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Aug 27, 2021
John Deere 2020 LS MT357HC
Just about when I bought my LS MT357HC in Nov 2021 I got an email from LS with a free cooler offer with the purchase of a tractor. Finally got it after a delay but it is really a nice cooler. It's a Big Frig 45 qt cooler with LS colors and logo. Really nicely built which makes it quite heavy. Dealer didn't know anything about the offer and even asked if I'd sell it to them since they can't even get one themselves. I looked on their website and this cooler is not cheap.


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Nice! That's pretty good of them to do that.
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Looks cool! I did not get any thing like that with mine.
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Yep, I got the email from LS 7/21/21. Neither of the 2 local dealers knew anything about it. Neither still has any inventory. I “thought” an MT352PCTC would be a nice addition. None to be found. A couple weeks back, a dealer called and said they had been authorized to order tractors. All I had to do was come in and sign a sales contract and give them a 10% Deposit. But, they couldn’t guarantee a delivery date other than it should be 3 -3.5 months. Still sounds like a good deal for them.
btw, that is a nice cooler.
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Heck, I bought my MT468CPS with FEL, backhoe, auger, rear blade AND trailer to haul it at the end of December and I didn't even get a bumper sticker.. Dealer did offer me one of their hats.

A little swag would have made the deal at least feel a little better. I made a 250 mile round trip to purchase.

Nice cooler.
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The offer was directly from LS - dealer didn't have a clue about the offer. If I remember correctly, I requested some info from LS and they kept sending me emails to do a test drive. First it was the "free" loader that everyone knows was not free. The next few emails mentioned about getting the cooler if I bought a tractor. After I did buy a tractor it took a few contact emails to remind LS of the cooler offer.

What I've come to realize, at least with LS and maybe other manufacturers, is that their dealers are rather uninformed of special offers. The dealer I worked with didn't inform me of other discounts that can come with the purchase such as the Blue Add Implement program (discount if you buy some implements with the tractor at purchase), military/first responder discount, or the Senior discount (+65). I remember Kubota having a 20% discount if you belonged to a horse organization and you didn't even need to have any horses to belong to these organizations!
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I did get the implement deal..sort of. They didn't charge me (at least on the invoice) for the auger/post hole digger and the rear blade. Since none of the manufacturers post their MSRP, it made it dang hard to determine if you were getting a fair price.

Salesman knew I was retired Army. Never mentioned a military discount. Again, I wouldn't have known if it were real or not without an MSRP list.

The Kubota dealership near the house here showed me his price list..and told me the prices were changing so fast that Kubota wasn't sending them updated lists, but I should expect to pay 10-12% over what was on his sheet.. And it would likely be June/July for me to get the tractor..and Sep/Oct to get the backhoe.

Coming out of that experience, I felt like I was getting a real deal on the LS with all the stuff Kubota charges extra for and more power, etc.

Just have to wait for weather to cooperate to get it out to the property and get to work..
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I bought an mt357 in October of 21, I didn't get a cooler...
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The more swag a brand has, the more that brand seems to cost....

Just look at Kubota, New Holland, deere... All shwagg heavy, deere being in the lead for that is my guess, and deere reflects the most you would prolly pay pound for pound of tractor.

I bought a 790 Deere brand new 15 years ago. They matched the Kubota dealers price on comparable hp tractor without me saying a thing and in that silence I had after the manager said he would match the Kubota price, it was followed by 'l'll fill the rears no extra also'... That dealer was the best. Was in business for close to 60 years, owner sold to a chain of Deere dealers, most of the original employees quit after the buy out and is not the same anymore.

Anyhow, the deere was just north of three grand more than the kubota. Back then Kubota was JUST getting into there swag. Unlike Deere who was deep in the business of swag for home, garden, office and play.

I believe that is one reason LS is priced the way they are. You are paying for just the product, not all the advertisement swag to be given away.

When I bought the XR3140, the only extra I got was a shop manual download I had to provide the thumb drive for. But felt I got a good tractor with bells and whistles for a fair price.
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