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Love red wines.

Every time I need to remove a cork I just pray it’ll come out in one piece! I hate cork pieces in wine.

In that case I use a screen that comes with my "Vinturi" wine aerator.

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Spent the evening re-cataloging my bottle opener collection.

I know. Nobody should have that much excitement to themselves.

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my hobby in winter is semi customizing and fixing old 20+ yr old skidoos preferably 500cc and less S chassis. A few yrs ago started fixing and bringing to somewhat reliable working status JD 200 series Lawn tractors however even non running used auction prices have went through the roof on both hobbies. Anyone needs S chassis snowmobile parts might have it, pm me.


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this was an entertaining read
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Books on anything & everything - this house is like a library. Hobbies range from pocket knife collection to surveying to falconry to microscopes & binoculars. Fascinated by oddball old hand tools, especially pliers. Used to sail and build boats. Old machinery, magnetism, fancy brazing, trees, building anything.
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Really want some more long guns. I sold too many way back and now wish I had my .444 Marlin and my .300 Win Mag. back.
Shotguns everywhere. Need a few rifles to balance out the collection.
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I was into the model railroads. N Gauge to be specific. In our old house, had 2 rooms dedicated to hobbies. The 'train room' was 12'x10'. Had a 5' x 10' train platform. Really nice setup, could run 6 trains at once. They are now all boxed up in storage.... no room in our new house.

My other hobby is RC planes and surface vehicles. At one point, between my two sons and myself, we had a total of 46 planes of assorted sizes and types, 3 nitro powered 4x4 trucks, 4 electric trucks, and a nitro powered sno-cat. They had a dedicated room that was 12'x18'. Looked like a hobby store!

I /we downsized, now only 12 planes and the trucks. I have been rehabbing and updating the power systems on them over the past year. About half are ready to fly this spring.


Then , of course, is the tool collection:


Then there is the landscaping and gardening that I get involved with the wifey. She grows trees, plants, and shrubs from cuttings and seed. A constant growing, transplanting, more growing, and final planting. We have about 12 willows, 8 honey locust, and 30-40 plants to get planted this spring.
Sometimes, I do consider this more 'work' than a hobby. The fun part about it is that I get to use the tractor a lot!
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When I was a lot younger I use to collect army surplus items, frag vests, gas masks, uniforms army manuals, night vision, ammo boxes. packs, ponchos ect...
I sold some and threw the rest away when I moved, I had no room or time in my life for the stuff anymore....
I believe getting old sucks....