Good morning!!!!

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David, Hope you get the solar system support you need.

Been spending money on cyber monday.........

Trying not to

Spent enough last week or two. Bought 6 chairs for game table

Of course UPS only delivered 5. Amazon tracking says will get today by 8PM, UPS says awaiting receipt from Amazon, date unknown. Amazon CS won’t do anything until after tonight.
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One person mentions having a mouse problem. Now almost everyone has them. :unsure: :ROFLMAO:
OK. Then I won't mention that Penelope the Pussybeast brought in a small, freshly killed bunny rabbit this morning.

(oh, wait... I just mentioned it)((bugger))
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Good (Tuesday) morning. Overnight Low of 9.5C and it's presently 18.1C, overcast & fairly calm at the moment.

Not much to report except I'm off to change into my work clothes to have that 'tractor fun' with the hay delivery that should be happening soon.

That's about it, take care all.
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27F cloudy.

Half day at work was busy than full day at work,guess drivers realize winter here.
I was hoping 2 1/2" wet sloppy snow be almost melted by 1pm...not so :( I use front loader parking area,than Mrs. use the rear blade clean long driveway she did better job than I did last time. (y)
Plans for the evening feet up share bowl ice cream with carrot cake watch some Monday night football.

Enjoy your evening all.
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32 now very windy low in 20s tomorrow high in mid 30s no black rock tomorrow

No mice for over one year now one in deer corn more traps I’ll get them no cats in fact no pets

Prayers for all our Country
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Got word this morning our friend we visited last week passed last night, 79 yrs young.
Condolences for your friend.

OK. Then I won't mention that Penelope the Pussybeast brought in a small, freshly killed bunny rabbit this morning.

(oh, wait... I just mentioned it)((bugger))
My kitty killed all the baby WABBITS.

Work went pretty good today, working on a manifold for a hydraulic drive system for a bicycle. Pray I don't scrap it tomorrow.

Drew, post here please.

Son is getting up before 6 am for basketball practice. He has decent skills, just lack of playing time, so he needs to work on his game. Timid to shoot the ball.

Wifey made turkey tetrazzini she says it is good, I will take some to work tomorrow.

One of my blessings at work, is I get to hire student workers. I've had 3 that have been fantastic, 2 have graduated and this 3rd one is about to graduate. They are incredible young people, and make me feel there is hope for this world. I have 2 freshmen student workers in the pipeline, giving them training. There is such a difference between the seniors and the frosh, when it comes to savvy. I hope I can get these 2 frosh "savvied" up in 3 years.
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after feeding Snagglepuss, she wanted out. A little while later she brought us a dead mouse to thank us.. Once we saw it, she
carried it back to the porch to eat.
my mouse issue is greater than I think.
went to pee in toilet and opened top to find a decomposed gross field mouse rotting away in the toilet.
It had pooped all over the place before it died.
ok,how does a mouse get in a closed toilet?

I wonder if this is the Houdini mouse that got in my rv, and he met his fate in the toilet?
hard to believe
I've never found a mouse in a closed toilet, has anyone else?

Mice only need a 1/2" hole to go through.
Snagglepuss is saving you cat food. :ROFLMAO: 😇