors combined were less than the price of one new compact. I started farming in 1986 with a 73 cockshutt 1855 i bought for $3500.
I sold last January one 1981 JD 8640 for $18750 after being for sale for over 4 years.(compared to what comes for sale these days it was cheap yet still no takers)(new price was over 100 grand)
I never bought from a dealer
These tractors will last me the rest of my life.
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To answer the original question...based upon the many replies, yes. Lots of people buy used tractors. They are mostly people capable of diagnosing and making any repairs needed. People without these skills should shy away from a used anything, be it a tractor or a washing machine.
I believe people that buy used tractors also buy used automobiles, tools, and more. It becomes a lifestyle. Often allowing the buyer to have more for less...with a little extra work