How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

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Quite true -- all 3pt hitch systems I ever saw use hydraulics ONLY to lift and go down on their own only by gravity----------------------------
Now you can see pictures of a 3 point hitch that I built back in 1990 that has down force if needed by inserting 2 pins in the holes:
M 4 Summer 1990.jpg
M 5 Summer 1990.jpg

Downforce works because of the tracks, not rear tires:
M 1 4-1992.jpg
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Back dragging curled, a good habit to destroy the bucket cylinders!
Certainly not in 'float', I've been doing that for years, also I often use light curl 'locked' for some light down pressure.
1600 hrs and no cylinder problems.
Heck I also occasionally back drag with FEL fully vertical and front wheels clear of the surface, kind of back drag dozing. (usually to pull back sand or gravel)
Never have had cylinder damage but then my CUT is an older Mitsubishi, perhaps more HD than newer CUT's.

Only cylinder damage I suffered was a chunk of granite badly scored my lift cylinder shaft causing hydraulic leakage. (new shaft machined by local shop cured that)
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If the rear blade and box blade are not floating like you expect, I would also suspect the "full turtle" setting on your 3-pt speed is to blame. Did you try it on rabbit yet? Heavy blades are good, but they do still need to float.