How do you carry your chainsaw ?

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Agent Blue

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Mar 14, 2008
Just had 35 acres logged and have a mess in the woods to clean. I know I can throw the chainsaw in the RTV 1100 box and go but I also use the TC55 NH for clean up ( when the saw gets the best of me and I need a break ). I don't want to drill holes in the loader mounts and it won't fit well on the Bradco backhoe. I would like to fashion something removable... maybe attach to the ROPS with a bracket. Before I go off the deep end in thought I would like some tried and ture solutions. Thanks in advance..
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4" or 6" pipe pending on size of the bar/chain. attach pipe to tractor somehow, and then drop chain saw bar down into the pipe. may not be best approach but *shrugs*
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I have a cab tractor and couldn't figure a good place to attach a scabbard. However, I have a scabbard on my carryall and one on my box blade and am planning on attaching one to the chute of my chipper as well. All are made from two pieces of PT 1X6 decking with thin plywood spacers along each edge.

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I found a plastic drum about 12" in diameter that is about 28" long. I'm thinking of cutting the bottom open to slide the saw, gas, oil, and tools in mounting it at an angle. The top has a handle which will also make a good anchor point. For now its going on the box blade. The thought process continues for the backhoe. Certainly better than trying to hang on to it while driving..
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The ATV dealership where I bought my quad has some assessories for the utility racks, there may be something similar that can be attached / removed from a tractor (pure speculation at this point - as I do not yet have a tractor) - the rachet clamp that I will be getting for the ATV is perfect for securing the weed whipper / brush cutter, but I think that I can also adapt it for my chainsaw. might be worth checking out the ATV dealerships.
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CLICK HERE to see what I made. I have since made a Full Cage Rollbar
so I am seriously considering selling the pictured chainsaw holder
along w/ the Fire Extinguisher and bracket w/ hardware, turn-key,
packaged nice n' shipped.

If a guy has a stock BX25 and wants an Artisan Original that
will bolt on in 1 minute make me a offer via PM. It took a
lot of time to make. I won't be giving it away for penny$.