Good morning!!!!

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Who is the agistor and who is the agistee? Is it agistor or is it agister? Why is is “lessor/lessee” but “renter/landlord” and not “rentor/rentee”?

the vagaries of the English language. . . Especially at weird hours . . .
Hmmm... good questions. "agist" is a verb (Oxford concise) and the noun is "agister", as is the 'service provided'; "agistment".

I, the landowner and facility provider, offer "agistment". The client would therefore be the "agister".

As far as I know the lexicon. :D
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Morning all! 59 going to a pleasant 70.
Will be attending Memorial day services this morning.
Yesterday, being the hottest day of the year so far! (high 80's)We roto tilled the garden! Went thru a ton of water trying to keep cool and hydrated. Feelin it in the arms and hands today.
Hopefully can get things planted after we get back today. Forecast is looking good till next Friday when they say we will hit the 90's.
Health wise we are still the same, although my neck appears to be staying at just a dull ache. Hopefully I can skip the PT visits.
Time for 2nd coffee.
Hope everyone stays safe and healthy and remembers all who passed to keep us free!
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Good Morning!!!! 62F @ 3:15AM. Partly cloudy skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 84F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.

Always good to see some new faces on the GM thread. Welcome!

If your neighbor has been running heavy equipment for 40 years, KJC, maybe he knows a thing or two about fixing it, too. And that might come in handy for you...

Been home since Saturday noon, and it's taken that long to get caught up. You folks have been busy!

The ride down and back to the motorcycle rally was nice, at least once the freeway portions were done. Unlike last year when the daily highs were in the hundreds, this year was much cooler, and there was no rain (in the form of thunderstorms) at all. I got caught up with several friends I rarely see elsewhere, made a few new ones, and re-learned all the reasons I don't like hanging around large group events. A leaky air mattress didn't help matters much, so after listening to rude neighbors banging pots and talking loudly at 5:30AM again, I knew it was time to get back to the tranquility of the road and head home.

The deal on the new van was also gnawing at me, hoping one more pass through the current inventory would turn something up closer to home, but it didn't. I'm not at all happy with the latest counter offer from the dealer, which involved a non-refundable deposit and a delivery date at some unknown time in the future. A much smaller discount than I'm comfortable with doesn't help, either. So I either get less picky and get something already on the lot, or place a factory order that will fill at some indeterminate time in the future. Either way I'll need to let the salesman know he won't be selling that van to me.

The stucco guys are supposed to show up to finish the job tomorrow, and the steel for the roof is supposed to be delivered this week, too. The roofer wants to start next Monday.

Then there's the work on the gate post that still needs doing, so that's what I'll get a start on today.

Thanks to the sacrifices of those that came before us, we have Memorial Day to celebrate our liberties. May it always be so.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the long weekend.
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Memorial Day a day of remembrance for all those who gave their all

Thank you Ron

More rain today high in 60s got 1.05 in yesterday 1 inch last night needed it

Kyle you are correct prayers for you and the family

i think of my dad on this day as well as his friends a lot of WW2 veterans here’s to your Dad Toppop and BEFs dad

prayers for all silent or spoken our Country
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Mostly tried that no joy

Kilroy sounds as if Harry might be reformable and smart to boot
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In this house, we remember everyday.

Beautiful day. Around 60 degrees right now, pushing to 80 and sun.

Gonna grab breakfast with my dad and then go out and finish gravel at the property. Got about 4 ton left to move
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Good morning, low temp 62 and the high to 78°F. Wind ESE 5 to 10 mph. Zero % chance of precipitation. Sunny!

Bark cleanup and flip compost. I may cut the back grass again, but don't hold your breath.

Back in the '70s I worked with a guy that had the numbers tattooed on his arm. Percy was a nice guy and one of the 5 partners that owned a gravel pit and company I worked for. Of all the drivers there I was the only one he would trust to get him a tongue sandwich for lunch when I was hauling down around Spadina Ave. in Toronto. None of the drivers there were kosher and none of us cared that the people we were working for were Jewish.
We all (tandem drivers) worked for $100.oo/week clear (all deductions taken off) money paid by check on Thursday. Lots of hung over drivers and loader operators on Friday mornings. Dispatch made sure that we did 2 loads downtown to Toronto and 4 local loads per day. Start at 6 A.M. and finish sometime near 5 P.M. Once they figured out that I knew the city and the shortcuts I ended up doing 4 loads downtown and only 2 local loads. I was usually finished by about 4 P.M. almost every day. Boy wages have come a long way, $100.oo/week clear then (1973) and $2500.oo/week clear now (2022). Then I had to work all year long, now I only work the 4 summer months for a gross of $40 grand.
Enough of that. I do miss Percy, Art, Harry and Brian, but there is nothing I can do about it. They are all dead. May they rest in peace.

The people that died so we could live the way we do is never far from my thoughts, may they all rest in peace.

Have a safe day all
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Good Morning.
55 with a high of 80 under partly cloudy skies, another nice day.

Yesterday, I made more progress on the little plane, it’s all just reassembly now, nothing left to inspect or fix.
Welded a stabilizer bar for a neighbors mower, a fairly large Toro, I’m guessing a 12 foot cut. It was an easy job, used the little MIG welder to do it.


Helped son with project for outdoor sound system, making a new enclosure for amplifiers with cooling fans, he outgrew the old system when he buried underground subwoofers.

Worked with Zoe a little bit reinforcing what she has already learned. She has taken to getting in bed with me in the morning after we come back from her walk. She is quite the cuddler.


Today the RC plane out for two sessions, a great day for that, son came up with his for the early session.

Had some ribs at his house that he cooked on the grill, and were quite tasty. Came home for an early retirement, as Zoe likes to get up at 5 to go out.

Not much planned for today, maybe some more progress on the small plane, finish up the amplifier enclosure, and of course picnic.