Good morning!!!!

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Mostly they were very close to house and yes we enjoy watching them
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53 outside this AM, heading to upper 60's.

Should be last nice dry day for a while. Have not heard from BIL since mid-afternoon yesterday.

Horse not doing to well, change in grasses really messed her up. So yesterday was horse care day. Will need to be moved into dirt area and hayed for food for the next week or so.

Nothing else accomplished. More lawyer and insurance paper work came in. Unreal amounts of BS.

Hope all have a great day, and, be safe. Hope all are healthy, or on the fast track to recovery.
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2022-09-29, 0630

47 degrees right now...high in the upper 50's today.

Feeling much better, but I've decided Monday would be a good day to start back on-site. I've already had relapses...don't want another one.
Actually ate solid food (chili, which I love), my taste and appetite are returning
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Good morning you all ! Actually I am thinking about launch already :)

Had to make a 1 1/2 hour road trip to see customer. Nice sawmill, looking to paint their boards.

Trip was nice, very light rain, 6 ... 7 C

Just noticed trees start to get some yellow / red tones

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Good morning, 48 going to 65 today no rain

Deers are coming in close to the house for chestnuts. 5 or 6 big does and several smaller ones
Did some weed eating yesterday will continue with some more today. Using the shoulder harness for the weed eater to save the shoulder and recover from the recent injury
Seems to take forever to recover. Harder the older you get.
Dennis good luck in your new job.
The pilot for the hole saw was the wrong one since it did not have the provision for the 3/8 inch drill bit. Returned it and got the new one on the way
Going to town today to pickup medication from the pharmacy
Will take the Ford F350 to town. It has been sitting too long in the barn
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51 going to 68.

Roy, starting back on solid food by way of chili is going all in. Hope you continue to improve.

Don, congrats on the trifecta!

Buppies, sorry about the elbow...hope the eye is better.

Nice to see Pujols get 700 and Judge get #61.

I bought one of those nice lawn mower blade balancers like m7040 showed a while back, but an economy model. I'm very impressed with how accurate it is, and surprised how out of balance my blades were, using the old plastic cone balancer. So worked on cleaning, sharpening, and balancing 3 zero turn blades. I thought about putting on my steel toe boots, but opted for wearing my light running shoes...of course, one blade slipped and fell like a spear on my big toe. Don't think it's broken, but it is very angry. Blades are super sharp and balanced.

Once we get some rain, I have some really shaggy grass to mow. It's been too dry, but that doesn't stop the seed stalks this time of year.

Prayers for the good folks in Florida suffering from Ian.
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Morning all, 50 going to 68 and the sun is starting to peel above the trees.
Washing machine fix only lasted 3 washes, need to look and see why. Waiting for wife to pick a new machine.

BEF - new job, some jobs hard to leave, but whole new horizon and new challenges can be fun.

L4N - feel better

Friends and relatives in Florida all ok so far, some without power. Waiting for hear from ones further south along gulf coast.

Roy - Chili is the new chicken soup when not feeling well ? :)

Tired and bruised from a fall yesterday while walking dog. No biggy, should be fine.
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Good Morning
It’s 48 and going to 65 under sunny skies today.

Yesterday started with breakfast out, stopped by a neighbors farm on the way home. He grows pumpkins and Christmas trees, and usually sell about 800 cut trees that he buys, typically from western PA or NC. This year there are no wholesale trees available, even at insane prices. People will be cutting a lot more trees from his fields this year.

Got home and hooked up the Progressive mower and got everything cut, got a delivery of 400 bales of hay and got them all loaded into the hayloft in the barn, the overflow went into the hay shed. But the big excitement was when my wife let the alpacas out to pasture and didn’t notice an open gate. The result was rounding up 40 alpacas with amorous intentions, which was easier said than done.

Have a doctors appointment this morning and a trip to Concord, NH this afternoon, so likely won’t get a lot done around here today.
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I was hauling logs to the neighbor yesterday afternoon. I had a good sized black walnut blow over last year. I was using my Milwaukee battery powered chainsaw to cut it into movable chunks.
The Milwaukee cuts good but the battery doesn't last as long as a tank of gas in the little Stihl. The last cut on the walnut was about 2 inches wider than the bar. If you push it too hard the battery will shut down till it cools off. I started into some dead ashes. There is a lot of heavy wood there. For the little stuff that I could lift I used the trailer then I got out the 3 point forks. The last piece of walnut trunk was about all that the little Yanmar could lift. There is a nice pile of logs for the neighbor to start on.

The grass at the farm could stand mowing. It might be smart to get it done this afternoon. No telling what the weather will be like for the next couple of days.

Looks like the people down in Florida have their work cut out for them.

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Good morning! 53˚F heading to the upper 80s like they say every day but somehow it ends up in the mid 90s. Cloudless sky.

Helo, do you have a low tire. The low tire warning is on, on your display. What is the 90 inside the red circle? With 72% battery left what is your range? Yesterday I saw a Tesla like yours with the area between the tail lights smashed in but the tail lights were not broken and the lower bumper was not scratched. I could not figure out what hit him, or what he backed into.

L4N if the rabies vaccine is like the covid vaccine, you probably should get tested.