Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning
60° and foggy again. Going to 80 once the fog burns off, then Clear skies for the day.

Yesterday was busy again. Work started on the old folks home.



We successfully found the utilities without harming them. I’m going to tie the water line in while it’s exposed.

The day started with Zoe greeting the contractor as he was sitting on his tailgate changing his shoes. She took one and ran off with it expecting him to chase her. When he didn’t, she just brought it into the house and dropped it.

Today I’ve got to fly to Portland Maine after I jackhammer a hole in the garage floor to bring the water line in through. I’m envious of those of you that don’t have to worry about plumbing freezing.
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Good Morning,
Ct,55 to start going to 80’s ! A little fog now but burning off and the temp climbing fast ! Got pool cover off and pump and filter running ! Something is not right on the filter pressure reading. Only reading about 10 lbs in the filter gage and should have a start reading of about 20 lbs or so ! Will have to take the filter canister apart and inspect the filter grids !

Renewal time for our auto insurance. We keep four vehicles for the two of us to drive. Here's the info on each, semiannual fees: 1997 Ford Econoline van, liability only $393; 2002 Mazda B4000 truck, liability only $408; 2013 Ford F150 truck, full coverage $385; 2017 Ford Edge, full coverage $411.
Fiddlearound, I have a 2017 Ford F150 and my bi annual insurance rates I think is about $315 for 6 months. It was lower because I insured the truck in Vermont, with their rules. Meaning I didn’t have full glass coverage. Then a few years back I was using my weed eater around the barn in Vermont and sent a pebble through the rear window of the cab ! 😳
Only to be told that I didn’t have full glass coverage , so after that mishap I put full glass on the truck ! Live and learn ! The vehicle is still registered in Vt but I now have full glad coverage ! I’m also more careful around are vehicles using the weed eater ! 😂

Drew, safe travels !

Hope all have a Good Tuesday!!🙏


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Morning all, 60 going up to 84 and cloudy.
Got pool cover folded and diving board installed.
Will get son to help finish putting cover in bag for storage later.
Pool cleaning still ongoing.

The nest when I got close is not YJ , it's bees, no wonder why they were ignoring me.
Now have to see if anyone wants to grab them, rather not kill them off.

Neighbor ran over a garter snake, kids were fascinated. I helped them move it over and later into woods when it died.

Pool looks great Scotty.

PopGadget - So much dirt, great that the digging didn't mess with any Utilities.

Today - clean pool the rest of the way and get cover stored.
Then clean up cement surround and start putting out furniture.

Be well,
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with the EPA security mandates our dumps (actually Transfer stations) are only open 3 day/ week, closed Wed.
One of my customers in British Columbia said their dump worked for decades without restriction. Small town. Then a new regulation required it be monitored by a live employee but fenced off and locked when not. People arriving at a locked gate with a load of trash would dump it in the woods instead of taking it back home. The small town had to buy a special truck and hire more people to go clean it all up.

Beautiful 70F and sunny yesterday and today.

I started diverting water and pressurized our pipelines. For some weird unexplained reason half the pasture sprinklers don't work. Two sprinklers are within 20 feet of each other-- one has 35psi and the other has zero. ??? I am thinking there is an airlock in the system somewhere. The system covers about 20 acres with some varied slope-- need to start bleeding at each sprinkler location I guess.

Here is another pup from the litter we looked at. This is a female, so not one we might get, but seemingly without a care in the world ...
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Good Morning!!!! 67F @ 5:00AM. Abundant sunshine. High around 90F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.
Looks like it's gonna be the hottest day of the year so far. Ugh!

Keep up the good work, Bill. You'll be home before you know it!

Got the holes where the dangling stadium light was painted yesterday, then decided to remove the one on the other end of the house, too. Both were only controlled by "smart" light switches, inconveniently located in the attic. That would have been hard to convey to the new owners, so just easier to remove them. But I left the Romex in place, a small fortune's worth at today's prices, but it was hotter than blazes up there.

Neighbor came over with a trailer to take away the old gutters I'd saved for him, then turned his nose up at the ones that were bent. That only happened a few weeks ago, and if he'd have come got them when they were first offered, he'd have been able to use them all. Now I suppose I'll have to make another trip to the scrap yard to get rid of his leavings. It was looking like I'd have had to make one anyway to get rid of the steel Kubota shipping pallets I'd accumulated. Each measures 5' x 10' and can be cut apart to repurpose the rectangular tubes, or used almost as is for walls and roof of a shed, which is what I got them for. But now another neighbor says he wants all of the pallets, so I'll spend some time today loading his trailer. Gonna take multiple trips to get 'em all.

I did manage to get two coats of paint on the underside of the trailer, and hope to get it back on the wheels safely this morning. I was awakened at about midnight by a crashing sound out there, and found that the wind had blown over the ladder I'd been using. Could'a been the trailer, but it was safe.

Didn't check email last night and now I see someone wants to buy the 34' extension ladder. I knew as soon as I started using it again someone would want it. It never fails...

Hope the wind dies down, as I don't like to mow when it's this high. Fire spreads fast enough on its own, let alone if there's a strong wind behind it. There's plenty of wire brushing left to do on the trailer, so no worries about staying busy...
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A good puppy pic is always the way to start a day!

My pool pressure usually run high when the filters are clogged up. Maybe the pressure gauge itself is whacked? Air in the system?

I looked at our pool yesterday, yep, still covered. You all are shaming me. LOL.
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So far i'm not impressed with any of the RE companies in that area, they just do things different. More of an informal back and forth to get an agreement, then write it up.
An "earthquake level" court decision recently came down that upended the real estate industry. This will affect every property owner who wants to buy or sell.

The agent you described seemed to have ethics violations all over. Glad you refused. But the old ways of walking into a RE office, informally hiring a buyer's agent to look at property or to write up an offer, are pretty much over. Expect to sign a contract now before doing anything. It's part of the negotiated court settlement.

The intent was to lower fees and commissions. That may happen. But a lot of buyers are going to get hurt by the more rigid formalities of hiring a buyer's agent for representation. Sellers are affected but not as much. Right now it is pretty much a mess.