How do you carry your chainsaw ?

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CLICK HERE to see what I made. I have since made a Full Cage Rollbar
so I am seriously considering selling the pictured chainsaw holder
along w/ the Fire Extinguisher and bracket w/ hardware, turn-key,
packaged nice n' shipped.

If a guy has a stock BX25 and wants an Artisan Original that
will bolt on in 1 minute make me a offer via PM. It took a
lot of time to make. I won't be giving it away for penny$.

Artisan, that's a great looking chain saw holder.
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Here's a pic of the one I fabbed up for my JD 790. It's a dual purpose bracket that holds the chainsaw and a fire extinguisher. I have a complete thread on this, but if you want to see more, you'll have to search for it, or I can find it for you.

chainsaw carrier 009.jpg
   / How do you carry your chainsaw ? #13 the handle - the chain hurts my hand.

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Stewie1 if ya have a minute could you post a couple more pics
from other angles of that CS hanger please? Nice Job!
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Artisan, here are a couple more shots I have on the computer......

Apart from wrapping bicycle inner tube sections around the ROPS, everything including the long clamping bolts were in the box!

Another freshly installed shot

And a couple in the field
image-1106663311.jpg. image-4191662701.jpg

The chainsaw bar is clamped between 2 foam pads and the body of the saw rests on a third - the saw will not come loose even if you roll over....

You can also tightly close the clamp when ther is no saw in it

Hope this helps, I can take specific shots if there is something specific you would like to see.
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Just finished my chainsaw holder on a L3940 and I attached couple pictures for reference. I drilled just one additional hole into the side of the platform. The other anchor point is a sheet metal bracket which engage with the FEL pivot point; overall pretty solid build. I tried to match the Kubota color but seams quite different. Not happy with the chain saw which drips chain oil in this position, even adjusted to minimum, not too much but drips.

p.s.: all the credits to the forum where I found the concept.
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simple deal and a box for chains.


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