Good morning!!!!

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good morning all and Happy Father's day to you fathers.
warming up for sure, heat warning just posted for this week.
should be a nice day today, nothing planned but doing a little food shopping this morning.

on these really hot days, I try to get going early, so I can stay inside after lunch.

first cuke showed up yesterday, means I have to be on the watch. Cukes are hiders, like beans, same color
as greenery around them. Mine are growing vertically and the first ones of course are down at the bottom.
need to pick green beans again today. After three days picking I get enough for a good meal. I eat them raw off the plant
but they seem a little tough. Good old fiber I guess. I'm not an al dente person nor do I want them reduced to mush.

I need to stock up on green beans and then some tomatoes. Have to make a nice compensation package for Popgadget, need him
to install my rv hydraulic leveler. I'd likely screw up the bleeding part. Guess I should see if there is a youtube video.
four bolts and two hydraulic connections, what could go wrong?...

Buckeye, really nice mow job. Almost looks like a pretty quilt on the field.

still mulling over the gender reveal party last night. That part was fun, the human interaction was
complicated. Other family is a little rougher, I think every person there had multiple tattoos on their bodies, some covered with them.
I had never seen so many tattoos.
my sides's brother hates the new wife to be, thinks she has a bad reputation and bad for his brother. And....both brothers are becoming partners in family excavating business. This is not going to end well. Several ex's on other side hated each other, had to keep them in different areas.
nothing like a good family gathering...
half the guests had jacked up Ram trucks on giant tires. Of course they were all young males in their late twenties.
And I'm sure when they looked at my Volvo as I picked up my elderly MIL, they thought I was old and boring.
ok, if the shoe fits

need to find my sweat bands. Have a terrible time with sweat getting into eyes and burning while working outside.
maybe I'll work on the garage today, try to straighten things up in there.
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free car show at New Hope high school this morning, Father's Day Cars and Coffee
I'm headed there when they open, then will go food shopping.
wondering if my brother's son will have one of his cars there

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44F clear sky low 70's for high with nice breeze. :)

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today...very carefully try remove 2 stumps with out getting stuck 🤞 rest of day putter,watch some NASCAR check game cans,most of all enjoy outside weather...3HH's are coming soon. :(

Enjoy your day all.
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Not looking forward to the H’s to hot to soon!
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Beautiful morning Drew, 50° now the dew point is only 45° , makes the coffee taste really great while sitting in the garden! It’s been busy but just the usual mundane spring chores, garden, mowing, trimming etc. Just got started planting last week, I did get a fence put up around the main garden area to keep the critters at bay. Got help from my neighbor putting that up, he owed me for spreading 18 yds of loam with the BX and helping rake, seed, roll and spread straw. I need to find some more projects to get back to even! Just kidding it’s nice to have good neighbors 👍

Hope all the dads have a wonderful day.

Enjoy, stay safe
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After finishing the hill, made one round to the back of the property. Took 18 minutes to mow 1 pass back to the house from back there. Being a quarter section, it’s 1/2 mile if straight, so probably 3/4 mile mowing to get back. Grass is really thick, so have to go very slow. My drone lost signal at this point from the house, I had to bring it back.

Other direction. House is in trees at top left.
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63 outside right now, heading to mid 80's.

Managed some catch up maintenance and care on vehicle and equipment yesterday. Also got in a few hours of work on the Milk House. LOL. Yeah...back burner project winner. Was going to make a road trip to Dad's place today. Think I'll pass. Have other road trips starting Tuesday that we are not looking forward too.

Think I'll get started with going shopping for pool supplies and food stock later today. That's better than cleaning out stuff from the parents for sure.

Happy Fathers day all. Be safe.

Weather looks to be dry for a while. Some plants already showing heat stress due to temp and lack of rain. I recall noting I'd be complaining about this when we were being monsooned every other day a few months ago.
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Headed to 83F but with a Red Flag Warning for wind and wildfire danger.

Still thinking of the Shasta Dam engineering and historic marvel I recently visited. It was built pre-and-during WWII, a huge engineering achievement and impressive large project.

A plaque affixed to the dam says a lot using only a few words: "Built by and for the people of the United States."

The video below is quite good ...