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Mar 18, 2024
Ford 3000
Hi I'm new to the group and I'm working on a free Ford 3000 diesel. It's not locked up so that's a plus. Was told it was having issues with getting fuel. So I'm going to start with cleaning the lines then go from there. The question I have is are all of the Ford 3000 fuel tanks the same? They all look alike but have different part numbers. I'm guessing they have slight differences but I don't know what from looking at them. The tank that's on it has severe rust and I'm pretty sure holes along with it.
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Check for holes first. If no holes they make coatings you put in the tank and slosh around. Cleaning can be done with degreaser and a small section of chain.
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I was going to do that but when I looked 1 corner is completely rusted through. Pretty big spot about the size of a my fist.
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Yea sealant isn't going to cover a fist sized hole.

You'd need to find the serial number and then find which tank goes with it.

Or go with one like this: Ford 3000 Fuel Tank - C5NN9002AC

and deal with the minor differences. The folks at yesterdaystractors can probably tell you if it will fit your tractor.
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One thing I'd do is add a fuel polishing unit to the fuel line and replace all the fuel lines as a matter of consequence. Sounds to me like a new tank is in order anyway.
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Thank for the replies.