Good morning!!!!

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Good Afternoon RS,

RS, that happens to be my favorite pie !

That reminds me, my rhubarb should be ready to pick up at my Vermont house ! We will have to bring some strawberries along I think !;)
Strawberry rhubarb pie. :)
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good afternoon, 79 and lovely day

Helping wife around the house today. She is improving after her monthly tank up (monthly infusion) Descaled the coffee maker to maintain the 5 year warranty and cleaned the kitchen

Had a chance to test out the wood splitter. It is a great machine with speed and efficiency. Keeping the engine on part throttle for the first 10 hours and even so it is incredible fast. The Honda engine has an hour instrument. I did not use the 6 way splitter and used the 4 way one. Very convenient to be able to adjust it up or down hydraulically. The lift works great to stage a bunch of logs and speeds things up. The extension table holds a lot of splits before raking them into the tractor bucket

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That's a nice splitter. Mike Morgan has one with the conveyor to pile the wood.

Got some piddling done today, not enough to write about, but enough to break a sweat.

Wife made a rhubarb cobbler the other day that's good.

Just looked, the WV land is actually still for sale and they lowered the asking price some.
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Yes did not get the conveyor or the light tower and the oil cooler. It has a temp gauge so I can stop it the oil gets too hot but not likely with my limited use
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Good Evening TBS,
Here is one of our Tiny Tornados !!😉
And the other Tiny Tornado
Fantastic scott! They love to ride those mowers! You may have a tornado storm on your hand soon!
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Wouldn't that be people without color :)

I sometimes think DEI, the E stands for Exclusion :)

Don't let it get to you, just another day of wackiness in a wacky world.
I thought it was "Didn't Earn It".
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What say the assemblage?
I never liked anything about how insurance companies priced coverage. But they have extensive data on costs of claims to justify it. I always just made my decisions based on the likelihood i would need to use it when it came to anything than Liab.

Once I was about to cancell the Comp/collision on a vehicle but the underwroiting rules prohibited owned vehicles without comp and collision in their 'preferred risk' company so I actually would incurr extra costs to cancell the comp/collision.

I would always recommend PIP, UM/UIM in higher limits.
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Maybe another attempt at WV, Dennis?
I don't know, I got so turned off by the selling agent's attitude, that i'm not sure I want to try again, especially since I think it's her husband who owns the property. That's the agent that wanted me to sign an exclusive buyers agent contract with her, and became haughty when I said I wasn't doing that, I just want to make an offer. So she wouldn't write up the offer. Owner bought last fall, subdivided 3 lots, put in driveways. If I put in an offer, it would be kind of low. That property is not as usable, but more private, and a nice view if a few more trees removed. And 2 hrs closer to home. Much easier to build in WV as far as permits and regulations. No zoning permits, no environmental crap. Build area is kind of limited, and steeper terrain.
I'll need to find another agent to put an offer in. So far i'm not impressed with any of the RE companies in that area, they just do things different. More of an informal back and forth to get an agreement, then write it up.