Good morning!!!!

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Don any idea how the Farm produce compares to store produce, price wise? No pics
The June Gold peach orchard will be officially opened for the first picking at 9:00 A.M. Saturday. The price per pound is $3.75. I have not checked the grocery store's prices but it would be hard to compare tree rippened peaches to hard store peaches. In the early spring very large heads of lettuce were $4 ea. The parents get to show the kids how the produce grows and pick it themselves.
The pumpkins in the fall (which were shipped in from Floydada TX) were more than HEB but the ambiance could not be matched and there were lots of farm props in the pumpkin patch which were very popular, lots of babies in the pumpkin patch pictures for the social media generation of parenting.
The pick your own flowers (40 different kinds) this month were sold by the cup/jar/bucket at $8/$14/$25.

Good morning! 64˚F heading to the mid 80's cloudy, .65" rain last night.
I need to plant the cantelope and watermelon seeds today, after I add more compost to the garden, a little late because of the potatoes.
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Morning all, 46 going up to 81, supposed to be sunny later.
Very dry here, ground is cracking, so on watering duties again today.

Busy working on bicycles, need to teach son how to maintain them.

Busy at day job, getting assigned more work, so that's good.

Drew- that campground is right near ringing rocks park, took the son there a few years ago. Rocks have so much iron, if you hit them they ring like a bell, but are solid. Have a fun trip, bring a hammer for the rocks.

Well back to work.

One of these days Popg I need to stop up and lend a hand with one of your big projects.

Be well,

I grow, cut and dry my own sage for use on my easy over eggs. Flowering out now.
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Good Morning!!!! 56F @ 6:45AM. Plenty of sunshine. High 86F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.
High 80s and low 90s, and no rain in the 10-day.

Beautiful Black Eyed Susans, Kyle. And so many!

Good luck on the road, Drew. What did you forget?

Had several different sages growing here before the fire, Ken, lots of lavenders and rosemary, too. Only plants the deer would leave alone. Never thought to dry some for later, now I wish I had.

No word from the van dealer. Maybe they lost interest?

Rode around on the tractor yesterday looking for grass to cut, and came up empty handed. Swapped the flail for the land plan and gave the driveway some love, then it was on to the weed wacker. Surprisingly, it started on the second pull, and behaved itself the rest of the morning. Three hours later, I was soaked and my butt was dragin', but I got a nice wide strip cut down all along the top of the road cut, all the way to the cul-de-sac, and a good start on the top of the hill. Started with some Vortex trimmer line, but it didn't seem to last long, then it broke off up inside the head. Found some stuff I got from Stihl, had to order it from the dealer, made from two different colors of line bonded together. Lasted a lot longer, and no feed issues. Makes sense that the company that made the trimmer would make good line for it.

After lunch I took a nap, then cleaned the spark arrester and air filter on the trimmer. Finished the work day by hooking up the outside air quality monitor that got taken down for the paint job on the house. Surprised it worked, as the connector seemed to be a little bent out of shape.

I'll spend the morning with the trimmer again, then into town for groceries.

Happy Hump Day, folks!
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Good morning, another nice sunny day
Was up early and picked up rocks with the loader at the area near the pond and did a bit more grading with the big tractor.

Daughter came out and helped set fence poles. She also dug a few holes by hand and used the surplus digging tool to bust up tree roots. All poles are in now.

Forgot to bring up the recycle bin to the road for pick up so another 2 weeks for next pick up

Drew have a good trip and enjoy your visits

Had a project up that area of pa that you are camping in. Johnny Rich our client had a museum type building in Frackville full of old cars. Very cool to visit. Wondering if it still there

RNG I don’t have to look far for grass to cut. It is getting long but daughter will be back this afternoon to mow with ZT
Daughter in Sweden has an attack of GERD and is in distress. She will go to France for a couple of days and then return early on Saturday

Wife is at her doctor appointment and we are hoping for some adjustment in her medications to give her some relief
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67°F and .18 inches rain

Continuation from yesterday, get that wall done. Need to do a PO run as well. Several paint project items there to be picked up. Time in hot tub was especially relaxing.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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67F cloudy rain arriving for the next several hours.

Short work day afterwards 2 stops for critter food.

Not much plan for the rest of the day and evening.

Enjoy your day all.