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Brownie - he's about a year old here.
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Yes - he's telling me - "two hours of the hair brush is ENOUGH". With his coat this long - he's a magnet for every burr, sticker, bramble, weed seed on the property. I HAD to take this picture because the next day he was full of tiny, burr-like weed seeds. It was the brush again.

He is a registered Chocolate Cocker Spaniel.
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Yesterday mothers day family get together at our place.

Took a break laying down, selfie with the neighbor's dog who came over and decided to take a break as well, considering I couldn't see what I was taking a pic of or not even knowing I was taking the pic, not too bad LOL
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We just got home from a road trip to northern MN and central SD. Here is some dogs pics of them out and about on this trip. Wally on top of the bales, is very nevus of those large beasts looking at him... :LOL:

If you have your dogs out, please post pics of that.