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Aug 29, 2020
Coastal AL
Changed the fuel filter in my MT240 and it is running just fine.
Drilled some holes, ground some stumps, grappled some trees to the burn pile etc, all just fine.


After the filter change, I used the built in primer to get fuel flowing through the lines, but it never really gets hard to pump. I've probably pumped it 400 times, and it stays pretty easy. I though it was supposed to get hard and not be able to pump once it's fully primed?

Then I though there must be some kind of bypass for unused fuel to get back to the tank, but I really don't know.

Should the primmer get hard to pump? I forgot to prefill the filter with fuel, but 400+ pumps really? And where does the air go, since I didn't prefill it?
Again, used probably 2.5 hours after, with no problems.
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Loosen the bleed valve (3) pump (2) until fuel comes (without air) out then close valve
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sweet, thanks!
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Done, that fixed it right up, thanks again.
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Welcome., need other info I have service manuals.
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Thanks, I do have the service manual, but failed to read it.
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