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Mar 27, 2024
Yanmar FX175D
Trying to track down a fuel filter for my gray market yanmar fx175d. Time is unfortunately of the essence. Does anyone know if a comparable filter by another manufacturer may be available or is online from ebay my only option. Have local access to all major brand part dealers at the moment here in town just need a part number.
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It shoul be Napa FIL 3048. There is an oring on the stem of the filter and one on the bowl that should be replaced, but may get by without replacing.
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Welcome to TBN!
It shoul be Napa FIL 3048. There is an oring on the stem of the filter and one on the bowl that should be replaced, but may get by without replacing.
Awesome! Do you happen to know the part number for the o-rings? I found the filter at a local-ish Napa. Am suspecting the filter currently on the tractor was not the correct one.
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If you had a New Holland or Case dealer nearby, they are

Large - SBA052300650 metric oring - no info

You would have to match them up.

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I was under the impression that the o rings on these tractors are Japanese spec which is different from metric. Now some of these on these tractors you can get by with using a metric o rings and I can confirm that the fuel filter o ring is one of those that you can get by with a metric o ring. I ha e replaced mine with out out of my generic metric o ring kit from Harbor Freight.
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Fuel bowl O-ring on my YM2000. Yrs. Ago I changed the Fuel Filter and the Org. O-Ring broke into pieces it was so old and brittle. Harbour freight was my only alternative or wait the couple days to order it. Standard and Metric assortment and used the closest one I could find. It was still to large so I had to use a ghetto rig. and cut it with a razor and super glued it!! Still use it and removed it several times since, 15yrs. easy!! ;)
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I use Fram inline fuel filters on all my older tractors. I consider them disposable, and replace them every year. My backhoe has three other fuel filters on it, but the Fram inline filter is before all of them, and it's solved all my fuel issues.
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For the Long model Filter NAPA. #3262. That is the long one. I have seen a shorter Filter used on the VN's imported. Make sure you get the correct one! Fredricks show FF-326. 2.717" tall and FF-3263 3.49". Checked the Fuel Bowl o-ring #OR-4321
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Most of the Yanmar machines have a fuel filtering system like this.

fuel-filter bowl and shut-off.jpg

The filter, o-ring and plastic fuel bowl are used across nearly all of the Japan imported tractor brands.
I have the Ford/Shibarua SBA052300650 LONG on my machine. The reason being, I don't want a clogged filter while out in the back 40 to cut fuel off to the engine. It's a long walk back. Having the LONGER filter and plastic bowl also allows you to LOOK at the filter condition better. And you can see the real difference of the sludge at the bottom vs the middle and top. This is how you'll realize it's time to change it. With the SHORT (small) filter you can't hardly tell anything, thus you are stranded and need to keep waking the field to get back.

Here is the silly short (small). Grant it not all machines can do the large (tall) due to clearances in and around the engine, BUT if you can do the large, then by all means do so.


For some reason, the Ford/Shibarura 'identical' parts to our Yanmar parts are commonly at a better price.

Back in 2021/22, I had an order for a thermo-start and a VR. Just look at the great pricing not saying it was for Deere nor Yanmar! My neighbor has a Ford 1500, lots of parts on his engine are on my engine. filters, VR, alternator, etc.

Only 1 parts dealer shows part listings to fit more than one brand, Southern Global. If you browse enough for parts, you will find those cross references. Or a good neighbor to take measurements and compare. ;)

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Been using the NAPA 3262 since 2009. Picked one upthe last time I was at the store. Just happened to remember they was out of stock last time. Was told a very commonly used filter and sure enough they had them. And now it even has a O-Ring supplied. Is it the correct one for my Org Filter bowl ? Don't run offroad diesel either. Turns the filter red and you can't see through the Red Died fuel.


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