Good morning!!!!

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37F now should be todays high with 10+ mph wind.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Plans for today...4 hours parts dealer,3 spot in town,fill Mrs. kindling barrel again :unsure:might watch some football.

Enjoy the day all.
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33 outside right now, heading to mid 50's.

More wood cutting and splitting on the agenda today. I have some helpers here with stronger backs.

The pasture tree needs its top moved to the burn pile, and the cut wood split and stored away.

Shame, it was a pretty tree.

More family rolling in this weekend. The rest are in Florida and are staying there until sometime next month.

Hope all have a great day, be safe. Those shopping, good luck.
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44º going to 64º There will be AM clouds with a slight chance of rain. In recovery mode from too much food, drink, and company. lol
Still on restriction from the eye surgery but I can putter around. Probably catch up on some work that didn't get done this week. Then a relaxing weekend of tinkering.
Hope you all had a great turkey day
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Good morning! 38˚F, south breeze becoming an East breeze, skies clearing, high in the mid 60s.

We had a fine time at Wife's family Thanksgiving gathering down South. Three hours driving there. Three hours visiting. Three hours driving back made for a long day. Surprisingly traffic on the NAV route was light and fuel was cheap - easily found less than $2.50 a gallon (Costco & Buck-ee's). We took stuffed butternut squash with cranberry/apricot sauce and lemon cookies, all excellent.

Kyle hope your Mother is doing better, but you might want to stay away from a high fat meal. There is a reason why holidays are the #1 time that people with heart problems end up in the emergency room.

Back to work today doing extensive physical therapy on the knee and legs and thankful I'm not in the position that one of the people missing from the gathering yesterday is in. Before he can do knee surgery he has to do hip surgery, and before he can do hip surgery he has to loose weight and he is taking PT in a pool once a week to loose weight. Is that enough? I don't know but he is worse off than he was five years ago when he was at least able to come and sit at his friend's family gatherings.
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Good morning, the low is 5 and the high to 19°F. No wind. Sunny! Cool!

Went to bed at midnight and that is probably why I am up so late today. Stove was out. I have oil heat as well and the temperature never gets below 73°F in here, unless the lights go out overnight. That has not happened in the 29.5 years we've been here. Touch wood.

After the crap I've pulled over my lifetime, I am thankful every day that I am still above the ground. The alternative doesn't look too attractive to me right now.

Have a safe day all
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).
36.1 F May hit the 60s, sunny day forecasted.

both dogs were ecstatic to get up to the woodlot for their first walk in over a week. Harry was howling his way up the mountain, but he wasn’t pulling my arm out of the socket — probably because when he was getting too tractor I gave him a little buzz on the e-collar…

Dinner out with mom & Mrs was excellent, no meas or cleanup or dogs all up in our faces with dinner at home 🤣😂🤣. No leftovers either, but this week I will roast a Turkey so we will have leftovers all next week!

Today’s previously-scheduled activities are to go to woodlot sans dogs and put Mrs on the wood splitter while I mill some more boards for the cabin. depending on how quickly we work up there will decide if we unload and stack firewood at the house later today or wait until tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe productive blessed day!