Hobbies and Interests

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I sorta do the RC airplane stuff. Not as active as I used to be in it... flying buddy moved away. Been doing the Cars and Coffee thing but covid kinda shut that down. Boosting electric golf cart performance was a hobby then a business now it's just work. Maintaining my ranch is a hobby and it's why I ended up here with the new to me Kubota. Still have a couple of hotrods and a sports car. Jumping in one of them for a quick 50 miles of canyon and mountain roads is still fun. Welding is sort of a hobby that goes along with modify any and everything. Sampling Red wine from around the world was a fun hobby for awhile but yeah the alcoholism had to stop. lol. Now I'm getting old so going to doctors is my new hobby - ugh!
I play online war games with a group of friends from around the world nightly. Warthunder rocks.
I weld, build stuff, weld, do earthwork, masonry, and stuff like that. Made a new log rack for the fireplace out of rebar this am. Cheap and easy. Last one lasted 20 years. It burnt up mostly.
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I'm all about exploring diverse hobbies and interests. One of my absolute faves is playing the Irish drums 🪘. The infectious rhythm and history behind them are simply fascinating.