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If you get your dogs out, please do post pics of that. Our mutts out yesterday. This one is crossing a creek. They are on a log.
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Love the pics in the snow, half of mine are out right now but I doubt you want pics of them in their houses trying to stay dry. My pond right now has an extra ~30 acre feet of water and the spill ways are rollin. Ditches overflowing and culverts clogging up. Have not made it out to the road yet to check, raining too hard to see it from the house.
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I wish I was half the man my dog thinks I am. :cool:
Even after I took a canine through a finger breaking up the 2 boys last night. Missed my grab on the younger one as he lunged and had a hand in the way. No idea what set it off but when 300 lbs of dogs riot in the living room it has to stop. BTW he has not stopped being sorry yet.... Just have to start the chainsaw left handed for a few days.
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Ouch. Yeah no fighting allowed.
Or the big dog kicks some ass...aka dad

Found this 1st pic dated 2014 of my constant companion Tag - he was cute as a button


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