Good morning!!!!

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68°F and .03 inches rain

T Day was great. Delicious food and wonderful friends.

Off to town this morning, the boxer boys have semi annual vet visit and shot update.

Today starts another trip around the sun. 77 completed.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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Happy Birthday David
you are really that old? ;) :cool:

easy drive up NC today, rt 140 seems to skip much of 17's congestion.
Had lunch with my friend at local country club, fun time with her, she so appreciates the friendship. All her siblings and most of her friends have died. Food was predictably awful, grilled chicken sandwich dried out and tough. One of the reasons I quit there after selling my boat, sure wasn't sticking around for the food. Bad food and bad service today.
Thankfully friendship made that all disappear.

I am in Tranters Creek campground just West of Washington NC.
should be a quiet night here.
I did stop early in a Grand Union parking lot, thankfully found a spot to hide the rv, and did a little food shopping. I was amazed, the food is about 20-25% cheaper here. The same 5.48 organic 2 percent at home was 3.99 here.
Supermarkets charge what the local market will bear.
around here, they don't bear much, too many low income folks have to be fed.

nice to be back in Washington. This is a great place to retire.
If I hadn't gotten sick would probably still be here.

59 degrees and cloudy.

Ken, feel better soon.
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Good Afternoon Guys,
Vt, wind is whipping up here, got here at about 2:30 and the temp is 30 but wind is making it much colder !
Flag is standing straight out !!


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