Good morning!!!!

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Oldest daughter is coming today. She is saving her money on food and try to eat at our house as much as she can. Typical student behavior. I was the same :ROFLMAO: So we got for her some nice pieces of meat and beans
This guy has some really good videos on eating cheap, and other excellent recipes — once you look past the comedy schtick that is his trademark..

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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).

30.6F going to low 50s, sunny day forecasted.

HVAC running all night, because now Mrs is concerned that we don’t have enough firewood for the whole heating season. I refrained from reminding her that she is the one who calls a lid on working up at the woodlot after maybe two hours —- especially since this fear has encouraged her to want to process more firewood! But it has been rather exasperating the last couple years for me to try to get stuff done — you want things done? You HAVE TO PUT IN THE TIME!

So we filled up the trailer with split wood and also emptied the offcuts rack and filled six IKEA bags from there, that all needs to get stacked this morning because we are actually going back for a second day of wood splitting! YAY!!! Yesterday, I managed to mill a black walnut log into seven pieces 5”x3/4” out of a 14”-diameter log — but it was a banana log, I am happy I got what I got. But it was a lot of effort and a lot of offcuts in the rack, which will be emptied again today.

Doggos were not pleased that they did not go up to the woodlot with us — as soon as we let them out they both went right to the truck and sniffed it, and both gave us the same stink-eye look…

This evening is the first night of our town’s WinterFest, they shut down Main Street, have carriage rides and vendors up and down, we also have dinner reservations so the cook gets a night off.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed day!
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36 high of 44 lots of wind pond still way down need more rain.

This past Monday requested refill on insulin had 15 refills. Doctor canceled Sunday rewrote it forgot to turn it in. Ran out Thanksgiving day yesterday Walmart said no prescription called doctors nurse she got on phone with pharmacy still no insulin. Insurance will not pay got it straightened out at 7:00 last night oh joy. Wife lost car keys found them in my jacket pocket my bad

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sodamo and many more

Prayers for all our Country

Glad knee getting better Don, LS weight loss impressive I’m stuck at 195
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37 outside this AM, heading to lower 40's. If I am home most of the day, will start the wood stove up.

Finished with the tree yesterday that was in the pasture. Just need to move the tops to the burn pile. For some reason it took most of the day. Got a lot of wood to split. A lot of wood. Managed to walk in the woods and found some more candidates that are already wood stove ready. May get them later today.

M7040, I think you said something about alpacas....I am trying to simplify as much as possible. That means no more animals. I just would like to sit around, walk, hike, travel and watch my grasses grow. Maybe just sit. LOL. No more business, no more jobs, just the family and me....

Not much on the agenda, more family coming in tomorrow. We like wave visits. More manageable.

Hope all have a great day. Belated b-day and anniversary wishes to the GM crew.
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This rail bike trip could be cool. 10 mile downhill trip should be easy

Although they are more of a supervisor’s rail car than a rail bike…

the poly wheels are a great idea!
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"That’s akin to my signatire…"

I always liked your signature.
This morning I was thinking about whoevers signature is about God must have loved stupid people because he made so many of them. Adding old on top of stupid ain't that good.:cry:
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Good Morning Frits,
Yes, the older I get the more that, that life style seems attractive !

As I type this, I realize it’s time to go out to the barn and put the chains on the tractor ! 😉

So putting the chains on this morning, I realized that I can barely lift them off of the spike on the barn wall ! 😒


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Good Morning
26 with a high of 40 today. Partly cloudy, another cold but decent day.

Yesterday, started with picking up youngest son at auto shop where he dropped off his car for inspection. Proprietor had a cool .30 caliber air rifle, semi auto, pre charge to 4500 psi. He casted his own 50 grain bullets for it. We shot it for a few magazines, quite accurate.
When we got home we did some 45acp shooting with the trusty 1911 he made years ago.
Did a little RC flying with oldest son, watched daughter change her oil in the shop, and inflate all her tires. TPMS was still not happy.

Played music after dinner and was in bed before 10.

Today, I’m hoping to get to Ocean City, NJ and move a Beechcraft Bonanza to Quakertown for an inspection before it runs out at the end of the month. This is the last plane that I have to sell for my friend that passed away. Not much else planned.