Good morning!!!!


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Apr 17, 2018
South Central Virginia
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Used to have 4 black cats, down to one.

Tractor loader valve still sticking. Finally got it to work by manhandling it. I was having trouble with the handle lock, maybe something messed up with it. I took off boot around it, I can see this the curl side locks and unlocks, maybe the forward reverse direction isn’t unlocking.
So sorry about the cats. We lost Sabbath, a 20# big tomcat...super nice...then got Cosmo Topper.


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Oct 24, 2002
East Central, Texas
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Kyle, how do you go about removing duck weed from a pond so large ? I can just imagine you making a floating skimmer attachment for your Steiner Beast
I wish I could have mechanically removed it, but I believe that would have been a lost battle. I must admit, I did use a very slow acting chemical, which I can't remember the name. It came in a powdered form, and I only put a couple of cups in.....way back in July or August maybe? Our pond had so much vegetative growth, that if I didn't do something, it would have grown over and just become a marsh. It needs to be dug out or deepened, but there are no low budget methods that would be considered normal. It has so much silt, maybe a meters thickness of it in places. A neighbor with a big bad 4 wheeler tried to go down in it, turn around and come out. He had just rigged a snorkel breathing tube on it. The silt sucked him in. It was good that someone was there with a rope to get him and it out.

Here is my idea for the cheapest method to get some silt out. I may have offered this idea before. The pond has 2 tributaries, and the main one has about 50-80 acre watershed. When it rains hard, like 1-2"(25-50mm) inches/hour, the main tributary can flow like a fast river, about 25 meters wide. My plan is to launch my buddy's 200hp center console outboard boat, tie it to our bigger tractor, using the tractor to hold him back. He can gun it, steering back and forth side to side, while I man the tractor and control his forward/backward motion. Basically, a 200 hp tiller, and then let the raging torrent of nature carry off the sediment downstream over the swale.

Sorry about your kitty BEF.

Prayers for Bupps, Topps, L4N's knee, and all in need.


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Jul 4, 2015
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A person could rent a liquid manure pump with an agitator loop and back it in the water start it to agitating when it has a good sized area liquidfied pump it out and repeat.
Not as much fun as your way though.


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Sep 17, 2009
in-between tractors
Good evening all. 36F for the start, clear sky, light breeze. Wind was light to moderate, Sky mostly clear, and high temp was 72F, DP 36F. Started with leaf sucking this morning, then lunched and had bike ride. If I get 20 miles in tomorrow, I will still be 20 miles short of getting my 6K miles in 11 months. did get nap in the grocery shopping after dinner in town.
Covid update: Cooke 4207 confirmed cases, 20 active cases, Montague 2691 confirmed cases, 22 active cases, Grayson, 16,459 confirmed cases, 146 active cases. Cooke 1, Montague 1, Grayson 59, new cases.
Dennis sorry you had so much mic issues. Nice you got to spend time with friend. pics on new decorations :)
Ron I am sure you will find something to do :) nice bird pic
Roy hope you get your markers in. Hope wife's recovery continues.
Billy good luck with your to-do list, good to hear no bad injuries from fall.
Buppies that is a lot of surgeries :(
Mike hope tax meeting went well, Hope you can get wood pile under control and enjoy family.
Buppies takes about 10 minutes for me to get bored with daytime TV.
Bill sounds like conserve energy day to me
Paul sorry about knife, have fun tool shopping :)
Don Cooke co. has about 2% fatality rate if you add probable(973) to confirmed cases(4207), deaths 105.
Ken love that smile, will garage be far enough away?
PJ thanks for skunk update, meant to ask for it. I need to get my humidifier up and running.
RNG hoping you get rain soon. Glad you got some deals. Hope you get wood pile under control and have enough dead/seasoned wood for this year.
Rich glad you are enjoying help from the cat. Hope you can get some hunting in. Thanks for talking about you Covid experience
David should be easier to put greenhouse together, right?
Eric sorry moving wood did not pan out, cold rain is definitly not fun to work in!
RS Sounds like you have plenty inside work.
Dennis sorry about losing the cat, Glad bike delivered intact. Sorry about raising FEL issue, all quick connects on correctly?
Roy you have convinced me, I will not piss off a Rhino
Thomas sorry about flare up, prayers sent
Dennis nice pic, good luck with FEL valve
Kyle don't forget to video the silt removal, what can go wrong :)
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle's daughter/friend PT from Covid, Bird/aging issues/, Don/whipper, more tests/ Grey 2, health /ring bearer/back broken & infections, Don/ neighbors with Covid, Randy/FIL living alone adjustments /MIL covid, /cancer surgeries, PJ/FIL death, Dennis /wife wrist surgery and recovery, Roy/ palpitations/ angina, wife/ankle recovery, Billy/ wife fall, David(moss)/remodel/divorce, Buppies/new cancer on face /lingering cough, Thomas/gout, Phil/reflux/wife's eyes, Steppenwolfe/son-auto immune disorder, Grev/wife's eye, Ted/knee recovery/retirement, Doug and wife/health issues/nerve and pain/ wife's eyes, Ken/aunt fall injuries, David(sadamo)/Sophie's new eye surgery, Ron/neighbor Covid issues, Chris/neighbor's granddaughter and Covid issues, RS wife/ dog bite recovery, Scaredy/injuries from fall, Paul/ wife's disc issues, Mike/elbow pain, and Country.
stay safe and healthy you all.